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  1. it dosent really affect me since im not from the US but ill sigh . i just hope that lego release there sets in all countries in future. yah can't wait for saturday.
  2. muffinman42

    The end of LEGO Pirates by mid 2010

    i dont think they expected it to sell this well, and so theres no second line. hopefully theres the second one in the works, but im guessing it takes time designing sets. well, theres two sets i want to buy. its a shame we got only one ship, but its a nice one and its very easy to change into a two deck without haveing to change the cabin design. i think ill get more cannon battles and a soldgiers "fort"(or Port) to finish off my buying (maybe the ship wreck but i dont fell the need, loot island is a tempting buy-again if i find one).
  3. muffinman42

    Simple question about deleting posts

    no i meant that unless you rememeber a post it wont be noticed as missing, sorry my meaning wasnt very clear there.
  4. muffinman42

    Where to buy Soldier's Arsenal (8396)

    i got both impulses from lego stores. ive only seen the city impulses though (and cannon battle is way better value)
  5. muffinman42

    Green Jacket Rifleman

    the green coats are riseing.
  6. muffinman42

    Lego Violence

    im fine with cartoon violence to an extent. mars mission is the only ones where there was bad violence in my opion, the astronauts/murders stole crystals that the aliens used as a green power source and they killed them and experimented on them(the marsians spared them the in-dignity of being cut up!), it was the most "as long as there not human they are monsters that are evil even thought they are defending their planet and not attacking ours! i think the age tag is the way to go, but only on some sets in a theme, otherwise a younger childed who lts says likes castle wont get it for a year since all the sets will be stamped 14+ then the next year he will but the AFOLs will complain that the sets are really junior and centerd on play(i always wonderd why people buy a building TOY and complain about it being play centerd). im a pirate fan but since im yet to build an enemy (brick beard will take this place once i buy anouther ship for him(ive got one but its been given to my privateer sigfig) i dont have any violence, i get most of the fun changing my ship and fort, moveing figs around and maybe shooting shots at legos disabled captain(i want to know how) on a raft.
  7. muffinman42

    REVIEW: 6242 Soldier's Fort

    i treat the "sticks" as rammers, since thats what i use them for when the shot wont go down. its the top (and bottom :pir_laugh2:if you dont inclued the "book") of my pirate buy list, the price is a sad touch along with the palm tree. i hope they make a proper fort with walls, even if the walls are panels it wont be too bad. (the officer to normal ratio is up-set, but a few cannon battles and heads from the collection even out the ranks i guess).
  8. muffinman42


    its nice to see the miles stones, sadly many of those are search bots. it is nice to see the expantion.
  9. muffinman42

    Simple question about deleting posts

    by the looks of things unless you add a post number it dosent seem to change. this threads post 7, my post 100
  10. muffinman42

    Vestas-LEGO Airport Show 2009

    i think the ship is made by takeing the hull and makeing it wider useing bricks connected over the sides. like with a back pack, you dont cut your arms of to put the straps on you go around your arms.
  11. muffinman42


    it is a strange place for a windmill, but maybe it used to be connected but then the forces of the sea changed its little strip into an island.
  12. muffinman42

    My first MOC: Upgraded Brickbeard’s Bounty

    ive moddified mine, adding an extra boat hull from my viking ships moveing, the rear mast 1 brick higher, spreading out the cannon ports, removeing the swive gun for use in my fort, a row boat hung on the back of the quater deck, a change of captain,diffrent flag, diffrent lantarns and a whole lot of other stuff. i still have plans to change stuff, makeing the deck higher so that the minifigures dont have to bend over, changeing the crane and small modifications like adding more gold. i would like lego to realish a nice two deck ship for the imperials. id change the row boat on yours to a brown one, and the number of cannons would be impractical since you would need a lot of crew to man them all the cannons would also be heavy makeing the ship slow. ive got 9 crewing my ships but i plan to add more to the ranks, preferably doubleing the current number(viking torsos and random hair pieces will help me achive this number). its a nice ship that could benefit from an extra ship hull piece.
  13. muffinman42

    MAJOR reasons why Pirates WILL return in 2010!

    the saw shark mold, is good enought reason for me and also the pirate chess and TTT. pirates is selling well that or stores are takeing the sets of there shelfs them selves to be able to use up their "product is out of stock" signs.
  14. muffinman42

    HMS Venture

    needs more men, that crew would never be able to reload those guns fast enough. nice ship, ive recently modded my BB into a longer ship (i have a bunch of hull pieces from the viking ships)
  15. muffinman42


    i wish my school did the sumo bots, we have the RIS(the yellow one, not sure of name) bots but we only got to program them to make them go round a cource . we still managed to wreck 2 (they really should of put sides on the cource, or not put it on a table )