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    Medieval Market Village

    I think Amazon would be one of the better places as of right now (even cheaper than BrickLink by almost $20 USD), as you'll probably get the best shipping price with them. Could change by the end of July though.
  2. 3/ Ignacia Village by quy - 4 12/ Attack of the Dojo by lego-maniac - 2 13/ Attack on the Nile by Yaktuu - 1
  3. Joe H

    100 Spartans

    PM sent.
  4. Not sure about other codes, but BR120 doesn't work anymore.
  5. Joe H

    2011 Kingdoms + US prices

    Well, I know they were in stock online yesterday. However, they appear to be out of stock as of today.
  6. Joe H

    Pharoah's Quest sets FS/FT

    Have a MISB Claw Digger. PM me and maybe we could work out a trade or something.
  7. The difference is the dates that they are valid for. Also, the BR120 codes works for me (US).
  8. So, it seems the "rarity" will come from the possible increased demand for certain figures, not from what TLG produces.
  9. Joe H

    What Daniel needs

    Well, I agree with I Scream Clone. People value Lego differently, depending on their tastes for various elements, etc. Additionally, not many people would do any trade or purchase without actually seeing what they are receiving.
  10. Joe H

    What Daniel needs

    Hm, your presentation of what you need is mesmerizing. Might I suggest you calculate how many of each unique piece you need? If it were me, I'd use Excel (if you have access to it).
  11. Joe H

    eBay madness

    True, I was just responding to his question, of what a typical shipping cost should be around. With that information, you can then decide if a seller's estimate is reasonable or not.
  12. Joe H

    eBay madness

    Hey - if the eBay seller has a decent rating, I don't see a real reason to distrust them. However, to get a ballpark figure you could try checking and navigate to the "calculate postage" section, select international, and then try to gauge the weight of the item and how it will be shipped. Without the weight and size of the package, though, shipping is rather hard to estimate. Not to mention, this method will prove to be somewhat inherently inaccurate since the seller won't be using USPS to ship the item.
  13. Joe H

    Sanctuary By The Sea

    Thanks for your kinds words everyone! Yes, I thought of that as I was photographing the MOC as well, but I had to keep to 3 photographs and since I had an interior, I had to be thrifty . However, if you look at the first picture on the Flickr set, and look at the largest one, you may be able to make out that he's 1) having a good time, 2) drinking something, 3) has a gun in his hand. Bad combination... probably . The other decorations up there include an open crate, banana, torch, and a keg with a tap. In hindsight I probably should have included the top portion in the photo with the various levels.
  14. Joe H

    Medieval Life: St. Cadoc's Church

    Sweet looking MOC, as usual! I love the subtle details, which come out after staring at it for a little bit, including the grave stones (my favorite) and the little pond in the front right corner. Beautiful work!
  15. Joe H

    REVIEW - 6277 Imperial Trading Post

    Very nice review, funkybrick! Probably my favorite Pirate set as well, because it not only has a well made Imperial base, but also a nicely sized ship - something we've never really seen since the release of this set. Congratulations on acquiring such a beautiful set, and thanks for doing a review for it ! It's nice to see reviews of older sets that begin MISB.
  16. Joe H

    Atlantis 2010

    I'm not a big fan of Atlantis sets myself, but some of the pieces/color types they're using for the sets are indeed awesome. That figure with the gold armor is... well... sweeet! Can't wait until they come out - the helmet definitely says gladiator, and since they now have the mold apparently, I say unleash the full force of new historic themes .
  17. Joe H

    PTVII - Voting STAFF

    SlyOwl - 1 Svelte - 1 Erdbeereis - 1 Everyone has very nice entries though, good luck!
  18. Nice review! Such a nice set, yet still haven't been able to found one at a price I'm willing to pay . One of my favorite aspects about older sets such as this one is the high minifigure ratio, which is very nice.
  19. Joe H

    Will there be anymore re-issued sets?

    It seems that the Pirates line is indeed finished for at least a year (i.e. stores no longer stocking Lego Pirates, and clearance prices on sets) - I haven't heard/read anywhere when it would be coming back though.
  20. Joe H

    MOC redesign of 6274 Caribbean Clipper

    Nice MOC! I especially like the cabin design. Did you also do an interior design for the cabin?
  21. Joe H

    Castle Sets 2010

    I believe the prices coincide with the preliminary sets we've seen from the retail catalog, indicating that the cheapest sets (2.99) are the jester and the wizard, while the slightly more expensive set is the one with the two knights. Not bad if you'd like to build an army for both side in even proportions, but otherwise a bit more expensive than it was to get single figures in 2007 (i.e. The Knight). I'd prefer the latter since it allows more flexibility.
  22. Joe H

    Newer pirate sets, are they worth getting?

    Cannon Battle for sure. Soldier's Arsenal if you can find them for a decent price. Personally, I also have duplicates of Brickbeard's Bounty and Soldiers' Fort (got them around ~50% off , so I couldn't resist). In my opinion, Kraken Attackin', Loot Island, Shipwreck Hideout, and Pirate Survival aren't worth getting more than one of since there aren't any unique qualities about them. I'm sure others may disagree, though.
  23. Joe H

    Newer pirate sets, are they worth getting?

    I agree with what most have said, regarding the inherent "value" of the sets to a collector. Sure, generally speaking, I feel the building techniques of the 2009 Pirate theme falls a bit short of the 1989ish predecessors (i.e. the ship and fort). However, there are benefits as others have said including the figures and their decals and a nice selection of lower-priced sets (i.e. Soldier's Arsenal and Cannon Battle, both of which are fantastic in my opinion, especially if you're looking for multiple figures/cannons). I'm definitely a fan of the older sets, and wish I had more. Nevertheless, once you start to get a couple of the 2009 Pirate sets, if you're really enjoy the Pirate theme you'll probably find that you'll want to at least own one of each set .
  24. Joe H

    10210 Imperial Flagship - UPCOMING SET!!!

    It seems like they're getting rid of the two impulse sets though, which is unfortunate . Soldiers arsenal was on clearance and pirate survival was listed as sold out or call to check availability. Also, it seems that Walmart and Toys 'R Us will no longer be carrying Pirates.