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  1. There are a bunch of reasons people don't use Lipos. Mine are as follows. 7.2 V means they limit the top speed of trains (not so bad for freight). Lipos need more care when charging. Their energy density isn't all that great when compared to the LEGO rechargeable battery. Yes they provide a smaller footprint but at the cost of a much smaller running time. I'd only really consider Lipo for a really small engine. I've often thought of making a custom battery pack from 8 AAA or AA rechargeable batteries in two groups of four. 9.6V is well within the tolerances of the PF receiver.
  2. Since I'm in Australia this may or may not be very useful but I use Starmaid boxes. They are currently stocked by Big W, but were stocked at Woolworths supermarkets for a couple of years. I'd imagine there are similar boxes in most markets, just chose an appropriate size for your trains. I really like boxes which only take one layer of trains; it's easy to remove exactly the one you want.
  3. The Super Chief loco sold well but the cars were sold off at about a third of the RRP. They are the reason LEGO doesn't do individual train cars any more. Overall I think the Super Chief is regarded as a failure.
  4. I just use plastic storage boxes for my MOCs. I buy the short ones which fit five long passenger cars or up to 10 shorter freight cars standing upright next to each other. You would probably fit about 10 official LEGO cars in each. If you were really paranoid you could wrap each car in bubble wrap, but I've found most cars without too many greebles are fine without. Mine live in them permanently and the only issue I've had is when they were stored in a hot trailer. Avoid temperatures above about 30 degrees Celsius. For long term storage remember to remove any batteries.
  5. My Bad Experience with ME Models Curves

    As has been pointed out to AFOL train fans before flying off the tracks is a feature not a bug. The trains are designed to fly off because kids like crashes. It makes them better toys.
  6. Kiko┬┤s Train World

    I pretty much exclusively use them for all my 7 wide rolling stock and have never had a problem over many years running at train and LEGO exhibitions.
  7. The step numbers seem to be messed up. 4 5 4
  8. I was contacted to confirm my shipping address on 21 December, replied promptly and have yet to receive a shipping notification. Patience does seem to be a virtue. It is encouraging to see others receive their Kickstarter rewards, though it does make me more eager for my own.
  9. 2017 Lego Trains

    AFOL's are about 5% of the market and I suspect train fans are less than 5% of AFOLs. We are a niche of a niche market. Most of the starter sets are selling to kids for Xmas. They have a much longer retail life than any other theme at four years; think of Ninjago which gets updates each year, or city which gets two waves a year. Starter sets are the sweet spot. Everything else means less sales.
  10. New LEGO Train Book "LEGO Eisenbahn"

    I speak German fairly fluently but find reading a bit more difficult particularly if the subject matter is of a technical nature. So far my skimming has convinced me I need to find time to try and read this excellent book in more depth. Thanks to Holger for this great addition to our hobby.
  11. I made a pledge of a few hundred dollars and haven't received any communication since March 2016. I hope they are just busy and I haven't dropped off the system.
  12. Deutsche Bahn N-Wagen (Silberling) with BR111

    I've built a rake of those with a control car. I intend on matching them with a steam loco once I get the control car running correctly. I eagerly wait to see how you build yours.
  13. That sounds like a good score. Though fewer people collect blue era stuff it can be interesting particularly because it is less common in some parts of the world. $50 is exceptional value for what you got. I'd happily pay $30 each for working points with their switches. In Australia some of the 4.5V blue era trains are fairly common but the 12V ones are quite rare.
  14. need custom instructions to the following Trains

    Beware of Scottdee's instructions 'inspired' by Jayhurst. Jayhurst wasn't very pleased that Scottdee reverse engineered his Big Boy quite poorly, he got a lot of heat from people who bought the instructions and couldn't get the model to run right.
  15. Upgrading 6 wide ES44 AC to 8 Wide ! WIP

    There is a interesting article in Railbricks which explains this problem. If the torque twists in the wrong direction, the truck will catch on the join of 9V track and derail. The solution is to run in the opposite direction, or reverse the torque by redesigning the truck as suggested.