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  1. peterab

    HoMa: The LEGO Train Book, 2cnd edition

    As soon as I can get it shipped to Australia I'll buy one. It will look nice next to my German and English versions of the first edition.
  2. I've had another thought, most of the PF train sets will derail in curves at top speed, so any videos will be at some speed less than that.
  3. Assume a standard train is a perfect sphere; sorry that's not helpful but I studied physics. On a more helpful note, if you really need to know how fast a lego train is, you could always calculate it yourself. Start by building a simple track, perhaps the standard oval that comes in the set. Calculate the length of the track, time say ten circuits at top speed for greater accuracy. That gives you enough info to convert to km/h.
  4. peterab

    Replace Rubberband Treads on 9V Train Motors

    Probably not as the link is to a blog post on the now defunct Railbricks site. I guess that is the price of resurrecting a 6 year old thread. Perhaps you should just ask your current question here if the thread doesn't help.
  5. peterab

    Birth of a layout - time lapse video

    I loved your time lapse video, particularly the guest appearances of your cat.
  6. Since you have this built you could just directly measure the radius by counting the studs. You need to measure from the centre of the circle to the middle of one of the sleepers.
  7. It looks like all the blue wagons have two pin sockets except one. The later red ones also have three pin sockets. I guess this corresponds to the grey era when 12V used 3 pin plugs. I'd love to see the video of removing magnets safely. I've done it but I've also damaged magnets taking them off.
  8. I'll buy at least one of the freight train and probably two of the passenger train. Both because I collect the train theme and because I want to keep the sales figures up. I might buy more depending on the cost and the availability of the bluetooth receiver, and the value of the other parts to me. Having spoken to a few designers and community liaison reps from LEGO, I know the AFOL train fans are too insignificant in number to make a difference to LEGO's sales plans. The lack of new designer trains and the lack of success trains have on LEGO ideas should make that obvious. Train sales just don't compare to really successful sets like police and fire sets. Trains are a marginal theme and need as much support as we can give just to continue, it would be madness to expect a multinational company to pander to the whims of a group who regularly fail to get more than a thousand votes on a LEGO ideas proposal. On the other hand LEGO do value AFOLs who build MOCs and give a lot of support to those who organise and attend public displays. They know the value seeing a large layout has in inspiring kids to purchase a train set.
  9. peterab

    Okay, help me with PF train motors

    When it was suggested by train fan AFOLs that LEGO adjust the speed of the motors so they don't derail, the LEGO representatives explained that this was intentional as children like the possibility of crashes. It is considered a design feature.
  10. peterab

    2018 Lego Trains

    Today I was the guest of the LEGO stand at the Melbourne Toy Fair. On the stand were the cargo train and passenger train sets. Both were clearly pre-production mock ups since the new passenger nose cone was a prototype part in red and the minifigs were replaced with all white stand ins. Both boxes were marked preliminary. They match the leaked photos that we have seen. I asked about the new receiver and other electronics, and it was confirmed it will be bluetooth, and will come with a controller but will also be able to be controlled from a phone or tablet. Unfortunately there were no more details on a new motor but it was confirmed it would be part of a whole new system. There was no sign of a station or any other sets, just the two trains. One interesting detail; the side of the passenger train box showed it contained 16 curves and 16 straights, though the picture was of an oval that looked to only include about 8. That whole section was marked place holder so I wouldn't be surprised if we only get 4 straights. The passenger train also had stickers on it and there were a couple on the nose sides to blend it into the carriage side colours so it doesn't look so much like a big yellow blob.
  11. peterab

    2018 Lego Trains

    I'd be happy just to see them in normal green. I've asked designers about those and they said kids don't see green as an exciting colour so that's probably why they have never been produced. Our best bet is probably a direct to consumer set of some type ie creator expert and there is no indication we'll get another train in that line.
  12. peterab

    How long is too long?

    58 stud will mean you have to be careful with the yellow switches on turnout/points. The overhang of the middle of the loco is likely to cause you to hit the yellow switches. We mostly take them off for our club layouts anyway to stop little fingers shunting our trains into each other.
  13. peterab

    2018 Lego Trains

    Nabii is Mark Stafford who designs a lot of mechs in Lego sets amongst other things, he is also famous for killing teal and is indeed a Lego designer. There is a sticker in one of the Alien Conquest sets with his tag on it; Interestingly the great hall set seems to have short legs, and if that is the way they have decided to go with all of these sets there is no way those figures could sit in a train seat. That suggests to me there is no Hogwarts express in the works unless they are going to have different legs in that set, which would be inconsistent with the known set.
  14. peterab

    Change red/blue magnet on old wagons?

    No, those are not the correct magnets, they're the ones used on cranes. The correct ones are these;ärchen/262899174897?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649 Unfortunately it is quite common for the magnets to break and the wagons are not worth much without the magnets. You might be better off by buying a few wagons with one good magnet and use them to repair your ones. Be careful taking the magnets off, they require a bit of force, and it can be easy to break them.
  15. peterab

    2018 Lego Trains

    They participate at toy fairs to show their product to buyers from toy stores. The press are an added benefit only if they want press at the time. If the early photos are contributing to copying by clone brands I can see why they would want to avoid them.