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  1. 2018 Lego Trains

    Nabii is Mark Stafford who designs a lot of mechs in Lego sets amongst other things, he is also famous for killing teal and is indeed a Lego designer. There is a sticker in one of the Alien Conquest sets with his tag on it; Interestingly the great hall set seems to have short legs, and if that is the way they have decided to go with all of these sets there is no way those figures could sit in a train seat. That suggests to me there is no Hogwarts express in the works unless they are going to have different legs in that set, which would be inconsistent with the known set.
  2. Change red/blue magnet on old wagons?

    No, those are not the correct magnets, they're the ones used on cranes. The correct ones are these;ärchen/262899174897?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649 Unfortunately it is quite common for the magnets to break and the wagons are not worth much without the magnets. You might be better off by buying a few wagons with one good magnet and use them to repair your ones. Be careful taking the magnets off, they require a bit of force, and it can be easy to break them.
  3. 2018 Lego Trains

    They participate at toy fairs to show their product to buyers from toy stores. The press are an added benefit only if they want press at the time. If the early photos are contributing to copying by clone brands I can see why they would want to avoid them.
  4. Future Train sets discussion/speculation

    I think the second question answers itself. How many people would buy a set based on nostalgia for a 1941 film? How many people who originally saw it are even still alive? D2C trains have been aimed towards adults and older kids in the past whereas Dumbo is likely to be aimed at younger kids (but with Tim Burton who knows) so I'm not sure about the likelihood with any of this. On the other hand we've had the Disney castle recently and the Toy Story train so I guess it is possible for something. My gut feel is it is more likely to be like the Toy Story train rather than the Emerald Night in distribution if it does happen.
  5. Yeah but they are all more expensive than the V2 receiver too, and include a whole bunch of functions many people don't need for their home layouts. I just think a cheap one transistor power amp would be a popular choice for people who just want to add an additional motor easily.
  6. Well they could do this but I guess they wont since we haven't seen a new 'exclusive' train since the HE and the rumours are that its sales were disappointing. I'm pretty sure if you cant get a complete train to sell well they aren’t going to risk individual cars when they already feel they sell even worse.
  7. One thing that I have considered and am surprised no-one has offered yet is a current amplifier to use with the PF receiver. The V2 receiver is relatively rare and expensive but plenty of people want to use 2 PF train motors or multiple XL motors on trains and they become constrained by the current limitations of the PF receiver. A simple circuit with a single power transistor would be fine, with power from the rechargeable battery box, an input from the output of the PF receiver and two outputs for the train motors (of opposite polarity to avoid the need to use a reversing switch). It should be relatively cheap compared to the V2 receiver and popular enough to sell well.
  8. My understanding is the concept of the Santa Fe was heavily pushed by US AFOLs. That is why it was a complex design of a real world prototype. It was the most realistic train build LEGO had sold up until that point and is still in the top five. I agree that you cannot blame the design. You yourself have illustrated the problem by comparing LEGO with Märklin & Lionel. A successful LEGO set will sell hundreds times more copies than a Märklin carriage. Retailers for LEGO in many markets like Australia and the US are large variety stores whereas traditional model trains are often sold in smaller speciality stores. Model trains are also much more expensive so retailers can afford to stock them for longer. Variety stores want stock to move quickly not take up shelf space, that is why LEGO concentrate on train sets only. The argument was that customers would buy the carriage sets later but that didn't really happen because the large retailers had already got rid of their stock on clearance and didn't want to order more of a slow selling item, and back then most customers didn't know of the LEGO website and shop at home service. While there may have been extra factors at work in 2002, I've been told that single carriage sets have never sold well, not 9V not 12V not 4.5V. As LEGO have become more successful, the sales figures for town or City sets have risen, so by comparison it gets harder and harder to justify making poor selling extra sets for the train line. Even the complete train sets only get replaced every four years or so to allow longer to recoup the design costs.
  9. If your pledge reward was for metal rails that would explain why they didn't contact you; they had completed the molds for the plastic stuff but were still having manufacturing difficulties with metal rails. The story was they were gradually filling plastic orders.
  10. All the official LEGO PF batteries provide 9V which is essentially full speed for the motor. If you don't want remote control as provided by the PF receiver and remote but still want a slower speed, one solution is to provide a lower voltage. Instead of using a 9V battery you could modify a 4x AA battery holder to provide 6V to the motor.
  11. Type E Coupler for LEGO Trains

    I'd be interested in any coupler system that allowed remote uncoupling so realistic yard activities were possible. I doubt I'd want to change my whole fleet over but perhaps all my engines and freight; 20-30 pairs. If they were in the ballpark of the current prices for LEGO couplers that would be fine. BTW I model German trains so if they fit the old buffers as a replacement for the magnet that would suit me best.
  12. Nope, I had a pledge of $270 too and have seen nothing. Mine was all plastic so there was no reason as far as I can see that my pledge couldn't have been completed. I got an email a year ago saying it was ready to ship if I could confirm my shipping address. I did confirm and have heard nothing since.
  13. That was the theory behind the 3 in 1 instructions of the original Super Chief carriages but sales were terrible. They were eventually almost thrown away at steep discounts. Part of the problem is retailers don't like separate train cars as add ons. Parents tend to buy the engine, then wait a year to look for the carriages. By this time the sales for the carriages have been very low, and the retailer has discontinued stocking the carriages.
  14. Increasing Speed

    Deleted already answered question.
  15. New LEGO Train Book "LEGO Eisenbahn"

    I've spent the last couple of weeks reading the English version. It's an excellent book and I can't imagine any LEGO train fan wouldn't find parts of it useful. I've loved building a BR 10 and a BR 80 from Holger's instructions and learnt a lot doing it. I'm currently modifying the BR80 into a BR 81.