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  1. insanerobo

    MY 1st MOC but is this cheating?

    Oh, ok.
  2. insanerobo

    MY 1st MOC but is this cheating?

    That's great. But I think saw some swastikas in the back.
  3. insanerobo

    The Penguin's Batman Minifigures. )

    Wow. All your minifigures are amazing. I'm wondering if you could make a Red Hood?
  4. insanerobo

    LEGOLAND Florida PR - Indy, Batman and Bob to return?

    But Clutch Powers is a new Lego product. Wouldn't you think that they would have changed Batman, Indy, and Bob if they were editing the blurb, they would get rid of those names. ;)
  5. insanerobo

    Batman Theme

    Is it possible that the could still make Lego Batman sets? I know that they have licenses from both Warner Bros. and DC, so whats stopping them?
  6. insanerobo

    Lego Kick A**

    I am planning on making a comic book and movie Big Daddy, movie Red Mist, and Movie Hit-Girl.
  7. insanerobo

    Lego Kick A**

    Due to my recent obsession to the comic book and movie Kick-A** I have been wanting to make some custom minifigures. Does anybody have any suggestions?
  8. insanerobo


    It's good, but where's Zuckuss and 4-LOM?
  9. insanerobo

    Immolation- the end of Anakin Skywalker

    That is amazing! You should definitely win!
  10. insanerobo

    Bruce Lee

    Hmmmmm.... You might want to try in flesh.
  11. insanerobo

    LEGO Star Wars 2010 Pictures and Rumors

    Why isn't there a tactical droid in the Clone Turbo Tank pictures?
  12. insanerobo

    Your dream Lego theme

  13. insanerobo

    Your dream Lego theme

    This may sound CRAZY, but it would be awesome if we have a STAR WARS license! oh well, one will dream.
  14. insanerobo

    Edward Elric

    He was president of FUNimation
  15. insanerobo

    Edward Elric

    Wow. That looks amazing! (on an off topic note, my dad was the president of the company which made Full Metal Alchemist)