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  1. gcarstensen

    MOC: Chesapeake and Ohio GP40-2

    probably, i will definitely try. I've got dome new things to bring as well :D
  2. gcarstensen

    MOC: Chesapeake and Ohio GP40-2

    nice render of the chessie scheme. Dark blue would look better but i don't blame you for using the cheaper option, i would. can't wait to see it operation.
  3. gcarstensen

    MOC: SP Pacific

    wow that is for sure your best train yet, just a heads up i'm gonna steal the running boards on the tender. the cab is brilliant and i can't wait to see it it person! great job Benn!
  4. gcarstensen

    MOC: Soo SD60

    thanks all! should be some pics of it with decals by (maybe) this weekend thanks again
  5. gcarstensen

    RC track Crossing

    theres no need to cut them up to make level crossings look here
  6. gcarstensen

    MOC: Soo SD60

    my latest creation first train to feature grab irons :D full set on flickr prototype
  7. gcarstensen

    MOC: PRR 0-6-0

    nice little pennsy switcher, fist six-wide steamer for over a year prototype must say i'm extremely pleased with my new slope back tender,much improved over my first more on flickr enjoy! C/C welcome
  8. gcarstensen

    MOC: ex SP B30-7

    the reason i didn't segregate the grey from bley is to show weathering. i built this for the flickr lego train MOCs groups ugly train contest thanks to all
  9. gcarstensen

    MOC: ex SP B30-7

    was owned by southern pacific now owned by union pacific prototype much more on my flickr
  10. gcarstensen

    MOC: Ohio Central SD40-2

    thank you to every one for you nice comments! there's more pictures on my flickr
  11. gcarstensen

    MOC: Ohio Central SD40-2

    one of my all time favorite EMD models in a really nice scheme how could i resist? prototype comments and criticism welcomed!
  12. gcarstensen

    2010 Train Sets

    i found this and i didn't see it the conversation yet http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/Gabcsi/2010/7597.jpg it is toy story but its also a train and not a bad looking one at that. i'm still slightly skeptic note the picture is not mine
  13. gcarstensen

    MOC: Cumbres & Toltec senic railroad K-36 no. 484

    sorry but it is currently unpowered i might put PF in it but i'm going to power my berkshire first i'll still have i video, the counterweights are really cool looking when they're moving