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  1. missouri_bb63

    WIP MOC: German Tri-axle Carriages

    Hi Frank, check out the Flickr link in my signature to see what the 8 wide roof looks like with the curves that peterab suggested. I made a similar tri-axle wagon for my BR50 which is an interpretation of the locomotive and wagon that are at the train museum in Blumberg Germany. I like the solution you found for the third axle. As my solutions didn't work properly I actually had it running on 4 sets of wheels on the track (you will see that in the video here), and switched it back to 3 axles when on display. I am looking forward to seeing how yours turns out!
  2. missouri_bb63

    Bluebrick Layout Software

    Hi tr1820, sorry it has taken so long for someone to reply. I am not sure I have understood your first question correctly. Essentially BlueBrick makes the tabs in the program based on the folders (and their respective names), that are in the parts library folder. Essentially, to get the same tabs as in your old version of BlueBrick, you just need to copy all the subfolders from the parts folder of your old BlueBrick installation, to your new one... and that is it. This assumes however that there have been no major changes to the XML encoding in the mean time (you did not mention which BlueBrick version you updated from), and of course any new GIFs in the upgrade will be deleted. The order of the tabs is set in the preferences of the program and just takes a few seconds to adjust. There is no automated way of doing the above as BlueBrick is usually only updated once a year so it wouldn't add much value. It might be something for Alban to put on the long term ideas list though. :) Concerning you second question, you need to make a layout of your room in GIF format and copy this into a new subfolder in the BlueBrick parts library. Below is an example I quickly made in photoshop using some basic squares. You can use pretty much any picture editing program for this. As you may have noticed from the table GIFs in BlueBrick, 1mm in the real world is roughly 1 pixel in BlueBrick. It will not be 100% accurate but it will give you a rough idea of how your layout could fit into the space. Take the time to highlight items like windows, doors, sockets, light switches etc in the GIF of your room so you can plan your layout around them. Good luck!
  3. missouri_bb63

    Bluebrick Layout Software

    Last night I checked the Eurobricks site for the first time in many months and realized how much I had missed. Sorry to all BlueBrick users that I no longer have the time to provide as many GIFs as I used to. Here is the signal track which should definitely not be missing on any 12V train layout. The remote control itself is already available. Having done this part, I noticed that the other 12V track GIFs are pretty fuzzy in comparison so I will re-do those as soon as possible. 7860 Remote controlled signal 12V: GIF XML Here is the part that Alban noted as part 304c03. I have added blue track and white sleepers and given it the peeron number instead. We might change that later. I noticed that this item was also available in blue for one year. If you want this part in blue feel free to leave a note in this thread. x489c01 Train Signal Complete Assembly: GIF XML Downloading the XML files is important for both of these items as otherwise they will not connect to other track parts.
  4. missouri_bb63

    Bluebrick Layout Software

    Hi KMO, here are some new GIFs of the small curves for you to try (note "new" in file names) . I have also made some changes to the 2891 xml. Unfortunately I haven't had much time to work on it this evening so it is not fantastic, but it might be better than the current tracks. Please let me know how it goes. It would be great if you could make a total of 10 posts in the Eurobricks forum so we can use the PM functionality for further communication. Thanks for your help and for pointing out the issue! And a quick note to for everyone on a different topic, we are also looking for a new Portuguese translator. Plesae let us know if you can help. Thanks!
  5. missouri_bb63

    Bluebrick Layout Software

    Hi Merkurius, I just noticed you have only made 5 posts so far which is why your PM is not working yet (you need a minimum of 10 posts). Please send Alban an e-mail to the address mentioned on the BlueBrick website if you want to get in touch. Many thanks also to users L@go and Sokratesz for offering their translation services. If any of you have noticed any further issues with GIFs or XMLs please let me know (I am currently looking into the issue KMO posted earlier) Thanks!
  6. missouri_bb63

    Bluebrick Layout Software

    Hi Lego Man Can, it is nice to see you got BlueBrick to work and didn't have to switch to an alternative software. I might have a chance to make those GIFs for you in a couple of weeks time. In the mean time I hope someone else can make them for you. I have modified a few of Typos recent GIFs and uploaded them to the parts tracker (looks like the technicians on the launch pad might be violating some safety regulations ): 6338-Hurricane Harbor: 6339-Shuttle Launch Pad: On another note, it appears like we are in need of some more translators for Dutch and French (and perhaps German). Unfortunately I don't have time to work on the Dutch translation (my written is pretty poor anyway), and Alban understandably wants to focus on the programming instead of doing French translations. Please let us know if you would like to assist. Thanks!
  7. missouri_bb63

    Bluebrick Layout Software

    Hi Sokratesz, no there is no function of this type at the moment. Generally one would make a GIF that would outline the space you have available(similar to a table GIF), and stay within the boundaries of that. I have sent a note to Alban concerning your point though as serveral people have been looking for an easier way to enter the dimensions of a room or other space restriction into BlueBrick without the use of a GIF file. Watch this space!
  8. missouri_bb63

    Bluebrick Layout Software

    L@go kicked the GIF factory into overdrive last week and made the following sets available for everyone. As always, they are available on the parts tracker. This weekend I will finally have time to work on some things for the next BlueBrick release and I will upload some revised versions of Typo's GIFs as well. Watch this space! 10181-Eiffel Tower 5766-Log Cabin option 1 5766-Log Cabin option 2 5766-Log Cabin option 3 5770-Lighthouse Island option 2 5770-Lighthouse Island option 3 6754-Family Home option 1 6754-Family Home option 2 6754-Family Home option 3
  9. missouri_bb63

    AnyRailâ„¢ Model Railroad Software

    Hi Lego Man Can, did you get in touch with Alban (the programs creator) concerning the issue?
  10. missouri_bb63

    Bluebrick Layout Software

    I got the alpha version of the software today so I can start updating the help file with the new features. The short circuit warning is fantastic! As there is much work to do with the Help file, and parts library (and if I have time the video tutorials), I won't be making any GIFs until the new release is out. As always these sets listed below are already on the parts tracker (town and track categories) Here is a great contribution from flickr user q159 which I couldn't leave lying around. 10196-Grand Carousel ...and one last one from me. As I always used to prefer this regulator setup on my 12V control instead of the dial, I couldn't resist making the GIF today. 7864-Electric, Train 220V - 12V Transformer "Buona notte!" from Mirandola in Italy
  11. missouri_bb63

    Bluebrick Layout Software

    Thanks Typo. I should be able to work on these tomorrow. I would also like to point out that FrogStudio will be completing his GIFs as soon as possible. I would like to apologize to Rumpelmuck as it appears I missed a whole load of GIFs that he had posted last year and because of this L@go and I have re-done a few sets that he had already made. His work mainly covered all the pre-80s classic sets. I have now uploaded everything to the town and train categories in the parts tracker. If anyone else sees that their work has not been uploaded (with the exception of the most recent postings) please let me know!
  12. missouri_bb63

    Bluebrick Layout Software

    ...and Stu83
  13. Hello all, I figured I should make a quick post here to let you know that there are an increasing number of GIFs of original Lego Town sets available for the BlueBrick layout software so even if you don't have a train layout this program may now be of increasing interest for those who are planning a large lego town. Below is a small selection of what was posted today by Eurobricks user L@go. Here is the link to the dedicated thread in the in the Train Tech forum, and here is the link to the BlueBrick software and parts tracker where you can download any set files which are not yet included in the BlueBrick download or add-on packs. I would like to thank all those who have invested a lot of time over the past 2 years to create all of these GIFs. 6543-Sail n' Fly Marina 6552-Rocky River 6598-Metro PD Station 7035-Police HQ
  14. missouri_bb63

    Bluebrick Layout Software

    Ok everyone, as promised here are L@go's contributions starting with then trains. Everything is available on the BlueBrick parts tracker. As any of the BlueBrick contributors will be able tell you, just making the GIFs and XMLs for these represents a vast amount of work and I know that L@go was still working on these during the early hours of this morning! So L@go I would like to thank you on behalf of all BlueBrick users for this amazing contribution!! (speechless) 10016-Tanker 10183-Hobby Train Set 7810-Locomotive without motor 7818-Passenger coach 10200-custom car garage 1256-shell promotional set: gas pumps 1592-Town square 3438-McDonalds promotional set 3450-Statue of Liberty sculpture 3739-Blacksmith shop 4210-Coast guard 4886-Buiding Bonanza option 1 4886-Buiding Bonanza option 2 4886-Buiding Bonanza option 3 4956-House option 1 4956-House option 1 4999-Vestas Windmill 6349-Holliday Villa 6370-Weekend home 6373-Motorcycle shop 6409-Island Arcade 6414-Dolphin Point 6419-Rolling Acres Ranch 6540-Pier Police 6543-Sail n' Fly Marina 6552-Rocky River 6598-Metro PD Station 7035-Police HQ
  15. missouri_bb63

    Bluebrick Layout Software

    Hello all, this evening I will be posting what will probably be the largest single post of GIFs ever in this thread , all of which were contributed by Eurobricks user L@go! I still have to go through them all so in the mean time I will already post my humble contribution for this week. Quite a few more GIFs will follow next weekend, however with so many amazing GIF contributions coming in, I will be taking a step back from this to help Alban with some other aspects of the next release. Everything is available via the parts tracker 2126-Train Cars 3225-Classic Train 4544-Car Transport (will add loading station later) 4549-Road 'N Rail Hauler (might add vehicles later) 4556-Train Station