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  1. Forresto

    Star Wars

    Much like Palpatine I’ve returned inexplicably from the dead. In short, I LOVED it! It’s not perfect but all in all I thought it was an excellent second outing from JJ considering how disappointing The Force Awakens was. Palpatine Palpatine was fantastic. The Tragedy of Darth Plaguis in Revenge of the Sith has a bit more depth to it now beyond being another tactic to seduce Anakin. It speaks to his greater motivation. Plus all of the new canon books for years have made Palpatine’s primary goal his quest for immortality, although the assumption until now was that he failed completely. Unintended setup? His inclusion also frames the saga as this ultimate final struggle between the Jedi and the Sith. Stakes this trilogy was severely lacking. The Force Awakens screwed up majorly by not setting the political landscape and therefore galactic stakes properly. The Last Jedi doubled down on this. JJ was forced to pull out shorthand such as the Sith to explain Snoke and The First Order. I can live with this. Also, what a way to kill Palpatine, truly epic. Way better then the most powerful force user being picked up by an injured cyborg who effortlessly carries him twenty feet and throws him down a pit, despite knowing Luke survived his similar fall down a pit in the last movie. Rey Deisy Ridley was okay in TFA, good in TLJ, and awesome in TROS. I actually love Rey as a character now partly BECAUSE of the ultimate twist with her origin, which of course has proven divisive like anytime there is a twist in new material. Finally! Some inner turmoil she has to grapple, how novel! Either her parent is a product of in vitro fertilization or Palpatine got busy, and I ask why not? Do we really think Palpatine would put all his eggs in one basket, in Vader? Once a traitor always a traitor, and as we know Palps and Vader wanted to kill eachother almost from day one. Maybe Palps sought to replace him with a child he could brainwash from day one. But that wasn’t necessary once Luke pops out of nowhere as a more developed, potential apprentice. Overall Thoughts The final scene was such a perfect way to close everything out. Again another divisive choice apparently, that I think makes perfect sense given the circumstances. A far more satisfying conclusion than Return of the Jedi for me, as someone who never cared for how sloppily Palpatine and the Empire were originally defeated.
  2. The Shadowtrooper is the OLD stormtrooper mold Perfect. It can go with the stormtrooper army I’ve built over the last five years. Only problem is that price of 20 bucks?! Really? For a battle pack?
  3. Forresto

    [MOD] MINI AT-Hauler (Solo)

    WOW! I was not expecting a lot but that is superb. Ingenious idea for the walkway below! The fence creates a great effect.
  4. Forresto

    What was the last movie you watched?

    Spider-Verse. Best movie of 2018. Best animated film I’ve seen in years.
  5. I’ve gotten into the Black Series this past year and it’s softened my opinion on how much Lego rereleases products. For those who don’t know the Black Series has quite a few figures from earlier in its run around four years ago like Commander Cody that go for around $100 bucks on the secondary market, after initially retailing at $20. Even figures that came out last year like Commander Gree go for tons the moment they stop hitting the shelves. Recently Hasbro has begun an archive line of all the old figures to allow new collectors to catch up on ones they missed without costing them an arm and a leg from scalpers. I’d be curious to learn whether Lego rereleasing old products is to combat scalpers?
  6. Forresto

    Updating Your Minifigs

    Awesome, thanks! No doubt there will be bricklink sellers purposely buying the pack to sell its parts individually. Just wait and you’ll probably be able to buy a fourth helmet for a couple bucks soon. - On a related side note. The ammo belt looks quite good on the Inferno Squad Member. Has anyone tried the white belt on a Stormtrooper with black hips underneath? Or the white belt on a scout trooper with the dual molded black pants and white boots? I imagine it might look quite good on either.
  7. Forresto

    Updating Your Minifigs

    Where are the red arms from?
  8. Forresto

    Star Wars

    I think we have a contender for best Star Wars fan film. I usually avoid fan films, they’re generally awful, but this surprised me. Proof there needs to be a Vader film and that Disney is insane for not making one.
  9. I wouldn’t mind trying to host a game at some point. Get the experience to host more games. I’ve got quite a list of themes for games I’ve been compiling over the years. Most recently I’ve become inspired on one after watching the wonderful show “The Terror”. My first time would probably be janky but I imagine people would be okay with that.
  10. Thank you so much for the smoothly run game Kintobor, this was awesome!
  11. Great game everyone! @Asphalt our early bloc worked!
  12. Forresto

    Factions - General Discussion

    I don’t want to clutter each thread until I’ve made my choice however I’m loving how much hard work has been put into all of it. The faction pages look incredible!
  13. Forresto

    Factions - General Discussion

    I think they’re running this as a hybrid of canon and legends, but mostly canon, so here goes my guess. 22 bby - Battle of Geonosis sparks the beginning of the Clone Wars. (Events of Attack of the Clones) 19 bby - Clone Wars End, Republic reorganized into the Galactic Empire. (Events of Revenge of the Sith) 0 bby - Battle of Scarif, Roque One uploads Death Star plans to come the Rebel Fleet, and are eventually brought to the Rebel Base on Yavin. Rebels launch desperate attack on the Death Star and Luke Skywalker successfully destroy it. (Events of Rogue One and a New Hope) 3 aby - The Empire discovers and assaults the central rebel base in the Battle of Hoth. (Events of The Empire Strikes Back) 4 aby - The Battle of Endor (Events of The Return of the Jedi) 5 aby - The Battle of Jakku resulting in the end of the Galactic Empire (sortve. Politically it doesn’t make much sense the entire Empire would simply fall apart. More then likely there are Imperial Remnants that just stick to their own borders until the First Order invades thirty years later.)
  14. Pm me your hunch I’m curious to know.
  15. Well what's funny about the inclusion of a fourth member of Inferno Squad, when there's only three in the game, is that having only three helmets makes more sense upon further thought.