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  1. Paradosis

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    Thanks! I saw it in an ebay auction tonight, mixed in with set 560 (including box). No takers so far, if anyone's interested
  2. Paradosis

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    ^Jangbricks has been referring to it as something new. It's apparently going to be in one of the new Farm (City) sets as well. Anyone know what set this minifig is from?
  3. Paradosis

    Brickworld Virtual Con spring 2020

    Registered and ready
  4. I've read that modern artist Piet Mondrian was for years an inspiration for Lego (someone even mentioned him a day or two ago on this forum), or perhaps Neoplasticism generally. Squares and rectangles and primary colors and so on. I had always assumed until a few years ago that the colors were just chosen because they were the ones the company assumed would most appeal to children, and the shapes were just the most obvious choice for building structures. But now I'm curious about the story behind this. Does anyone know if there's something available in English, maybe a simple article, or an art student needed a graduate school thesis/dissertation and their research included something on this.
  5. Paradosis

    What did you buy today?

    41379 Heartlake City Restaurant Got it on sale at Walmart yesterday. Really enjoyable build. I haven't owned a full-blow restaurant since like 2006ish, soon after I exited my first dark age and bought a 6376 Breezeway Cafe on ebay; unfortunately I ended up reselling it not too long afterwards. I don't usually buy sets from the Friends theme or use their version of figures, but I really like the structure and other elements here. For my own taste/preferences this is also a great set when it comes to color palette, being bright and colorful without being what I'd consider garish. If there's still one available the next time I go out I might buy it and combine them.
  6. Paradosis

    Watchtower on the road

    Very nice! Happily followed on flickr
  7. Paradosis

    lego ideas [LEGO IDEAS] The Royal Flagship

    Posted a link to it and the Ideas page on the Classic Pirates facebook page... good luck!
  8. Paradosis

    What are you reading?

    I liked Educated. Not a happy reading experience, but a good one. Unfortunately my reading time has fallen off a cliff the last two months I'm currently reading Brick by Brick for the second time. I wish I could read books like this from other periods of Lego's history.
  9. Nice! It's been shown on the Classic Pirates facebook page as well
  10. Paradosis

    GI Joe USS FLAGG Aircraft carrier

    That looks great, definitely remember this from yesteryear
  11. Paradosis

    What are You Watching?

    I've been trying to get into Black Sails, but it's been kind of slow going. There are lots of reasons for me to like it: Pirates, sunny locale, action/adventure storytelling, and I like the characters when they're on the screen. Yet when an episode is over I feel no pull to watch another one. I've heard people say that if you make it through the first season you'll enjoy things, so I guess I have about 3 episodes left before I test that. I also bought the old Bruce Campbell tv show Jack of All Trades on dvd from Amazon. Didn't know if the show would hold up as schlocky fun 20 years later, but I watched an episode on youtube and still enjoyed it.
  12. Paradosis

    [MOC] Roman Aqueduct!

    That's downright beautiful