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  1. Paradosis

    Stranger Things

    I finished binge-watching season 3 a bit ago. Overall I liked it. Hopper acting like a petulant kid got old though.
  2. Paradosis

    [MOC] Pirate Island vs Imperial fort

    Nicely built, and nicely staged!
  3. Paradosis

    What is your favorite Lego Theme?

    Pirates, then Castle (esp. 1984-1996), then ... well it's not really a specific theme, but third for me would be the non-SW large sets from the last decade or so.
  4. Paradosis

    Vintage Pirates I posters?

    Don't know of any, though it's possible I guess. I have a Model Team poster in mint condition that came with an ebay purchase, which looks like it hadn't been touched in 30 years... maybe something similar with some Pirates stuff.
  5. Paradosis

    Happy 30th Anniversary PIRATES!

    Yeah, while classic Pirates was my favorite theme when I was a young person, the later Pirates sets had their own strong points (a less garish color palette for example).
  6. Paradosis

    What are you reading?

    Brick by Brick: How Lego Rewrote the Rules of Innovation And Conquered the Global Toy Industry, by David C. Robertson and Bill Breen Educated, by Tara Westover
  7. Paradosis

    What did you buy today?

    In the last couple weeks I've bought multiples of the Creator Pirate Roller Coaster (3x) and the Treehouse Treasures (2x). I'm slowly building up pieces/sets to do a Pirate-themed amusement park in the future.
  8. Paradosis

    [MOC] the french castle

    Very nice! :)
  9. Just out of curiosity, when a set says it has a certain number of pieces, does that refer to the number in the finished main build, or does the number also include 'extra' pieces as well?
  10. Paradosis

    Star Trek

    I'm cautiously optimistic about the Picard series, even though I haven't been able to get into Discovery.
  11. Paradosis

    LEGO Ideas: The Pirate Bay!!

    This is amazing :)
  12. Paradosis

    What franchise should Lego do next?

    The fan-made versions of this have been great, but I'd love to see some official Horizon Zero Dawn sets, and not just the machines but also architecture, a bandit camp, and maybe some action scenes through a landscape.
  13. Paradosis

    What is your favorite Lego Theme?

    Either (older) Castle or Pirates
  14. Paradosis

    What did you buy today?

    Finally stopped by TRU for their 'going out of business' sale: - 70618 Destiny's Bounty - 31069 Modular Family Villa - 72003 Berserker Bomber - 70617 Temple of the Ultimate Ultimate Weapon - 75180 Rathtar Escape - 75177 First Order Heavy Scout Walker - 75169 Duel on Naboo - 76085 Battle of Atlantis - 41591 Black Widow - 41600 Aquaman - 30542 Cute Pug