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    Right outside of Baltimore
  2. nayrsllim

    Bionicle Masks

    Hey. I will buy the squids and one of the gold masks at the top middle. Do you think you could get a better picture of the white disks. Thanks I also just realized this post was two years old. Sorry.
  3. hey, i would like some pictures. pm me
  4. I have been browsing the forums and I keep coming across pictures of what look like 3D modeled MOC bionicles, trains, and other lego sets. What is the program that is allowing you to do this? Can you then take those models and export them to 3D Max, Blender, or Maya? Thanks.
  5. nayrsllim


    My favorite is right here. <--------- pew pew
  6. nayrsllim

    Xbox One

    I probably wont buy a xb1 until Destiny comes out. The games dont look to spectacular and through the recent year of growing up i havent been playing many video games as of late. I also just bought a townhome and my funds are pretty tight right now. 500$ is a little much at the moment. I am still debating on a WiiU because i love SSB and Zelda. Thats why i bought a Wii, now it just sits and collects dust. Sadly i doubt i will ever play it again :/
  7. nayrsllim

    New Terminator trilogy being planned

    Just like I consider Star Wars 4,5,6 to be the only real SW movies.
  8. nayrsllim

    Ghost Rider from Marvel comics

    Hey! I really like the headpiece with the flames. What set did it come from? I have been trying to figure out how to make DBZ minifigures figures with the saiyan hair. This is my fix! I am so glad I came across this thread
  9. nayrsllim

    The Extraordinary League of Justice

    These look great! where did you get the cloak for the two in the middle? Is it custom? I dont remember ever seeing one before. Also, when i read Bat-Fellow I loled and startled the guy next to me.
  10. nayrsllim

    B/A: Gambrodon

    The picture at the top looks kinda like the alien at the end of the movie Prometheus. I like the BIG eyes. hahah they make me laugh. The head of the rex looks great! I love the red black color scheme. Nice detail!
  11. nayrsllim

    American dump truck

    Honestly I thought it was real. You could probably incorporate this into some sort of ad if you are into graphic design. Do you have more pics?
  12. nayrsllim

    MOC: DC Superheroes Racers

    I love how each of the cars matches the characters perfectly and with such a simple design. You have a great imagination. You should try and do some for the different theme. For instance Indiana Jones, Ice Planet, Exploriens, Aliens, or even the Samurai sets. Keep up the great work!
  13. nayrsllim

    Suspended Lego Train Track

    In Austin Tx, they have a McDonalds that is right next to a ToysRUs right off of rt 35 that has two different LGB trains that travel around the top of the ceiling like this. They go back into the kitchen and then come back out and sound off the horn. I never thought to do this with lego trains though. I have one set and when I have kids I am going to attempt to do this as long as my lady lets me. The extra track had to be pretty pricey....
  14. nayrsllim

    Starcraft Lego Battlecruiser Mk.II "Norad II"

    The detail in this is simply amazing. i really like the chains, you dont see many of those in MOCs. It seems to fall in like with the Star Wars collectors edition models. The ones that look cool but are to expensive to buy and display anywhere because no one has a big enough room to show them all off. How long did this take to build?
  15. nayrsllim

    [LDD MOC] Tony Starks Hall Of Armor

    great job!