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  1. What a great looking model! The bodywork is great! If it is a mod I would say it contains parts from 8285 and 8653 or 8145. The stickers may come from the available Gallardo-set. But why have the pictures been removed? If it will become a set from TLC I hope we will get a different color. By the way: I agree - it is a racer; not a supercar. But I would buy it...
  2. Lupus74

    REVIEW: 8265 Wheel Loader

    We are just building it now. I can't believe how many gears TLC included in this set!
  3. I received this set as a birthday present from my mother in law. I am totally in love with it because it looks so great. At first it has its home in front of its big brother 8275. But since a few weeks it is sitting on my desk in front of my computer monitor. And every time I look at it a smile comes to my face because it is so cute!
  4. Lupus74

    Mini Power Functions truck

    Impressive! It surely is a lot more difficult to build smaller models with great functions than larger ones. And this is not only a great PF-truck but it is also beautiful in its looks. Great Work!
  5. Lupus74

    Continuation of Modular Building series

    Do so! You won't regret it! Green Grocer is so beautiful with its interior details.
  6. Lupus74

    Continuation of Modular Building series

    That would be great! I agree that the modular houses series is intended to attract us AFOLs. The sets are quiet expensive for children (collecting all costs a fortune for AFOLs as well... ) and the playability is not that high. They are meant to be displayed and admired. I would be happy if we some more factory sets like "market street" as well. I hope they sold quiet a lot copies so they continue the series. We have plenty of space to add at least five more buildings...
  7. I own this set as well. I get it at a bargain: 45 Euros on ebay (MISB). I would not have bought it for the official price from TLC. The only thing I dislike is the steering. It could have been done much better - eg. like in 8421 which is even more complex than a 4 wheel steering. But it delivers a quite good piece count. Great review and it is perfectly OK for me how you rate this one. Every review is a personal opinion and everyone has the right to disagree with it. But it is necessary for everyone to also accept the personal opinion of the reviewer.
  8. Lupus74

    Review: 10197 Fire Brigade

    Its available at s@h in germany too. Guess who is going to order it right now...?
  9. Lupus74

    Star Wars sets anyone?

    Same for the LEGO fans here in germany. I have just placed the order at s@h! Waiting for the doorbell to ring the next days now...
  10. Lupus74


    Eric, I bow to you! Outstanding work and the detail you put into it is just stunning. Thanks for a beautiful technic-site with provides not only relevant information but also entertains a lot. My best wishes for your ongoing work. I hardly can't wait for the next updates!
  11. Lupus74

    [REVIEW] 8275 Bulldozer

    You bet I do!!!!
  12. Lupus74

    REVIEW: 8263 Snow Groomer

    That would be great! We started to build the A-Model today and its a good one. The B-Model looks good as well witch nice functions. Could be the first set that we buy a second time.
  13. Lupus74

    Review: 8258 Crane Truck

    @DarkKnight: Thanks for the pictures without the stickers. We usually don't use stickers (only on a few sets like 10188) due to bad experience with some old sets where we did apply the stickers - and stickers over multiple parts are a complete no go! Since our 8258 is still unbuild in its box its good to see how it looks without the stickers. Funny fact: we recently bought 8448, 8466 and 8880 on ebay. All 3 with applied stickers - and all stickers in good-as-now-condition...
  14. Lupus74

    Review on set 8037 Anakin's y-wing.

    I only bought this one to have an older companion to the y-wing from the OT. But after building it I must admit that I really like the colors. A great set but its to expensive. Thanks for the review!
  15. Lupus74

    LEGO Star Wars 2010 Pictures and Rumors

    It seems that the building instructions for the Tantive IV are no longer available any more. Any clues why?