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  1. online store mostly ill find out when i go bluewater
  2. I been researching along with my team and we found out that the LEGO PICK-A-BRICK SHOP sells the parts for the pizza shop part from the specil plates that the two lamps clp on to. We decided to test it out and show you what it would look like when we finished it sometime in october.
  3. ConductorPete

    Trainify Your City ! ! !

    Well we have different staff on here each day using this account, so thats probally why you would see random posts from us. All we want is a image of your lego city with your train collection included, the image that stands out the best will be in new forum banner that we are releasing soon, maybe in November/December. So get your trainific images in now ...
  4. ConductorPete

    Trainify Your City ! ! !

    Lego City Rails is planning to make lego city alot more trainish, thats why we would you to attach a picture of your trainific city in your post.
  5. ConductorPete

    Lego rock band...sets?

    Have you ever wanted to create your own lego festival, then maybe when Lego Rck Band comes out to UK & US, Lego could release some Rock Band sets. If you agree on this maybe you can give some ideas in this thread. As an idea from myself and my team we came up with a stage with speakers,lights andmaybe some actual lighting from lego functions.
  6. ConductorPete

    Decals for lego trains

    I been thinking of designs for train decals and maybe we could design a grafitti decal for an old grey underground train
  7. ConductorPete

    Whats better the Family Home or the House

    thank you JCC1004 for the response, i may go out and buy this product tomorrow or get the lego city fire station that would relate to my movie
  8. ConductorPete

    Ideas for 10199 Winter Toy Shop add-ons

    what about a winter toy shop
  9. ConductorPete

    Ideas for new City sets

    I think they should produce something something less fishy, so what about an warehouse (garage) or something like a underground railway system for lego city
  10. ConductorPete

    Whats better the Family Home or the House

    Hi im debating on whether to buy either the Family Home or the House for my next movie "The Adventures Of Peter Martin". So could you tell me what you think is better out of the two.
  11. ConductorPete

    "Trainify" Your Avatar

    Here is me with my train town in real life
  12. ConductorPete

    Inspiration behind the Emerald

    The second picture is the basic idea to my MOC that I am going to post up soon. well done for getting these images by the way.
  13. ConductorPete

    MOC: Thoughts about a Winter Train Station at Night

    well regarding to this, i have just found out I can have the rest of the month off work, so I can get it on as soon as I possibly can.
  14. ConductorPete

    MOC: Thoughts about a Winter Train Station at Night

    Ok im currently not able to get it on as I am at work, so i'll get it posted up before september 25th. And I am sorry if have been rude in a way FROM CONDUCTOR PETE
  15. ConductorPete

    MOC: Thoughts about a Winter Train Station at Night

    Well not being rude or anything awwsum, id like to do this my own way ok.