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  1. Hi I am not sure if this is in the correct area but how would you go about slowing down one of the power functions m motor thanks in advance
  2. danim

    2014 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    you mean this bank http://shop.lego.com/en-US/LEGO-City-Coin-Bank-40110?fromListing=listing
  3. danim

    MOC: Coca Cola Truck

    I have now updated the first post showing the Christmas Version including white Coca Cola Decals and as usual please vote for it on Cuusoo http://lego.cuusoo.c...deas/view/16932
  4. danim

    MOC: Coca Cola Truck

    V-LV-64A Hi Guys Here is my version of a Coca Cola Delivery Truck Now updated And the Cab As Chrome Parts are rare and expensive the exhausts the side steps the wind shield topper and the wing mirror supports were all painted silver then lacquered here we have the Coca Cola employee delivering some of the delicious soft drink to the vending machine and when the cab is not being used by Coca Cola it can be used for the police or used to pull the Low Loader And Please tell me what you think Edit: Now on Cuusoo http://lego.cuusoo.c...deas/view/16932
  5. Hi Guys I have decided to try and connect my lego camera to my pc to use with the nxt but my computer is saying that the drivers can't be found does anyone know where to get the drivers from
  6. danim

    MOC: Turntable build

    acetone free nail polish remover does not damage the plastic but you have to make sure it is acetone free
  7. danim

    UK Sales

    Do you know when the Glasgow Lego store is having its grand opening
  8. danim

    2013 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    the red bus has the licence plate ha60026
  9. danim

    2013 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I think you are meaning 8404 http://www.brickset.com/detail/?set=8404-1
  10. danim

    2013 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    where are everyone seeing the 2013 summer set
  11. danim

    2013 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    http://www.brickset....ail/?Set=5626-1 Set 5626 Coast Guard Bike released 2008
  12. danim

    MOC: Bricklingston Tram

    Presenting my first MOC in the train section. The Bricklingston Balloon Tram It is based of the Balloon trams that can be seen on Blackpool's tramway The side pedestrians see complete with double entry doors as well as showing the map on the top and bottom levels The other side The rear bogie set is a dummy but the front bogie is a PF train motor, inside the top level is a aaa battery box as well as an ir reciver and at the front is a set of PF lights that work as headlights As usual C's+c's welcome
  13. danim

    MOC: Bricklingston Tram

    I will see if I can get a better 3/4 view for the thumbnail when I get home tonight
  14. danim

    MOC: Bricklingston Tram

    I have added an updated photo in the first post which shows the tram on the Bricklingston Tram Line would it be possible for the MODs to change the MOC index photo to the new one
  15. danim

    The very odd case of LEGO in Iceland...

    that does not seem very safe and I bet you the toy regulators would go nuts nowadays
  16. danim

    2013 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    this video will help with any querys about fire bikes
  17. danim

    2013 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    still set 60009 is not appearing atol on lists so I wonder what that could be
  18. danim

    2013 Parts

    here is the set that they appear in http://www.brickset.com/detail/?Set=6166-1
  19. I was just watching the music video for Rita Ora's How we do and at 46sec you can see the nerd has a Lego bow tie
  20. I have just updated my post with a series 8 diver for trrade
  21. danim

    MOC: Bricklingston Tram

    your very welcome the inspiration for me was when I went to the Legoland Discovery Center down in Manchester where they have a master model of a Blackpool tram which is much bigger and more detailed than mine
  22. That sounds like a fantastic idea as there is nothing for lego fans round the central belt I am also from Livingston and it would be possible to attend most events plus maybe see about running a show as well
  23. danim

    PAB Cups: What Did You Get?

    While I was in Manchester I visited the Arndale Store and bought two large tubs at £11 each and here they are Tub 1 http://farm9.staticf...a6c06e611_z.jpg The back http://farm9.staticf...d21886486_z.jpg The Contents http://farm9.staticf...b253201f2_z.jpg 4x8 plate white : 47 2x6 window trans-grey : 5 2x4 window clear : 6 1x4 brick orange: 1 seat red : 10 1x1x6 brick white : 95 1x8 tile white: 17 1x2 grille brick white : 4 1x1 stud trans-yellow: 43 1x1 stud clear: 186 Total of 414 pieces and a price of 0.02 pence per piece Tub 2 http://farm9.staticf...0f758d03a_z.jpg Tub 2 Rear http://farm9.staticf...fa3a65cc6_z.jpg The Contents http://farm8.staticf...bc8419545_z.jpg 4x8 plate white : 50 1x1x6 brick white: 107 1x8 tile white : 14 1x2 grille brick white: 30 1x4 brick orange : 9 seat red : 11 1x1 stud trans-yellow : 40 1x1 stud clear : 112 Total of 373 pieces at a price of 0.02 pence per piece