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  1. Go Cubs Go!

    What's in a name ???

    Well mine shows my love of the chicago cubs. In a few words it tells the story of cubs fans, the strangest lifeforms on the planet. No matter how bad the team does you always find us saying "Go Cubs Go!" so I found it to be an ideal name. From, GoCubsGo! P.S. Theres always next year
  2. Go Cubs Go!

    Upcoming Brickmaster Set Image

    It looks cool but I dont think I will look forward to it as much as I did the new mini SW gunship. It still looks like a nice set though. From, GoCubsGo! P.S. Go Brickmasters!
  3. Go Cubs Go!

    Micro White House

    Thats a cool mini model. I know if they sold that as a special independence day set I would totally buy it. From, GoCubsGo!
  4. Go Cubs Go!

    Why are people looking forward to LU?

    I never knew it was going to be a pay to play game! I rather spend money on real legos not virtual ones. I dont care how theres a never ending supply and all that. By the way Isn't there already a game thats kinda like LU thats free? From,GoCubsGo!
  5. Go Cubs Go!

    No Indy?!?!

    This morning I was just looking at topics when I came across something in a post. It said something about Indy being discontinued. Now I haven't been on for awhile so I was wondering if by chance I had missed something. Hopefully I read the post wrong but if Indy was discontinued I can't believe I didn't know. From, GoCubsGo!
  6. Go Cubs Go!


    Hello and welcome to eurobricks!
  7. America wants pirates! From, Go Cubs Go!
  8. Go Cubs Go!

    Star Trek Lego?

    I would like lego Star Trek as much as the next Star Trek fan but its just not gonna happen. Sorry . From, Go Cubs Go!
  9. Go Cubs Go!

    baseball sets anyone

    I guess I'm the only person who would enjoy seeing TLC make lego sets . Oh well . From, Go Cubs Go!
  10. Go Cubs Go!

    Future Star Wars Sets

    I would certaintly like to see a podrace set. I'm not sure what I would want the price to be. From, Go Cubs Go!
  11. I think it was well priced. I do hate stickers though. From,Go Cubs Go!
  12. Go Cubs Go!

    Some girls wear glasses

    I guess your right. Weird. From, Go Cubs Go!
  13. Go Cubs Go!

    You know you are a fan of Lego when...

    ...When you join eurobricks. From, Go Cubs Go!
  14. Go Cubs Go!

    We have a new Pirates Regulator!

    Congratulations on your new position Erdy. I know you'll do well. From, Go Cubs Go!
  15. Go Cubs Go!

    Even MORE new Pirate items!

    I think that the battle pack is awesome. Any idea what it will cost? From, Go Cubs Go!