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    [PRESS RELEASE] 75936 - Jurassic Park

    Anyone notice that it's similar to the Blu-Ray Collectors edition statue.
  2. Hi, has anyone received their order from Shop@Home, that was cancelled initially and then sent out again from the new Australian warehouse? What is the code on the tape seals of your sets? I'm curious as to what factory their coming out of. Thank you
  3. $59, hopefully we have a 20% off sale at some point. Big W also have the App Controlled Batmobile for $119, and the UCS Y-Wing for $249, and some Technic sets discounted, starting from Thursday.
  4. Brickus

    How did you come out of your Dark Ages?

    10179, enough said. I was always into LEGO, BIONICLE mainly, but when it ended there wasn't anything around that I was interested in, I then stumbled across 10179 and it was what truly got me into collecting almost anything LEGO. That and it was around the time I got a job, so I could purchase all my own sets.
  5. Does anyone know the prospective prices of the Infinity War sets?
  6. LEGO doesn't make any pieces close to those, let alone in the colours MEGA tends to use. I would suggest that you email their customer service team and get some replacements, I've found their team to have really good customer service.
  7. I'm so glad that you posted this, I love this show.
  8. I've been told that no retailers will be getting stock of the new Buildable Figures (Vader and Boba Fett) because the line sold so poorly. Even the Last Jedi Figures were limited to certain stores (Toys-R-Us, Mr Toys Toyworld, and some online retailers). I purchased Vader and Boba Fett from Shop@Home, double VIP Points on SW during February, for those who purchased the Falcon, sort of softened the blow.
  9. I can say that I've only seen it in Toys R Us stores so far.
  10. Brickus

    LEGO Ninjago 2018

    I spotted the Piranha Chase ($28), Volcano Lair ($88), and Quake Mech ($139) at my local Big W here in Australia.
  11. Hey, just wondering if anyone here placed an order from LEGO Shop@Home on the 10th, but haven't received it yet. I feel that it is quite unusual that mine hasn't arrived, as almost all of my previous orders have arrived within 18 days (including weekends). The status of my order has remained the same since the 12th, 'Shipping information approved by Australia Post Time & date 06:12pm Thu 12 Oct' I just wanted to see if anyone is in the same boat as me?
  12. For anyone interested the Ninjago movie sets,70616 Ice Tank and 70613 Garma Mecha Man are available at Target and Big W, respectively priced at $159 and $88.
  13. Does anyone have information on pricing for the new Star Wars The Last Jedi sets?
  14. Can anyone confirm whether the Batgirl Minifig comes with any version of TLBM. Also Myer has 20% off for 2 days, and Target has 20% from tomorrow. The LEGO Batman Movie and City sets are starting to show up, Target was unpacking them today.
  15. Does anyone have information on which retailer will receive the Batgirl polybag with The LEGO Batman Movie DVD/Blu-Ray?
  16. I don't believe that it's an exclusive, I've seen it at Myer and Toyworld stores, don't know of any others.
  17. Brickus

    Impressive Non-Lego Block Building stuff?

    I've found some of the larger sets from the Mega Bloks Call of Duty line absolutely fantastic. I very recently bought the Apache Helicopter, and the build is fantastic, along with the accuracy of the model, I did have some quality issues, but the company gladly sent out replacements.
  18. Brickus

    What is the story behind your profile picture?

    Mine has a very simple reason, it is my favourite set of all time.
  19. At the moment, Brickset says that I have 1927 sets, this is inflated because I own every collectible minifigure. I'd say that approximately 3/4 of my collection is built and distributed throughout 3 rooms of my house, and the rest is in storage.
  20. Brickus

    Joker Lowrider problems

    I would contact LEGO about it, you may have faulty spring loaded shooter bricks.
  21. Only certain figures are produced in China, a way to tell is that they generally wont have the print mark on the neck. You can also tell that they're from China if they have leg and arm printing, otherwise minifigures are produced in the Czech and Mexico factories. This may change now that the newest factory is open in China.
  22. Yes all the new sets coming out of the China factory now have only tape seals, no more push tabs, only in specific sets from Europe, and small sets in the US. Also Technic sets are almost all push tabs and come out of the Czech factory.
  23. Do any of you still have the box? You may be able to see if it was a certain production run. To find this, there is a 4 digit number on the tape seals that would indicate where and when your set was produced. The first 2 digits are numbers indicating the week number of the year. The third is a letter, indicating which factory it was produced, I'm going to presume that the letter will be 'R', indicating that it came from the factory down in Mexico, 'S' would indicate The Czech Republic and 'g' indicates that it comes from the newly opened factory in China, there will only be 1 letter. The last number means what year it was made, likely to be 6 as they probably went into production in 2016.
  24. So long as you have a valid reason for requesting replacements, you shouldn't be blacklisted. I find calling them and speaking to customer service is the better option when getting replacements, because it gives you a voice and doesn't make you look like a number. I buy a lot of LEGO and I request replacements all the time because of faults, misprints, and damaged stickers.
  25. Which country are you in? I've also noticed recently that LEGO is not putting the same amount of extra pieces in that they used to. It became apparent when I was building all the Batman Movie sets, some parts that appeared in different 2 different numbered bags would only include 1 extra, whereas in previous years, they would include 1 extra for each bag.