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  1. This set brings back great memory's :')
  2. UberlegoTV

    REVIEW: 6285 Black Sea's Barracuda

    this is a cool looking set , even compared to todays sets!
  3. i want a apu minifigure i think that would be awesome!
  4. UberlegoTV

    2x3 Tiles

    are these new pieces? i have not seen them before!
  5. UberlegoTV

    LEGO Ultra Agents 2014

    Hopefully we get to see them at toy fair , it doesn't sound to exciting though...
  6. UberlegoTV

    Review - 75036 - Utapau Troopers

    Great review! i cant wait for these to come out in canada !
  7. UberlegoTV

    The new Blaster...

    Soooo , I love this new piece! but I want to make a video of different combinations of it, So can you guys post a Photo of your versions of it :D ? Please make sure that they actually work and will still shot... Thanks guys! can't wait to see your Weapons!
  8. UberlegoTV

    REVIEW: 70808 Super Cycle Chase

    Thanks for this review! it was really great!
  9. UberlegoTV

    2013 Galaxy Squad

    If this is the end of qalaxy squad , I hope Lego makes a new pirates theme!!
  10. UberlegoTV

    Legend of Zelda

    He's not a kid but compared to the other games he is short..
  11. UberlegoTV

    Can you lighten pieces with vinyl dye?

    Just put testors paint on it , or paint you use to make model cars.. It will take a few coats
  12. Hey guys So I am planing on making a cookie monster mini-figure because of the new cookie piece for 2014, Sadly i do not have and water slide decals only normal decal sheets ... the problem with them is that over time they will start to peel... is there a way to fix that and also is it possible to take a Blow Dryer and "Melt" the decal on? Thank !
  13. UberlegoTV

    Game of Thrones characters

    I personally don't watch the show , but i thought i would take a look and wow not what i expected! this is amazing!! i love how you built the body but still used a minifigure head!
  14. Im BlueBrickStudios

  15. UberlegoTV

    Review: 75034 Death Star troopers

    Thank you for making a review of this set dude! How well do the new blasters work?
  16. The Co-Build project on Facebook have released a Merry Christmas Picture , that includes the creeper in it ... This might be the official one!
  17. UberlegoTV

    4000013 A Christmas Tale

    Hahaha this set is hilarious!!! I wish that it will be released to public because of how funny it looks!
  18. UberlegoTV

    News LEGO CREATOR 2014 News & Discussion

    I hoped that the new "Red Thunder" Would be a full sized Helicopter but then we got another little mini-build!
  19. UberlegoTV

    [MOC] Anonymous Hacker Wanted Poster

    This is a very nice build man ! Keep up the good work!!
  20. I will for sure be picking up a few of the coffee seller !!
  21. UberlegoTV

    Winter Village: Food stall

    Wow.... this is a really cool MOC that you have made sir! Keep up the good work :D
  22. UberlegoTV

    LEGO Minifigure Series 11 - Island Warrior

    Well then I had some good luck because i got both from a box :D
  23. UberlegoTV

    REVIEW: 30252 Crug's Swamp Jet

    in my eye's this is a "OK" set but I personally wouldn't buy it again..
  24. UberlegoTV

    MOC: Power Miners Vic Viper

    this is a nice moc, i really liked the Power miners sets (Mainly the thunder Driller) and this brings back good memory's :D
  25. UberlegoTV

    HMS Lion

    This is a Awesome boat :D the lion on the front is really funny :P Great build man keep up the good work!