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  1. Brickboy123

    Best way to buy stormtroopers?

    I guess that the most useful way to buy stormtroopers is buying the upcoming "Star Wars Rebels" sets, but still, you can buy with the key chains.
  2. Thx for the thoughts, guys!!!
  3. Brickboy123

    Show Your Army, Navy, and Collection Display

    Nice collection!!! I just have one little question: how did you get so many droids???
  4. Brickboy123

    [MOC] Old Republic Sith Inquisitor Makoban

    WHOA!!! Nice Model!!! I really like the landing pad for the model as well!!! Great job
  5. Brickboy123

    74-z speeder with sidecar

    VERY INDEED a nice idea, my good sir!!! Although, i think you should adjust the turret so that it is a minigun instead of a regular blaster gun. Great job. :D
  6. Hi!!! I made this rebel assault craft by taking all the parts of the rebel snowspeeder from the Star Wars LEGO set 8089 or the Hoth Wampa Cave and ended up thinking i could build something else out of it. AND I DID!!! And it's called the Mynock. Heres some images to show u what it looks like. The mynock was, of course, named for its shape. And at last, heres a back view. Thats it, guys. Hope you enjoyed. Bye!!!
  7. Brickboy123

    Senate Guard Speeder

  8. Hey guys... I'm starting up a new line of custom clones, so what I decided to do was to post one of them on eurobrick for some feedback from you guys to see what you guys think of this. If it's good enough, tell me in the comments. If it needs improvement, again, tell me in the comments. So, here's my test clone, the Lost Clone himself. This clone survived the clone wars, but was thought to be dead on a special mission behind enemy lines. First, he escapes the planet, then, he finds himself going on a starship back to kamino to talk with the kaminoans. Well, then he met some commanders there and then they told him that the rebels were the enemy. That the clone wars were over and a new war has begun. So, they sent him on a mission again, behind enemy lines to assassinate famous rebels. Here's more pics. Here's some side views. He has some battle damage, so he has some smeared parts on his armor. and the last view (don't mind the guy with the toilet plunger and the armor). Alright, that's all for this post. Hope you guys enjoyed.
  9. Good job, soldier. Try to hunt that last rebel down. He'll try to call for reinforcements on the planet. If you do, the ALLIANCE SHALL FAIL
  10. Brickboy123

    SoNE Contest Episode IV: Secrets of the Empire

    Well, I think ur absolutely correct. I shall assassinate the rebel leaders on their ships after the general gives me permission. If I succeed, the rebels will be stranded down there and they will have no chance of backup if we hold the planet.
  11. Sir, I would like to have permission to assassinate the rebel leader, Dom Nomtivek in the far reaches of the galaxy. He is infamous for leading countless victories against our army and has taken the death toll of ours to increase by 5%. May I have your permission sir?
  12. It is most likely that I will choose the Rebels, but I'm kinda leaning towards the empire...
  13. Hey guys... I've started up on a new project called "The Republic Fort on Koptam". I have only built it on Lego Digital Designer because I don't have enough pieces to build the entire MOC, but I will get those eventually. Meanwhile, here's my picture of the twin fort so far. I know, you're probably wondering why there's money all over the place, but that's only because those forts will also hold a BOATLOAD of money. The left part of the fort is the fort that holds the reinforcements for all the battles happening on this planet and the right is the communication center for the Republic. I shall upload the final project near the end of 2014. :D I won't fail you. WOOPS. SORRY 4 MY BAD ENGLISH. THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO BE TITLED "Republic Twin Forts on Koptam" SORRY EVERYONE. HOPE U READ THIS VERSION OF DA TITLE