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  1. frontbeast

    Ninja LEGO

    Thankyou all. Thats what i needed
  2. frontbeast

    Ninja LEGO

    Im sorry, what about the letters??? have you warned me before......
  3. frontbeast

    Is it too late to get into Pirates?

    it is never tooooo late. no matter what. LEg GOdt........proud to be danish
  4. frontbeast

    Ninja LEGO

    thx..... i tryed. couldent figure it out, on the manuals it seems everybody is hunting everybody. so i hope to hear from someone who played with it as it came out.... cause thats when i stoped playing with lego. but here i am again...colecting :)
  5. frontbeast

    Favourite castle set far, i miss it so much, remeber the xmas when i was6 and i got it. when i was ten so kid stole the whole thing... long story, but ive whanted it again ever since...
  6. frontbeast

    Ninja LEGO

    hi got my self lego ninja nr 3052, 6045, 6088..... lucky me, but wundering, the story in this..... a<re allninjas working together. black, red, gray. and whos the old dude with the beard and hat, and are the samurais on the same helmets vs gray.
  7. frontbeast

    Pictorial Review - 6273 - Rock Island Refuge

    awesome review, i love the set. oldies but goodies
  8. frontbeast

    2010 Community Build

    dock area 2 '
  9. frontbeast

    2010 Community Build

    INVALID ENTRY: IT SHOULD ONLY BE 16x32!!! dock area enjoy
  10. frontbeast

    2010 Community Build

    great idea, a dock area for me please
  11. frontbeast


    congratulation. awesome mocĀ“s
  12. frontbeast

    The old prison retires

    thanks....endend up giving up, cause i thought i was a lost cause. thanks to the judges.
  13. frontbeast

    The old prison retires

    i know, but i havent been able to post my moc. couldent find a site to help me i hope the judges are openminded a have a big heart
  14. frontbeast

    The old prison retires

    the kids have found new ways to injoy the gallows.... the tormenting machines has now found use as kitchen accesories. and the before fortified roof top, has been changed to a greenhouse.
  15. frontbeast

    Brickshelf up, down..who knows!

    what to do..... ive been trying for 24 housr to upload my PTVII mocs, and it still says the same....and time is short...anybody