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  1. I have a question, must be the theme only from the original films [1-6], or can I take themes from the EU, or can I build a fictional Star Wars situation? @KimT, Thank you.
  2. DanMov

    Battle of La Haye Sainte [Waterloo 1815]

    Heyho, Thanks for the comments and the praise! @Bonaparte, Unfortunately not yet, but I will visit it. @Kerntechniker, I'm from Baden-W├╝rttemberg near Basel. Sry but I have no Guns for the KGL @Perfectionist, I do not have enough time and maybe not enough bricks available, but I'll try to make it better. @SlyOwl, mhh k I will look to integrate this into the Battle. no on the baseplate is a small outposts @Topic It will come even more soldiers, and a little more action but the time is short. The new images show the position of the French artillery. [WIP] More pictures follow tomorrow!
  3. Heyho, I'm new here, come from Germany and this is my first Post and Moc for the Bayonets at Dawn Contest. Enjoy! It's a szene from the Battle of Waterloo, the fight for La Haye Sainte. The fight shows the attack of French troops against the walled farmhouse. The project is not finished yet, the position of the French artillery is still under construction. More Pictures will follow. Brickshelf MocPages