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  1. Love your model, it looks great and matches the design of the one in the film really well.. After seeing Rogue One, I excitedly went to Lego's website to go and buy the set for this... to discover there wasn't one. Odd as it's got such a unique design.
  2. tomacwhite

    Technic 2017 Set Discussion

    Are the pictures available to view now?
  3. tomacwhite

    Lego Technic 2h 2013

    I wonder if the outriggers/stabilisers on the Crane come out and lower by motor, or if you have to finish them off manually like the Crane Truck. Either way, both of the large sets looks great.
  4. tomacwhite

    Speculations about 2h 2012 sets

    There is a new video on and during the section showing the RC Truck, you can see the B model on the back of the box!!!!
  5. tomacwhite

    Speculations about 2h 2012 sets

    Out of all of the Technic models I've ever owned, I have never had a helicopter. This looks amazing so maybe this is the year! Some more pictures of that would be great, surely the person who shot the 4x4 took some of the chopper too? It looks ace.
  6. tomacwhite

    1984 Technic Booklet

    Wow thanks!! I remember that booklet like it was yesterday too. I used to love the square-shaped normal Lego catalogues too, especially with all the old cool electric train stuff. Super rad!
  7. tomacwhite

    1h 2012 models

    Do we know what the Logging Trucks B-Model is yet?
  8. The image has gone but there is a rough translation now available: With this sturdy car to get everywhere. Give to the toughest terrain and try the realistic four-wheel suspension, which handles all inequalities. Open the hood and check the moving pistons. The car has opening doors and trunk. It can be converted to a modified off-roader. Suspension V6 or V8 engine Doors, hood/bonnet and Tailgate open Oops just realised this has been posted already...
  9. tomacwhite

    Models for 2H of 2011

    Looks awesome! I wonder if the turntable for the crane will be motorised?
  10. I assume its because the B-Model is very similar, so its easy to change between A and B model setup without having to mess around with tubing...
  11. tomacwhite

    8043 Excavator - Lego update

    I got my letter through the post today saying enclosed is my replacement parts to make the arm stronger, and also some extra parts to help the Excavator drive more efficiently. I didn't receive any parts though, I assume because I got the refund but I am still on the mailing list for it.
  12. tomacwhite

    Rumors: 1h 2011 technic sets?

    The image on the box shows that the wheels go up and down, so it does have suspension.
  13. tomacwhite

    Rumors: 1h 2011 technic sets?

    This will be quite a complex set for 1H with that gearbox system, cool :) Steering Suspension 4-Gear transmission with powered Left door, Right Door, Rear Spoiler or Boot/Trunk and Bonnet/Hood V6 or V8 Technic engine Headlights? Can't wait to see the B-Model!
  14. tomacwhite

    Rumors: 1h 2011 technic sets?

    Brilliant (shame its red though) It looks like the headlights light up too?