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    Little building blocks that have dimples on the top, and holes on the bottom


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  1. Congrats to the winners! Too bad mine didn't win. Can we see the vote tally? I want to see how close mine was :-) jojoguy10
  2. (2): 1 point (3): 1 point (4): 1 point (8): 1 point (9): 1 point (10): 1 point (15): 1 point Good luck to all! :)
  3. Oh man! I'm sorry! Thanks for the slide though :P jojoguy10
  4. My project is Final! link jojoguy10
  5. TSATS: Micro Port

    HOLY COW! One motor and 8 functions?!?! AWESOME MAN! :-D
  6. Awesome boat! Too bad LEGO doesn't make a speed control switch. That would be awesome! :-D Good luck! jojoguy10
  7. TSATS: LEGO Falkirk Wheel's an AWESOME work of machinery, mechanics, and engineering! :-D
  8. TSATS: LEGO Falkirk Wheel

    Oh, sorry. I don't know why. Here's a link to my Picasa album: First post updated. Thanks for catching that! :-D
  9. TSATS: LEGO Falkirk Wheel

    Oh, LOL! BIG difference!
  10. TSATS: LEGO Falkirk Wheel

    Hmmmm...maybe, but I wanted to try to stick with the original mechanism. But I see what you mean. I also tried using the speed controller, and that worked....sort of. Sometimes, it would only power ONE of the motors. Too confusing. That's why it's so fast. Plus, I was using M-size motors :-)
  11. TSATS: LEGO Falkirk Wheel need ALL 3 (3 on each tower) to be the same size for the mechanism to work. That way it's always a 1:1 ratio :-)
  12. TSATS: LEGO Falkirk Wheel

    Ya....that was my VERY first idea.....but I don't have SIX of those :-( (I don't even have ONE )
  13. TSATS: LEGO Falkirk Wheel

    I Googled it (best friend!) and came up with this: Is this correct timr?
  14. TSATS: LEGO Falkirk Wheel

    Cool! I, sadly, have never been on it (or even in Scotland for that matter )