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  1. One challenge is I just finished the LDD file and have never built the robot from that file, so I am sure I probably made a few errors. If I use blueprint to build a detailed set of instructions (where I make edits to undo "pins in the air", etc) but then find that I missed a part and have to update the LDD file won't I have to start over again in blueprint? I have a friend building it now via the LDD file so I should know soon if I missed anything. This is the robot I am trying to create better instructions for, it solves 2x2x2 up to 6x6x6 rubiks cubes: https://www.rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-12712/dwalton76/cranecuber/#mocs Agreed, thank you @msx80 blueprint is some cool software. It would be cooler if it were open source but I'm guessing you've been asked about that before :)
  2. Glad to hear the virus is a false alarm :) I gave it a try and it looks pretty cool. My build has 1013 parts split into 9 groups. I found that instructions are doing two odd things: it tends to have a lot of pins floating in midair and then a few steps later it will place a beam around those pins there are a lot of steps where I cannot see the part being placed My gut says I just need to break the build down into more than 9 groups. What is a typical/recommended number of groups to use for a build with ~1000 parts?
  3. From doing some reading here my take on this project is: latest windows download is v26 which was uploaded on May 2017 (per the edit timestamp of the first post) v26 has a virus (see https://bitbucket.org/msx80/blueprint/issues/124/virus-in-blueprint0026zip) the source is closed the project is no longer actively maintained I am not trying to be negative I am trying to figure out if this is something I can use/contribute to, are my bullets above an accurate assessment of the state of things?
  4. I bought one and told my wife to give it to me for x-mas
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    EV3ed 42006 Excavator

    Thanks! As soon as I had the idea I knew that alien from toy story would have to be the picked up :) I went through a couple of different approaches on the multiplexer. The other one I tried was cool because it would let you turn on two outputs at once but it was just too big. http://programmablebrick.blogspot.com/2013/09/lego-technic-two-input-four-output.html
  6. I recently combined an EV3 with a 42006 Excavator to make it fully remote controllabe. I put together a video of it in action: Here is a blog post I did on it with links to the instructions and EV3 code: http://programmablebrick.blogspot.com/2013/09/remote-controlled-ev3-lego-excavator.html It was a lot of fun but figuring out how to build a motor multiplexer small enough to fit in there was tough.