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  1. TrainTrack

    Brickshelf: 7893 as train

    Cool, yeah this looks sleeker, lower down.
  2. TrainTrack

    LEGO Movies

    I was looking at this guy's BTTF delorean, and I decided how amazing it would be to remake a whole movie using LEGO. It would be the exact same movie with the same soundtrack, only LEGO visuals. I think Back To the Future would be real easy to do. The problem is I have not even barely enoguh LEGO, so I was wondering if anyone else would ever do something like this.
  3. TrainTrack

    Somebody already have the train 7898

    Looks fiddely, don't know if anyone "normal" would be able to do this. Anyway, I just don't like this new system non-stop, but if LEGO keeps the adult line, or whatever it's called, going, we might see R.C. level crossings and stuff, with real working lights, just like 12V.
  4. TrainTrack

    Pic Review: 7905 Building Crane

    Yeah, really cool, I requested this like 2 days before so I'm so happy LOL. Anyway, can it lift train coaches. Try a 4561 coach if you have it. I was interested in transporting coaches with the heavy loader and the transfering using this crane.
  5. TrainTrack

    Can't wait for a 7905 pic review

    Hobbes, have you been thinking about picking it up LOL. I really want to see some "real" pics of the set.
  6. TrainTrack

    Pic Review: 7900 Heavy Loader

    The truck looks awesome, way better than in the official pics LEGO took.
  7. TrainTrack

    De-yellowing grey train track with bleach?

    "The Web site cannot be found" :'-( :-P ;-) I thought you hadn't understood the post, until the :-P ;-) :-$
  8. TrainTrack

    European vs. American Train Styles

    Western was another example of a theme that really worked, but LEGO killed too early. This theme needs to be brought back, in fact, LEGO just need to pick up any catalogue from 1990-1999 and copy what they had their.
  9. TrainTrack

    European vs. American Train Styles

    European deffo. The thing is, the American trains lack character, it's just a hunk of metal to pull lots of freight IMO. Wheras sets, like the new ones, look kind of quirky. The ICE style one is super cool, and the net green freght one is establishing that LEGO wants to get back to the way it was.
  10. TrainTrack

    Have a Lego Cookie

    Four words, I am the cookie monster X-O
  11. TrainTrack

    Train News

    Welcome to the baords. I started a thread, quite recently, asking the same question, only I said, why can't be just attach a 9V motor, instead of the same bogie with a battery pack attached. Unfortunately, we don't even know the look of the motor, we have been promised a lot mre information in August.
  12. TrainTrack

    The Future of the 9V System

    O.K., now, get this site passed about all other forums you know with LEGO fans on it, and we might be onto stopping LEGO from making huge mistake.
  13. TrainTrack

    Lego Magazine Poster

    ^^^ I had a fear of not recieving one of the magazines, but they all turned up, maybe your membership expired whilst the series was being sent out. Yeah, the beast thing about it "Sting", is that I have two of these giant posters, because my little brother recieves the magazine also. So every poster I've got, I have spare in case someting happens. Yeah, I can't wait for this years, as you've seen from the first post, it looks like the train system will have some really nice shots like the Construction sets from the 4 part poster. I will alert you guys with a new thread when this years collection is over. *sweet*
  14. TrainTrack

    The Future of the 9V System

    I don't think we can really comment on what LEGO will do with the current system, that is what they are trying to say. Nothing is certain yet, so lets not jump to the conclusion that we are al going to need to stock up or anything like that.
  15. TrainTrack

    Please LEGO, more random city objects.

    Sorry, I'm relatively new, so I don't really know what has/hasn't been brought up, delete this thread.