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  1. Burf2000

    LEGO 75885 : Ford Fiesta M-Sport WRC

    Thanks mate, you are sooo right, damn my dyslexic-ness
  2. I was really lucky for Ford UK to send me this set early to review, it comes out 1st of March, cost £12.99 $14.99 and has 203 parts
  3. I actually want the eyes to change colour but switching modes on the sensor is slow, need to find a different way to do it Also, what would people suggest about the base of the robot / legs, to me its poo! Would people box it up?
  4. It was a bit wobbly, on Sunday I stopped moving it about so much. However remember its 5 foot tall, the fact it never snapped is beyond me :) It could also move a lot faster on the floor but that caused even more wobbly I plan to do another video on what worked and what did not, the lower body (e.g the wobbly bit) was the bit I was most unhappy with. The arms and head worked perfectly :) I would like a rotating torso next :)
  5. I made one women nearly scream as she never knew it moved and then it suddenly looked at her, people where really impressed with how fast its head / arms moved
  6. So I managed to get version 0.1 working for a LEGO Charity show called Bricktastic. It went down really really well. Videoed this when no one was about
  7. Did some more work, its now looking like (sorry its a bit dark) The show is tomorrow!
  8. Yeah, so I use them to make the arms move fast :)
  9. The EV3 Bricks are required to counterbalance the arms
  10. So thanks for the feedback, here is the latest update
  11. Here is how the head is looking
  12. I have one of them, its kinda works