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    [MOC] Medieval Tavern (finished)

    I love your MOC! The windows and the details inside and outside the house look really good. The only criticism I have is the top part of the wall, I think you can make it look as beautiful as the first- and second floor walls.
  2. This is my first entry for the Age of Mitgardia freebuild challenge After William, Maxime and Alexander walked trough the woods of Mitgardia for a few days, they decided that it was time to search for a place where they could rest. They were exhausted and needed sleep and food. They found a river full of fish and now they just had to find a safe place to rest. There was a big rock a few meters from the river and after finding out that there was a hollow space underneath it, they decided that this would be their home for the next couple of days. William climbed on top of the rock and had an amazing view. He could see that they were not far away from a little village, because he saw smoke coming up above the hills, but for now, they're too tired to travel further. William stayed on top of the naturally shaped tower to watch out for any hunters or dangerous animals. William Bright on top of the rock The hollow space underneath the rock, covered with leaves to protect them from unwanted visitors. Without the minifig. I'm a newbie to building MOC's and the small amount of bricks I have doesn't really compensate that but I hope that, with your C&C and these phase builds, I keep getting better at it. So, I would really appreciate any C&C from you guys Thanks for viewing.
  3. Thanks all! I'll start building my phase 2 tower, I hope you'll like it. @gunman: I'm planning to make a BL order soon, but I just have to find out which pieces I need and at which store I should buy them... Hard to find a Dutch BL store with (almost) all the pieces I want! I may have to buy them from a German store or something.
  4. Dutchy

    Age of Mitgardia (free-build-challenge)

    Tower phase one
  5. Dutchy

    Arrival at Vanguard

    I like your build! Especially the shape of the gate and the wall. I think that using 1 x 1 round plates is the most beautiful way to make water. I would also like to use this technique in my future MOC's but I have no idea how many I should order. Do you have any idea how many you've used in your build? Thanks.
  6. Dutchy

    Age of Mitgardia (free-build-challenge)

    So, if you've earned a title, will other people be able to see it? (Excluding in this topic)
  7. @Gunman Thanks! I do own a few yellow flags, I will use those in the future
  8. William Bright packed his things and moved in to Mitgardia! (I'm sorry that there's no green flag in the picture, but I'll add it to my next bricklink order) William Bright is the brother of Maxime and Alexander Bright. These 3 brothers have lived together for their whole life and now that they've passed the Mitgardian border, they decided that they had to earn some money. They established the Mitgardian Assassins. This was an obvious decision because they're really good with almost any kind of weapon and they commonly robbed stores and people when they were younger. The Mitgardian citizens don't have to be scared of them, as long as they pay them. (Maxime and Alexander will be introduced in some MOC's I'm planning to make)
  9. Dutchy

    [MOC] Wizard Fight

    The battle between good and evil is being fought again! A peaceful wizard, minding his own business, is begin attacked by this... monster! A man full of evilness and jealousy... After the 'good' wizard slept with his wife, who was tired of her man constantly being busy with potions and magic, he wants to take revenge on him! Overall MOC MOC with blue sky background MOC in bird's eye view This is my first ''MOC'' uploaded to Eurobricks. I know it's nothing special but I just had to post this as it looks a fun build to me C&C is always welcome.
  10. Thanks! The reason I use castle minifigs is that those are the only minifigs I own. I can buy some pieces for my sig fig but I would like to make a small army and I want them to wear the same clothes. Maybe I'll find some pieces in my old non-Castle Lego box.
  11. Two questions: Is it necessary to use green/yellow in a sigfig? This is a problem because the only minifig parts I have are from the Castle: Fantasy Era sets. And am I allowed to introduce a large group of characters in Mitgardia? (About 10 who form a group of Mitgardian mercenaries, using minifig parts from the Fantasy Era sets.)
  12. Dutchy

    Nordana Castle

    I think this is the most beautiful, and biggest castle MOC I've ever seen... It's almost exactly how I would build it, if I had the talent and huge amount of bricks you have! What are the dimensions of the MOC?
  13. Dutchy

    Valyrian Trade

    Nice MOC! I especially love the boat and the fishing rod. Now I know for sure that I have to buy some transparent blue 1 x 1 plates!
  14. Dutchy

    (MOC) Highlander

    Great MOC, more pics please!
  15. Dutchy


    I had the same problem a few weeks ago, but I chose Mitgardia because I really wanted to participate in the AoM stuff... As soon as I have access to my Lego again (I just moved in to an other house) I'll post my sigfig and background story.
  16. Dutchy

    MOC: Don't mess with the troll

    I like your MOC. Great foliage and I would choose the exact same bricks and colour for a swamp, instead of the non-transparant lightgreen bricks I often see. Good job on the overhanging rock on top of the cave. Though, I don't really like the studded rockwork on the second picture, on the left side of the cave. Nice to see that the troll also eats a healty carrot instead of little children and pigs!
  17. Dutchy

    Northland Artillery Heerbann

    Same as with your previous artillery builds, I like it! And also, same as with your previous artillery builds, I would like to see the pieces attached. (I assume you made that possible with the technic hole brick things) How did you make the poles of the palisade lean without letting them drop? (<- This sentence probably sounds dumb but as a Dutch person I had no idea how to say this ) Edit: Forget about the question, I already found the answer in German on the linked website
  18. Dutchy

    [Moc] Elven Valley

    The first castle-like elven tower I've seen and it looks awesome! I'm also a fan of the rockwork. Most of the times I hate the colour etc. of waterfalls but this one fits right in.
  19. Dutchy

    Nordana Castle, Gatehouse

    I love this! I like that the castle and it's environment look so calm, instead of the dark / chaotic / battle scene builds I often see... Jesperallen's idea of holes under the gate is also looking good.
  20. Dutchy

    Age of Mitgardia (free-build-challenge)

    Soo... Do I have to post phase 1, wait till it passes and then build phase 2? Or should I build the 3 phases in one go?
  21. @Kabel and others: Thanks for the quick response, I'll check it out.
  22. Well, than lets do that. I've been seeing these ''phase'' MOC's for a while now and I was wondering if these support Mitgardia and if I can just begin building one? Am I free to come up with an idea like; Store / Farm / Archery / Barracks etc. or are there limited categories in building these? Also, where should I post them, and do I have to announce them before posting it (because of an entry limit or something)? Are there guidelines for building them (What material should I use for which phase etc)? Thanks!
  23. Would like to join Mitgardia, yet I have some questions about MOCing for Mitgardia. Where should I ask those?
  24. Dutchy

    Expand the Winter Village Contest IV - Winners!

    Congratulations to all winners and thanks to the people who organised this competition!
  25. 18. Bricknave - 1 20. Gazumpty - 2 48. Rodiziorobs - 2