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  1. No they don't. We had something like this in a local toy shop about 5 years ago. Fixed price for a bag. I got in fairly early & grabbed a load of 8*16 dark grey base plates & 6*10 yellow plates. A week later, the box was full of all those 'right hand' only wing plates / compound curves (like on new A wing) and other obscure pieces. Jof
  2. Better late than never: I can recommend the fireworks - they are quite good, as long as its not tipping it down with rain. Pick a brick is not that great & is very over priced in my opinion (£4.50 per 100g) Contents can be variable too. Occasionally get some interesting parts, but not often - mostly standard bricks that are cheaper to get from creator sets. We don't have the discount 'Tent' that we used to have, however we have a discount outlet in the building at the top by Lego Racers. There have been a few good items in there (a couple of which I regretted not getting when I saw them), but nothing of any note for at least the past 3 months. I think the good stuff tends to be the outgoing sets left over from last year & best stuff is gone within a couple of weeks of spring opening. Sometimes they sell off a cheap version of pick a brick, but gone are the glory days of the 'discount tent £1 per 100g random bags. It seems to be priced at £2.70 per 100g and looks like its just a couple of buckets of left over stuff.
  3. I spotted this in the local press I have on its authenticity, but I thought someone on here may be interested
  4. jof

    7898 Cargo Train Deluxe Variation

    I got a plain one. Maybe it depends on your location. IMHO flat sided is more authentic for Europe.
  5. jof

    7784 The Batmobile, UCS

    I picked this up really cheap on clearance (£25 I think) I only bought it because it was so cheap. It took quite a while to build. What to do with it, well its BIG & doesn't really fit with anything else so I am afraid its parts only. Saying that it did boost my black parts by about 30% If you wanted black bits & gold technic wheels, you are probably too late Jof
  6. jof

    What are your projects ??

    Since we are reviving an old thread, then maybe its time to think about raiding my daughters bellville & make something else in big scale again. It will be a change from making Indiana Jones scenery with my 6yr old. Jof
  7. Here are my comments on legoland windsor shops (historical & current from season ticket holder standpoint) Main (big shop) is no different to any other large toy shop - standard current sets, minimal special offers. Be warned that if you go in autumn (end of season) popular sets will be out of stock. Historically its now being diluted with non lego merchandise since the park was sold to Merlin. Pick a brick is horribly over priced - don't bother. It has also changed its location quite regularly in the park history. Discount outlet have varied greatly. I have had some great bargins in the last 7 years or so, but also had a lot of disappointment. It seems to be a case of being in the right place at the right time. Most of the time there is very little there, or naff sets with insufficient discount to but. Discount outlet location has also varied a lot, we have had marquees outside entrace, then down by the diggers. Now its in the creation centre when the rocket racers shop used to be. It had some 1/2 price mission mars bases a few weeks ago, but I missed the boat & they sold out over easter holidays. Not much in there as of last weekend. They have discounted pick a brick, but its £2.70 per 100g & thats not really acceptable when I know they were used in the autumn space building competition & that the previous years discount shop sold at £1 per 100g & had assorted surplus bags of bricks from various sets. In the past I have had some good stuff 1/2 price, like: Belleville ice palace (christmas shopping offer special that one way back in 2003 or something) Red Barron & Sopwith Camel. Big American diesel train (can't remember what its called) & carriages (luggage/post) - remember that one - thats when we did eurobricks event at windsor Random bags - santa from advent calendar & multiple 6*16 gray plates, some scorpion castle minifigs at £1 per 100g Sentai fortress (OK I have seen it cheaper since, but it pleased my son at christmas) I was considering not renewing families anual passes this year, but they had a special offer on that bought the prices to an acceptable level. Jof
  8. The brickish also do an annual event at legoland windsor (or at least they have for the past few years) Usually at the 'club weekend' I think. They have some good stuff & I am not sure if they are brave or foolhardy - allowing the general public access to their prized possesions. (well more specifically having rare pieces under constant threat from small kids) Jof
  9. jof

    Happy Halloween! The contest!

    Its kind of small, but so was its creator! I can't take the credit, it was my 9yr old daughter that made it & she won't let me take it apart & make my own version, lol Jof
  10. jof

    Town palace

    Ah, the fantastic 1*4*5 double doors. I am so glad that I have one set, yet so disappointed the latest windows/doors pack didn't have any of them Its exactly the sort of thing I build with my daughter, even to the arches to support the floors. Our last creation was a hospital, lol. Jof
  11. jof

    Happy Halloween Entries !

    OK, here is my daughters entry. It kept her busy for a while I will try & get a better picture when its daytime as my webcam isn't that good in low light OK, here is a better picture: Jof
  12. jof


    It wasn't evacuated when I was there on monday, but then it was miserable & raining. There were not many people there & we left by 1:30pm to be back to collect older kids from school It wasn't me Honest Not quite true. You can drive the old 9V motors via the power takeoff that is used to power lamps. People do this with their RCX's. You would however need an rc 'battery pack' or come to that an old 9V techinc battery pack will do the job if you don't mind on/off switch on the top of the train & being limited to stop & go. I switched the old/new 9v motors to test it on my son's rc cargo train
  13. jof

    The Ruby Runner

    Great. Now what we need is for tlc to do some big logo wheels for the rest of us mere mortals Jof
  14. Well we had the best of the Windsor discount tent with last years trip. This year it has only had 'spare bags' of stuff in (althought it was only