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  1. How are you doing?

    1. Classic_Spaceman


      I am OK - I have just not been sleeping well for the past week. 😕

    2. Duvors


      That's okay, I have times like that too. You've been rather quiet for some time and I was getting a little worried about you.

  2. Duvors

    [MOC] The Robots

    Nice! The little ones are especially adorable.
  3. Duvors

    MOC: Asteroid Bar and Fuel

    This is pretty amazing. And I agree with MKJoshA, I'd love to see more pictures!
  4. Duvors

    Science-Fantasy Figbarf (Heroica 2.0)

    Thank you! I've had that helmet for ages and couldn't help using it.
  5. Duvors

    [MOC] Haunting in Brickwood

    Beautiful, the landscaping is especially eye-catching.
  6. Duvors

    Cell Block Four

  7. Duvors

    Space Police 2 Parking Enforcer

    Nice. I really should spend more time on this side of the forums.
  8. Sorry about the spoiler, can't get rid of it.
  9. @KotZ @Peppermint_M @CMP @Chromeknight @Faladrin @pombe @Zepher This is just to draw the attention of a few people who have previously expressed interest in the project and been active (relatively) recently; we're doing our brainstorming on Discord now. If you're interested in involving yourself you can PM WBD.
  10. @Waterbrick Down @Kintobor @Classic_Spaceman @Goliath @samurai-turtle Right then, do we want to do this? (For those who haven't been following the discussion 'this' is setting up a discord channel for lore and rules development.)
  11. @The Legonater That sounds excellent, especially as it would be easier for more people to involve themselves in the project. My only question is if it's possible to have private channels, as the PM we're currently using has started diving into setting secrets that we might not want to reveal to everyone.
  12. I'd say that currency counts as equipment. I don't know about unique items, as this game doesn't use the 'suitable for' format to begin with.
  13. I second what WBD said, but I decided to explicitly spell out that someone could choose to simply make the same character again.
  14. No. It means the player can choose between keeping their current character or making a new one. They keep all their points either way. @Classic_Spaceman