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  1. 50215205492_2913ed752c_c.jpg

    A Peculiar Estalagem da D. Gertrudes 1 by Luis Baixinho, on Flickr

    After the Mars Rover I was planning to build a fantastic/medieval MOC. Due to the lack of parts, I postponed this project and went ahead with this one. The idea was even to make a small inn of an unusual shape on an island. The main inspiration of the idea (and not the construction itself, since the result was to be quite different) came from a Miyasaki film, Porco Rosso. I liked the concept of "house-island" so much that I intend to return to the topic briefly.


    A Peculiar Estalagem da D. Gertrudes 2 by Luis Baixinho, on Flickr

    The construction process was quite linear as I was not interested in abusing with advanced techniques. I wanted attention to focus on the MOC itself and not the way I did it. I was building over several days without any great hurry and, amazingly, I just had to make a big change that led me to "split in half" the MOC to replace a part. Most of the details came naturally, always with some care so as not to break the apparent peace of the place and preserve a timeless air.


    A Peculiar Estalagem da D. Gertrudes 3 by Luis Baixinho, on Flickr


    A Peculiar Estalagem da D. Gertrudes 4 by Luis Baixinho, on Flickr


    ps. I don't know if this is the best board for this MOC, since the era is historical but not defined. The Moderators can change it if you feel better.

  2. On 7/24/2020 at 6:50 PM, ExplorienVagabond said:

    That's fantastic. This line/theme is what got me back into Lego.


    35 minutes ago, sander1992 said:

    That is awesome!

    great use of the canopy! :thumbup:

    Thank you both :)

  3. Build something Martian?
    Humm, I had never thought about it. But it is still an interesting suggestion.
    Mainly because it could go in unconventional ways, something like the Bradbury's Martian Chronicles.

  4. In the meantime I made a short video (in portuguese) explaining the features of MOC: 

    11 hours ago, LEGO Train 12 Volts said:

    Not too complex but of great visual impact! :wub:

    Lovely MOC! :thumbup:

    Thank you,

  5. 7 hours ago, SNIPE said:

    Never saw one of that. Seems very interesting, thank you.


    1 hour ago, RosehipDeity said:

    This is definitely a better use of the cockpit piece from the most recent space shuttle set, and there are so many fine details for a surprisingly small build. Are you planning on doing more mars-based builds?

    Thank you. The cockpit part appears in this set: 60225: Rover Testing Drive

    I definitely want to do more MOCs on this theme (I even have several Vitruvian tiles), however at this moment I don't have anything planned.

  6. 1 hour ago, SNIPE said:

    I belive there is a duplo tyre with the same tread pattern that fits over any round 4x4 brick/rim.

    but anyhow, nice model.

    Thank you.
    Can you give me the bricklink ref? I'm curious with this tyre.

  7. 53 minutes ago, azog said:

    That is a really nice build! I love how you used that cockpit piece :blush:

    Vehicles like this is what I wish Lego would produce in their sets instead of the oversized rovers we have been getting.

    Thank you.

    The cockpit and an image from a boardgame (here) was the main starting points of this MOC. Normally I build small things, maybe because i loved to play LEGO in the 80s :D

    23 minutes ago, Farseer Petriel said:

    I like this rover! It combines some old Life on Mars feel with modern details.

    And thumbs up for the Vitruvian Minifigure!

    Life on Mars was one of my first loved themes after my dark ages. I'm trying build some vehicles and structures with the Vitruvian logo.

    Thank you.

  8. Thanks for the comments.

    The star wars in me says that the cloaked figure is a Jedi knight entering an abandoned monastery. Probably just me. Excellent build, just lovely to look at. Very well done LBaixinho.

    Wow, great story :)

    Very nice, this would fit right into Guilds of Historica!

    No one would probably complain if you joined Kaliphlin and cross-posted creations like this one there :wink:

    I will read the rules to know how can I do that.