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    0937 em Viana

    The Community 0937 (Portuguese LUG) will do a event with club meeting and public exhibition in the first weekend of September. More info in the event's web page.
  2. LBaixinho

    0937 em Viana

    Here is some pictures of the event: The Taj Mahal was present on the event. So you can see some pics of the building here: The review in portuguese is here:,4437.0.html
  3. LBaixinho

    Agents Mission 5 alarm sound

    You can use Bricklink to listen some LEGO sounds: Link
  4. LBaixinho

    New modular building?

    I think that he refers this Just a alternative building of the CC. (ops, didn't saw the other reply. Please delete the post)
  5. LBaixinho

    greats from Brasil

  6. LBaixinho

    MOC: Falco II

    This is my last MOC. Is a hydroplane inspired on the original Falco that appears on the Conan, The Future Boy, a anime TV series from the 70s. The main reason to do this adaptation was the general shape of the original, the front door and the bubble windows on the front. After that I made some modifications, for example the tail because I don't like the original. You can see all the images in this BS folder. Comments are welcome :)
  7. LBaixinho

    Awesome member on Brickshelf!

    If I remember correctly, at least the 8115 and the 8118. links:
  8. LBaixinho

    Awesome member on Brickshelf!

    Yes, all great works :) The real name of Nabii is Mark Stafford and actually he works for LEGO as a LEGO Designer. Two of the 2008 Exo-Force sets are designed by him.
  9. LBaixinho

    Where did this come from?

    Is from a set from the 4 Juniors theme: Link
  10. LBaixinho

    Portuguese flags for your creations!

    Normally I don't create Pirate MOCs. I have a few ( that are already on the classic-pirate lists. I linked this to the portuguese forum ( and they had received the idea very well :) Rupi is also a portuguese guy that have some pirate creations and normally use Eurobricks.
  11. LBaixinho

    Portuguese flags for your creations!

    Thanks for your cool work :)
  12. LBaixinho

    Release Date of 2008 Sets

    The sets doesn't appear at same time on every countries. Some themes appears first on some countries and after on another's, and vice-versa. For example, the yellow creator house in Portugal only will appear on March, with some Indiana sets. There are some themes even don't appear on some countries. For example, the Impulse series will be an exclusive in Portugal and don't appear on retail catalogs. This always happens, but seems that 2008 will be more pronounced.
  13. LBaixinho

    Legoworld 2007

    Hi This event was very very nice. We have fun on all the days. One of the greatest things was to meet AFOLs from several countries and see good MOCs. Seven days breathing LEGO Bricks :D Thanks for the advice, we visited Zwolle (the city), is a very cool type of city. Strange for us from Portugal :D We can't go to Amsterdam :(, maybe next year :D
  14. LBaixinho

    Legoworld 2007

    I'm staying in Holland from 17 to 23 of October. But we are planning in visit Amsterdam one or two days, but I don't know which days :(
  15. LBaixinho

    Wake of Destiny free LEGO Pirate MMO

    The link didn't work. "t" out of place :)
  16. LBaixinho

    Legoworld 2007

    Thanks err, Heavy Water is a T
  17. LBaixinho

    Legoworld 2007

    I'm going with my wife and show some of our mocs. Torre de Belem and Heavy Water. If everything fits in the luggage... :)
  18. LBaixinho

    Legoworld 2007

    Me! :D
  19. LBaixinho

    Men O' War localization project

    Is a great idea, I'll pass the message on Forum 0937 to see if anyone wants to do a portuguese version :)
  20. LBaixinho

    Lego set numbers

    I dind't forgot. I said that exist other themes *sweet*
  21. LBaixinho

    Lego set numbers

    I think that exists just an exception to this, the Mars Mission theme *sweet*
  22. LBaixinho

    Lego set numbers

    Actually i don't know if exist a logic to the number. But on 80s and 90s was some logic. 1??? was for promotional sets 45?? was for 9v trains 60?? was for castle 62?? was for pirates 68?? and 69?? was for space and so many others themes. But even there are some excpetions.
  23. LBaixinho

    Happy Birthday LBaixinho and Aaron Morse!

    Thank you guys, and happy birth to you, Aaron :)
  24. LBaixinho

    Best Brickshelf folders

    Humm strange, i don't remember of having empty folders... let me see. and sorry for the confusion of folders... :-$
  25. LBaixinho

    Best Brickshelf folders

    :) Yes, we are married *wub* And thanks for the preference :)