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  1. A giant medieval layout was displayed in the 2nd TOMARLEGO, held between 11 and 14 June, 2009, and hosted by Comunidade 0937 (Portugal). This layout was a joint creation of 10 community members and had several zones, including a battlefield, a medieval town, farmland, rivers, forests, and a lot more! The layout comprised 88 large gray baseplates, 4 deep by 22 long; this means a continuous display of 5' by 28'. Participants of this display, under Bacvs coordination: alex, eurobot, evildead, lbaixinho, lumiosa, marcosbessa, naneto, tânia and ztp Below are some photos: Below are some links for the entire event: BlueBlock Rupi Biczzz IcePick José Carlos Carvalho zeus noro The Gamer
  2. LBaixinho

    Medieval Layout on 2ºTOMARLEGO

    Bacvs was the one that organize all this display (Tânia was the manager of the entire event). We started back on November with a draft/blue-print that showed the main areas of the layout. The town, the battle, the river, the forest and so on. Then the members choosed some "modules/48x48 baseplates" on that draft and begun to build. We had a private board at our forum (like all the others displays*) to arranjed connections points between neighbors and discuss ideas/styles and so on. *This was very funny, because only members who worked in each display knowed what where being made in those displays. For example, most of our members never knew, until the event, the size of the medieval display or that pirates displays had water :) Ok, sorry. Thanks for fixing it.
  3. LBaixinho

    Medieval Layout on 2ºTOMARLEGO

    Thanks for the comment. I saw some people watching and taking pics for more than an half a hour only at this display. Here are some pics that show the entire display for one side.
  4. LBaixinho

    Medieval Layout on 2ºTOMARLEGO

    Thank you ?? But as far I know all the parts in there are LEGO! Can you point me the creature that isn't LEGO, please?
  5. LBaixinho

    Pirate display in 2ndTomarLego

    Yeps. Maybe next year. This year we don't have all the parts necessary to build the bottom of the sea
  6. LBaixinho

    Review 5969 Squidman Escape

    When the videos were made, the creators already were LEGO Designers. These videos were created because of this initiative:
  7. LBaixinho

    Some MOCs (starships & stuff) - pic heavy!

    I love the first two spacecrafts. First, you don't use any special technique to make them appear good. Second, I like the way you did they asymmetrical but without been to much. On the second one, I like if the rooms are connected. But the exterior are amazing! Congratulations and I will be interested in your next works! ps. I think that they deserve better pics :)
  8. LBaixinho

    MOC: Forte Branco

    arghhh spanish no... I'm Portuguese
  9. LBaixinho

    MOC: Forte Branco

    71b I made this fortress for the next event of my community, the 2nd Tomarlego. It will be part of a larger layout made with my friends of the Comunidade 0937. More pics at this BrickShelf folder and at this MOCPages page.
  10. LBaixinho

    MOC: Forte Branco

    Yes, we are working fot that
  11. LBaixinho

    MOC: Forte Branco

    The interiors walls have doors, except one. But you are right, maybe if I put more details in the interior space, it will look bigger. At my region (north of Portugal) we have a few of this type of forts on the shoreline. On the great rivers, the forts are bigger.
  12. LBaixinho

    MOC: Forte Branco

    Not for this event. Maybe for the next year. I agree that the fortress have to be larger to be more realistic. But I had to do a bit small to don't be very large in relation to other buildings of the display.
  13. LBaixinho

    MOC: Forte Branco

    Thank you for the comments My first versions was a bit like you said. The problem is the scale with the others objects at the display. This is a cool idea. But to do this I have to diminish the thickness of the walls.. and I don't know if this works well.
  14. LBaixinho

    MOC: Forte Branco

    Is a ldraw file. You have to save it and then open with MLCad. But here is an image:
  15. LBaixinho

    MOC: Forte Branco

    I uploaded a small ldraw file with the way I made the sloped walls. Link. On the file they don't connected to well but with real brick they work fine.
  16. LBaixinho

    MOC: Forte Branco

    First of all, thank you for the comments. I live near (2 km) of two fortress like this. Forte do Cão e Forte da Lagarteira. And 10 km from the "Forte da Ínsua" They had been my starting point to this project. The white color was chosen because of the others works on the display. Most of the LEGO Pirates buildings are white, so... :) The inclined walls were made that way because that is more simple and cheaper than use only slopes 75º. And I like the brick 1x2 effect :) Later I will post a ldraw file to show how I made the inclined walls. Is quite simple but will remain here to help who need it.
  17. You can always look at brickset: 10176 I'm surprised by still being sold...
  18. LBaixinho

    Hello from Brazil!

    Welcome Negrelli
  19. LBaixinho

    Space Police 2009!

    Space Police don't appear on the Iberian resellers catalogues. As you said, maybe will appear on the TRU stores.
  20. LBaixinho

    Space Police 2009!

    Add Portugal and Spain on the list :) By the way, but IR and UK can always get the sets by shop@home?
  21. LBaixinho

    The 2009 Pirate LEGO

    I don't have yet the european shop@home prices, but I believe that would be these: 6239 5,99 6240 9,99 6241 19,99 6242 49,99 6243 89,99 or 99,99
  22. LBaixinho Needs You!

    First I have to give the congratulations for the job at the blog. I like to use it because I don't follow every posts here at Eurobricks. So is as simple way of keep a notion what are talked here. Of course the most important and related with trains and town :). So normally i don't comment because I prefer to do it in my mother tongue (portuguese) at my LUG forum.
  23. LBaixinho

    MOC: Go Downhill Miniman Go

    Seems the 58846 in dark bley
  24. LBaixinho

    Cathedral st-Macario: a Brickshelf find

    Yes. The photograph was taken in an event of community 0937 (Portuguese LUG).
  25. LBaixinho

    First detailed pics of the Taj Mahal

    :) The pictures are mine and from my wife Tânia (she continues as a LEGO Ambassador ) We make the Taj Mahal european presentation on our event in Viana do Castelo, last weekend. You can get more pics and info in this eurobricks topic. There are six blue baseplates 6 16x32.. not the 32x32 :(