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    [MOC] Through the swamps of Graan

    Through the Swamps of Grann (1) by Luis Baixinho, on Flickr This is a small display that I made for an exhibition of my LUG, Comunidade 0937. This scene belongs to a fantasy world/theme that I already use a few years ago, OutroMundo (you can know more at this page: Through the swamps of Graan (2) by Luis Baixinho, on Flickr Just the landscape is that it is new, all the vehicles are old MOCs. A1b - Escort Zeppelin L17 - Hexapode Carrier L14 - M-Mule A9 - Phalanx
  2. LBaixinho

    Steampunk Airship - Wyvern's Breath

    Very cool and steamish :) I like the engines and the blades on the propellers. The big black ones seems something odd, maybe because the thin support. Do you have more steampunk works?
  3. LBaixinho

    Middle Earth Contest Voting Topic

    Category A: #1 #3 Category B: #2 #4 Category C: #2 #4
  4. Only the revolver fits in the violin case.
  5. My english is very poor.. so some new images :) This is the bottom of the Pie. The gun inside the violin case. It fits very well. The violin case is "difficult" to open because the double "locks". There are some slightly differences between this gun and a old one that I have (in the old dark grey color). If you need some other photographs, please notice me in this topic.
  6. As I said before, the gun fits inside the violin case.
  7. The gun that cames with the gangster fit in it. As I said before, I don't have the sure that all the minifigs cames from a box.
  8. Not being sure if they gave us an entire box. The bags were distributed by members of the Community 0937, we are currently doing a tracking and distribution is: The Royal Guard (*****) The Eskimo (***) The Boxer (***) The Fitness Trainer (**) The Gladiator (**) The Gangster (***) The Snowboarder (***) The Dwarf (**) The Zookeeper (***) The Pie Clown (****) The Detective (***) The Lumberjack (***) The Cavewoman (***) The Dinosaur Suit Guy (****) The Graduate (***) Cleopatra (***) (49/60)
  9. The boxer's head is doubled sided; the zookeeper's head is reddish brown; the magnifying glass is in dark bluish grey. Humm, the cream pie it's a single element with the cream painted. Also the botton isn't flat. Have a tube to put a stud, like the botton of a round brick 1x1. I have to compare the colors with others parts. Bright green. The cavegirl's hair is made of a material like the series four scientist, rubber; Yes, the gloves are attached like the original hands. You can remove like the hands (the part of the element that goes inside de arm is equal);
  10. Sorry, but yesterday i didn't have the time to do the answers. About how I can get the minifigs, isn't secret. Jan presented the minifigs and the new 8110 unimog at Arte em Peças (a Comunidade 0937 event)
  11. I have some answers for the questions that appears with the images (here and in the comments in the flickr). Tonight (GMT) I'll answer the flickr comments and, if I have time, the questions here too.
  12. The "Comunidade 0937" portuguese LUG is running the 2nd Arte em Peças event at Portugal. Jan Beyer came with the new Unimog and the Minifigs Series 5. We will put the images of this sets and of the event at our flickr's photostream: By now we only put the minifigs images. Later we will put the Unimog images. edit:
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    2nd Arte em Peças - Portugal

    We put the images (197..) of the 8110 Unimog building in our flickr account:
  14. LBaixinho

    MOC: L17 - Hexapode Carrier

    L17 - Hexapode Carrier is a multi-function ground vehicle used by Army of the Air. The first units were built in 2872 and were mainly used during the war between the Army of the Air and the City of Graan. There are several versions of this vehicle, but most units were produced version of the Carrier. This version was to function as a basis for launching and mobile collection A9 - Phalanx Ornithopter units. From 2874 could also house A6 - Firefly units. The operation of the legs is provided by a large steam boiler. Virtually all other machinery are carried out by combustion engines. As for size, the L17 has 65 studs long, 30 studs wide and 35 bricks high. The L17 has several floors. The bottom contains the control room, the room of the commander, outpost, front, multi-purpose space, the boiler and the main workshop for the L14 - M. Mule. The middle floor includes the two cannons in front, landing area / launch of A9, crane, workshop and hangar with rear gun. The upper floor placed on top of the hangar containing the outpost. The basic crew consists of one commander, two thrusters, three pilots, two mechanics and 5 soldiers with various functions (from the marula tree mechanic helpers). The defense was provided by three guns and several points for repeating rifles. The use of A9 and A6 assist in air superiority. It is common to be a A31 - Escort Zeppelin in the vicinity of an L17. A L17 - Hexapode Carrier can carry a normal L14 - M. Mule, three A9 - Phalanx and two A6 - Firefly. OutroMundo Wikipedia entry (with links to other articles). Set gallery at Flickr.
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    MOC: L17 - Hexapode Carrier

    Thanks for the comments! :)
  16. LBaixinho

    Lego Augmented Reality

    You can try it at the LEGO Atlantis webpage:
  17. LBaixinho

    The Big Bang Theory

    Very cool, you got it! I loved the faces, hairs, shirts.. everything :D
  18. LBaixinho

    MOC: Tempestas Volatilis

    Vehicle of the XVIII DD century, was built primarily to actions of piracy and to attack other flying vessels. In the age of Gas Calx declining, Tempestas Volatilis was converted into a smuggling vehicle, exploiting the characteristics of great power of speed and maneuver. More info and pictures at this MOCPages page.
  19. LBaixinho

    MOC: Tempestas Volatilis

    No. My intention was made a sailing boat.
  20. LBaixinho

    MOC: Tempestas Volatilis

    Thanks for the comments! Yes, The top of "castle" at the rear is a bit.. simple. Was the last part that I made and I was a little hurry because of the end of the contest :)
  21. LBaixinho

    Differences Between 6285 and 10040

    As far I know, both european version of the sets had shooting cannons. You can view the entire list of parts on the bricklink:
  22. LBaixinho

    MOC: Tempestas Volatilis

    Thanks you for the comments :)
  23. LBaixinho


    Very cool creation. I like all the details and the multi-level of the houses. You get the feeling of this type of harbours, congrats!
  24. LBaixinho

    Hello from Portugal

    We had an event on Tomar last June and appear on TV (RTP1 and TVI) and some newspapers. Last month (July) we had members that were interviewed on all three national channels (RTP1, SIC and TVI) :) Ok :D We are always curious about new MOCs and news about LEGO :D (se precisares de alguma coisa, avisa :D)
  25. LBaixinho

    Hello from Portugal

    Welcome Jorel, Cool way of end your dark-ages :) I hope you enjoy your return to the hobby. You are planning someMOCs or just collect sets? You have Comunidade 0937 ( in Portugal.. but at vacations until 9 of August.