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  1. Just wanted to say keep up the very nice photographing!!

    This one is my new wall-paper:

    Vikings on a cold nightwatch


  2. Star Wars LEGO Photography

    in a hurry again.. great stuff wampa! "I find your lack of pants..... disturbing..." Just a fraction of a second too late to warn TK234 aka Mr. "I'm gonna moon the next person entering this room"... "I find your lack of pants..... disturbing..." by leg0fenris, on Flickr
  3. Star Wars LEGO Photography

    great stuff, tried to comment on flickr... here a quickie, just loved the quote: Awesome by leg0fenris, on Flickr
  4. Star Wars LEGO Photography

    great to see quality and momentum of new posts growing day by day! some really cool shots! sorry for not replying sooner / @dummyshot: i stuck a blaster in the "flying" dummies head and moved him while taking the shot. the blaster isn't really visible thanks to the black background. so yes, it's not photoshopped. here's a new vader portrait, i think i've done so many before i can't count them. was experimenting with very close lighting (the phone was just cm away) Vador by leg0fenris, on Flickr
  5. Single Pane Star Wars Funnies

    Great thread - so I'll contribute CHOKEHOLD FTW! Chokehold FTW by leg0fenris, on Flickr
  6. Star Wars LEGO Photography

    DTFotDS Darth Training Facility on the Death Star. Room #23717.34 DTFotDS by leg0fenris, on Flickr
  7. Star Wars LEGO Photography

    thanks everyone, yep, that's an indor one. the whole scene is on "sand" on my kitchen table at the size of about a 30x30 baseplate. i tried to achieve some forced perspective with the crawler (10 studs high an just some brown parts and the city). lighting is not perfect an i had to do some editing... but next time i know how to do it :)
  8. Star Wars LEGO Photography

    I just love boba... such an awesome fig! Very nice portrait smokebelch... and the flyby is so classic! Look what we've got here... (did a small tantooine setup) Look what we've got here... by leg0fenris, on Flickr
  9. Our Zorro (Dieter) passing away

    I'm really sorry and sad to hear that. Even though I didn't know him well... my thoughts are with his family and friends.
  10. Star Wars LEGO Photography

    i'm really glad to see lots of good new stuff added to this thread! keep it coming. an yes, thanks for pointing out what i discovered myself after the setup was stored away: yes, it's just the helmets and there's something white where darths body should be... too late... here's a new one wiht only the helmets and some underground lighting.. experimenting.. The Stormtrooper by leg0fenris, on Flickr
  11. Star Wars LEGO Photography

    very nice "neon" shots! love the editing Size matters Ever been to the Death-Star-Canteen an got lost? An extra inch or two can help a lot :-) Size matters by legofenris, on Flickr
  12. UCS Sandcrawler MOC

    wow, that looks awesomly detailed! more photos, i need more photos!!!!
  13. we've narrowed it down to top 3 - no there's a little detail to be discussed and some feedbacks written. very soon... it's a hard job to coordinate and judge a contest via pm..
  14. Star Wars LEGO Photography

    yep, nice one. that's about where we all started :-) i-phone is just great. kudos to smokebelch again! Walk the sunny side Walk the sunny side by legofenris, on Flickr
  15. Star Wars LEGO Photography

    Thanks a lot here's one with snowtroopers... kind of liked the cold feel to it... Seek and Destroy by legofenris, on Flickr