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  1. Dr Kilroy

    Pictures at the Exhibition - part 2

    Well, that should really be in Historical Themes forum, as this is rather Castle, but after all this is one of the pictures at the exhibition, so this is Town in fact. :) Best regards, Dr
  2. Dr Kilroy

    Pictures at the Exhibition - part 2

    Hello, Today there is another part of "Pictures at the Exhibition" series. This time the vignette depicts (as Stasov says) "a sketch depicting a little gnome, clumsily running with crooked legs." The Hartmann's picture that inspired Mussorgsky was a design sketch for a nutcracker with large teeth. You can listen to Ravel's transcription on "Gnomus" here: Music link Here are the pictures: Back of the work: As perhaps you can see, the fireplace in gnome's cave is iluminated using the same method as in the previous vignette. This time I decided to change the method of activating the light, however: Gnome's treasures: Gnome's pet/food: :P This scene is a bit worse than the previous one, but nevertheless I think it is worth publishing. ;) I wait for comments. Best regards, Dr
  3. Dr Kilroy

    Pictures at the Exhibition

    Thank you! I see I have done some progress since my first creations. ;) Best regards, Dr
  4. Dr Kilroy

    Pictures at the Exhibition

    Hello! I have not posted for a long time and at the same time I have not published any MOCs. Now I have built something worth publishing I think. The MOC I have built is a depiction of first movement - Promenade - of the famous suite "Pictures at the Exhibition" by Modest Mussorgsky. Comment by Russian critic Stasov goes as follows: In this piece Mussorgsky depicts himself "roving through the exhibition, now leisurely, now briskly in order to come close to a picture that had attracted his attention, and at times sadly, thinking of his departed friend." The departed friend is a Russian painter Viktor Hartmann, whose paintings inspired Mussorgsky to compose "Pictures". The piece was originally composed for piano, but the transcription (by Ravel) for orchestra is perhaps more pictorial, so it fits more here; you can listen to the piece here: Music link Here are the pictures: Note that the picture at the exhibition is Hartmann's "Paris Catacombs": Painting :) Here is Mussorgsky himself: Some random gentleman: A close-up on the front of the tenement: After building the whole vignette, I decided to put some electricity in it. :) So I have taken an old 9V battery box, a light brick and a wire and I illuminated the exhibition. :) (It really looks better in real - it is hard to take a picture in which you can clearly seen that the exhibition in illuminated.) The light is activated by pressing a big red button in the back: That is all. Please comment. ;) Best regards, Dr
  5. Heh, I am lucky. I have won two Eurobricks raffles already. Best regards, Dr
  6. Dr Kilroy

    Vote for your favourite Category B entries

    12) Forestman, Witch & Elf Entry (Build by KristofBD) - 1 point 20) Nurse, Surfer & Space Villain Entry (Build by Darkblane) - 2 points Mad scientists' laboratories is my favourite building subject. :) Best regards, Dr
  7. Dr Kilroy

    Vote for your favourite Category A entries

    7) Pilot Entry (Build by Dan Church) - 2 points 11) Sumo Wrestler Entry (Build by CaJawn FC) - 1 point Best regards, Dr
  8. Hello! I have not posted for a very long time, but this raffle has convinced me. :) Best regards, Dr
  9. Dr Kilroy

    What did you buy today?

    I have recently bought 6597 Century Skyway for Christmas. Best regards, Dr
  10. Dr Kilroy

    REVIEW: 7327 Scorpion Pyramid

    Oh, I miss old dr Kilroy - he at least had a bow tie. :( By the way - nice set, it reminds me somehow these old Adventurers sets. Best regards, Dr Kilroy
  11. Dr Kilroy

    REVIEW: 4738 Hagrid's Hut

    I like the look of new Hagrid's face - maybe a smile isn't very suitable for him, but it's hidden by a beard, and this face can be used for many more figs. Best regards, Dr
  12. Very nice and elegant set! Undoubtely the best Harry Potter set. Fred and George figs are really nice! I don't like Mr. Ollivander though – I don't remember how he looked alike in the film, but this one is too dingy for me. Best regards, Dr
  13. 2 points - Set Sprinter - 150 - White Star Bridge 1 point - Solid Bricks - 104 - Farm House Simple and stunning MOCs! :) Regards, Dr
  14. Are w limited to only one suggestion? Despite it, I'll post three. Gender: Male. Occupation/print on torso: Conductor/Black tailcoat with white waistcoat, white bowtie and golden watch chain. Type of headgear: Any hair, but I think the classic male hair would fit here the best. Type of facial expression: Angry/tired. Color on torso/legs: Nothing special here. Accessory: A wand. Gender: Male. Occupation/print on torso: Bridegroom/Dark gray morning coat with light gray waistcoat and dark gray ascot tie (if you know what I mean :) ). Type of headgear: Dark gray top hat and some short hair. Type of facial expression: Rather happy. :) Color on torso/legs: Striped trousers. Accessory: A cane and flowers. Gender: Male. Occupation/print on torso: Detective (Sherlock Holmes)/ Gray frock coat and a tie. Type of headgear: Matching deerstalker hat, that characteristic to Holmes. Type of facial expression: grave, one brow up. Color on torso/legs: Checked trousers. Accessory: A magnifying glass. That's all. :) Regards, Dr EDIT: I agree with The crazy one on famous figures. Cool avatar by the way. ;)
  15. Dr Kilroy

    [Minifig review] Alien family is growing

    Indeed, a purple fedora is very nice. I won't use it as Joker hat, though. :) Regards, Dr