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  1. Brick Bank now live on Myer Online, $229 so only $20 difference from S@H, might be worth waiting on a sale. All the other modulars are better deals: Parisian Restaurant ($199 vs $250), Detective's Office ($179 vs $229), and Palace Cinema ($159 vs $199)
  2. 1. Teen Wolf: Like the torso and leg printing. Not a fan of his accessory 'giant novelty bone.' 2. Zombie Pirate: Ehhhh... gonna have a hard place fitting this into any other line. 3. Mad Scientist: Always like mad scientists, wish his head was more of a conehead shape than a cylinder. 4. Wicked Witch: Kinda generic. Pass. 5. Venus Fly Trap: I love costumed minifigs, so this will fit right in. 6. The Fly: I guess TLG must be Cronenberg fans, and it just so happens... so am I! 7. Phantom: Will need to take a closer look before verdict 8. Zombie Cheerleader: See: Zombie Pirate. 9. Cat Lady: Big fan. Potential for Hunger Games cross-over MOCs, very versatile. 10. Gargoyle: Sorta unique, so I'm automatically a fan. 11. Karate Kid Bully: Just need half a dozen of these and a Daniel Larusso. 12. Rocker Frankenstein's Monster: Maybe Thriller-themed diorama? I don't know, I prefer the original monster TBH. 13. Zombie Suit: Prefer this over the other two zombies in this set, can be used in more settings. 14. Plague Maiden/Wraith: Begging for a custom Geralt of Rivia. 15. Bigfoot: IMO, the star of this set. Looks like a great torso sculpt that's distinct from the Wookiees, the camera is a nice touch. 16. Succubus: Very nice figure and accessories, can fit right into fancy dress/goth/hot topic theme.
  3. Not at anything approaching RRP, but I feel you. I only got into modulars a couple years ago and the earlier sets (Green Grocer) were long gone, only ones available were eBay with heavy mark-up. Town Hall will be like that now. Wound up getting mine from TRU USA. They ship internationally (very expensive), but have/had great selection of big ticket sets, plus offset by combined shipping, the strong AUD at the time, and coupon. In other modular news, if anyone missed out on Detective's Office at Myer sale, they're now back in stock online ($179 with free shipping).
  4. Nothing special at Target from what I saw during the sale. Small-medium SW and City sets aplenty, but not much else. The Star Wars Lego Encyclopedia was in stock too but disappointingly, a lot of the books had the white Boba Fett minifig stolen from the cover. Thought maybe staff kept them behind the counter and asked an employee, but he said that unfortunately, what's there is there.
  5. I know you're in the process of building it Lobot, but how much do you project this thing will cost all up? Thankfully I bought the UCS Falcon on sale myself years ago. I remember balking at the price and mulling over it for days, and even after I'd purchased it, it didn't sit right that I'd spent $AU 750 on a single set. In hindsight, I'd purchase it in a heartbeat. These BL builds fascinate me, but the sourcing part sounds like my personal hell.
  6. The TRU Australia sale (25% off with 25OFF code) stacks with the current 'Buy 1, get 1 half off' promotion running now, but discount only applies to the full-priced item and add $10 or so for shipping. Grabbed 2 Cantinas for $163+10, but you can get 2 Passenger Trains for $287+10. Works out to be 37% off if you buy equally priced items in pairs (before shipping). EDIT: They've removed the ability to stack the code with Lego promo. EDIT 2: Still works! Just need to do it in this order. Add 1 item to cart > Apply coupon > Increase quantity to 2 within checkout. It you do it the reverse order, it'll jack both to full price then deduct discount. Also, tick your payment type in checkout before changing quantity.
  7. Strand

    LEGO Star Wars UCS 75060 Slave I

    Looks real pretty. Also not big on the blue engines but it'll look real nice sitting next to my UCS Falcon.
  8. What does this clearance/sale start, Thursday? Not seen a peep on their website or anything.
  9. Strand

    X-wing 7140 original is the best

    Not sure if the OP is trolling or not, but I'll give him the benefit of the doubt, and assume he's young and just isn't fluent in English. Many people, such as myself, prefer the undeniably superior build and detail of the newer versions. You like the 7140? Go nuts, you can still buy it, and other people shouldn't diminish your enthusiasm for the original. That said, I find your attitude rather rude, insinuating others are 'children' for appreciating something different from yourself. You want to make your perfect 'original' rebel hangar? No one is stopping you, but stop attempting to frame alternative opinions as 'wrong' ones.
  10. Tortured. Only have ~$50 in VIP credit and don't know whether to blow another $400 on the Sandcrawler and Revan minifig. I want it desperately but, no discount on that $450 hurts me.
  11. I still can't get over the proportions of the children characters. I know they used the stunted Yoda/dwarf legs but it still looks... off. Also, no Comic Book Guy (series 2?) Otherwise, decent set.
  12. Strand


    Great design, love the interior design. Am I the only one who thinks the fighter looks like a Latios (Pokemon)?
  13. Strand

    [75059] Sandcrawler

    I'm a little disappointed that Beru isn't included but otherwise, it's a fine set that's head and shoulders above the last sandcrawler. Again, not sure why people are kvetching over whether this is UCS or not. The 'playable' UCS trend started a long while back with the Republic Dropship, the second Death Star and Ewok Village (probably the most playset-esque Star Wars set ever released). If you think the UCS badge equates to perfect screen accuracy, you are wrong.
  14. Strand

    Review: 10243 Parisian Restaurant

    Amazing set. Not the largest in the modular series, but adds a lot of variety and 'fun.' Great use of colours, will definitely be picking this up. Great review dj2005, amazing photography.
  15. You might get away with it if you or your guests are unfamiliar with the building, but I've been to the Opera House many times and the building is huge. The concert hall can seat hundreds and the outdoor area is very expansive. I think it'll look tiny and weird with minifigs, like the Stonehenge foam model from Spinal Tap.