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  1. What!? why signed. This is outrageous I've never heard of ending a theme when its only been here a year?
  2. Crystal

    Tournament of Retribution

    Okay, here is my entry. A little scouting unit was walking along when they saw this Silly Redcoats would fall for anything just look at them! So when they were about to get her Bluecoats came out of nowhere Captain: You are herby arrested and tortured for being across enemy lines. Good work darling. Redcoat on the left side: Do we still get the hooker? Captain: HAHA!
  3. Crystal

    Tournament of Retribution

    I will have it posted in two hours tops.
  4. Crystal

    Question about Mast pieces

    The end one should have a short base and the middle should have the tallest and the front All longs.
  5. Crystal

    The Storming of the Bastille (Mini-Film)

    can we have a link?
  6. Crystal

    The 1st Annual Redcoat vs. Bluecoat Tournament of Retribution

    Name crystal Team Bluecoats! Team cpt. If I have to, sure I can't wait to humiliate some redcoats!
  7. Crystal

    Whac-a-Scallywag by Puddleglum

    Is the contest still going? Anyways this is funny! think of the other entries
  8. Crystal

    Rook Tower

    I like those trees you made! But im not likeing those light green tree stems with dark green
  9. Crystal

    Blue Coats, Red Coats, or Green Coats

    Its easy to tell that the best faction is the Armada I mean Bluecoats
  10. Crystal

    Minifigures sporting BrickArms

    Wow, you are real lucky to get those prototypes.
  11. Crystal

    SigFig Artworks

    Fantastic work! Does that mean me?
  12. Wow, you guys rock! Well done to every one on the team!
  13. Crystal

    My Ship Evolution

    Nice ships I love the yellow hornet @CGH, Your Ship building techniques are amazing!
  14. Crystal

    Happy Birthday Crystal!

    Thanks guys! I didn't know you celebrated Birthdays here! Why im flattered