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    Ladies of LEGO

    How many unique female faces are out there though?
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    Cost-effectiveness of Bricklink

    Thank you for the contributions. I believe the trade forum is the best fit for my needs since I have 1/2dozen SW minifigs, it might be better just to trade them than try to get money from it. On a side note, after some basic research, the minifigs available on sets that are currently being sold are, in fact, more cost-effective if you buy the entire set! Thank you for the tip, I did some basic math and seems to be a reasonable investment (even if the parts that come in are not something you are interested at the moment, it is still a good deal). Once again, thank you.
  3. Anatomist

    Cost-effectiveness of Bricklink

    Thank you for your prompt reply. I had a chance to read your article before posting, great source (thank you again for the link). I'll list my Star Wars minifigs on E-Bay and take advantage of the situation and sell some other old stuff there to bring the Lego cash in. :) Once again, thank you for your contribution.
  4. Long story short: 35 years old, new to Lego, decided to give it a shot creating some custom castle/pirate dioramas as the background image for some comic book/stories (for non-comercial usage). I like digital photography, quite decent with Photoshop, will work on some ideas... With that said, now it is time for me to do the casting of my show: knights, peasants, heroes, princess, etc... After checking, I am under the impression that it might become quite costly to get everything I want, averaging US$2.00 per minifig (ok, there are some quite expensive ones, but over all, it's somewhere between 1.50 and 4.00 bucks each). The question: What is the most cost effective away to acquire used (yet in good condition) minifigs without spending weekends digging through garage sales or blind bulk purchases? E-Bay, Bricklink or some secret source you might have? On a side note, I have some Star Wars related minifigs that have no value for me. Where do I go to make them available for trade (I know, where ELSE can I go). Thank you.
  5. I just recently became aware of the site after seeing the 2009 line coming out and doing a web search about what is out there. Great site, lots of information! I look forward to bring my contributions soon.
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    Message in a bottle

    Thank you very much for your reply SlyOwl. I had a chance to see some of your work on your Flickr portfolio, very impressive! Well, I guess I have the information I need. Once again, thank you.
  7. Anatomist

    Message in a bottle

    I recently had access to a message that was found in a bottle and I need some help from you, experienced men and women from the sea. Receiving support from several nations, there is a group of skilled men working on the design of a vessel that seems to be very similar to the Brickbeard class of full-rigged brigs. The location of this project is yet to be revealed, but seems to be from an uncharted island out of the coast of the Americas. There is a big rumor that this vessel, once created, will be very fast... Not that I am involved or care about it, but just out of curiosity, to expand a standard size Brickbeard rig into one with 2 extra mid parts (4541874) and continue to have a 2 masts vessel, is there a tutorial on how to build the content to make the upgrade seamless, or does the person in charge of the design has to figure it out it on his own by trial/error and looking for the extra parts required to " fill the hole"? Also, on the same page, what about the size of the masts? They seem too short, so does the person in charge just replicate one of the portions of the base of the mast or there is a step by step tutorial on how to bring these things to a better proportion? Lastly, in average, what is the cost in North American Dollars to bring a standard (out of the box) ship into a more realistic, double decked vessel? Thank you, in advance, for your help. You will hear from me soon...