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  1. the_green_avenger

    HMS Beagle

    progress has slowed to almost none, as any of you that can remember this project can tell. But I should still make it my goal to see this project finished sorry bout the wait
  2. the_green_avenger

    WIP Privateer

    And you don't have deadeyes!!! Ah well... Splendid work!
  3. the_green_avenger

    16th Mold, Pirate items

    Did you ever try and paint those? P.S. The hats look nice too, but are also pretty colorless...
  4. the_green_avenger

    Little merchant scene / first entry

    That little ketch is adorable! looks like it could use some rigging... You got a nice little story line behind it too! (always helpful) Great MOC! And welcome to the forum!
  5. the_green_avenger

    PETITION to keep the Pirates theme beyond 2010

    I'm #202!
  6. the_green_avenger

    SMALL/minor update

    does this mean the two ships will be built simultaneously? Nice crew! If you want to make your own, custom, piratey/bluecoaty crew, take a look HERE P.S. Here's an example of what you can do: All 52 of the crew members are custom...
  7. the_green_avenger

    Please tell us your screen resolution and browser

    1680x1050 Unfortunately I HAVE to use IE 8, because its better than google chrome, and Firefox has a really annoying bug...
  8. the_green_avenger

    Battle of Austerlitz 1805

    BRAVO! BRAVO!!! oh wait... your not even done yet
  9. the_green_avenger

    Battle of Hagelberg 1813

    what do you mean by "Church -> French - try to dry some powder in here soon"? P.S. What ever happened to all the foliage?
  10. the_green_avenger

    The former "Albion"

    Artificial tendon? never heard of it... Last time I went looking for string at WALMART, I saw some hemp string P.S. Nice windlass. Does it work?
  11. the_green_avenger

    HMS Thunderer

    when you say we, you mean there's someone else helping with your account?
  12. the_green_avenger

    update my HMS Leopard

    Hello beautiful! (and no, I'm not talking about you capt. K)
  13. the_green_avenger

    Clipper (WIP)

    I like what your doin... but that spanker sail should be smaller, and a triangle, not a trapezoid Keep up the good work! P.S. Where's the bowsprit? P.P.S. If your using rope rigging for the rest of the ship, why not do so for the shrouds? P.P.P.S The steering wheel (I forget exactly what it's called) should be placed about 3/4ths of the way to the stern. I'm not saying the ship is bad, I'm just saying that if you want it to be accurate, there's a few things you'll need to change ditto
  14. the_green_avenger

    The former "Albion"

    I guess I should say this ship is very... unique Something unseen, yet interesting The overall structural design is fabulous! Most definately the first topsail schooner I've seen made from Lego... The rigging looks quite good, though its a little uneven What kind of string is that though? It looks like rubber bands...
  15. the_green_avenger

    MOC - Battle of The Eureka Stockade

    NICE!!! Lots of great action you got goin on there!