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  1. Berry Syedow

    What was the last movie you watched?

    *Potential Spoilers* I recently saw spiderman 3 in a cheap theater and I'm glad I stuck it out. ;-) IMO, the movie was sloppily put together, had too many character's and side-plots to give each of them the attention they deserved, music bits that didn't jive with the scenes they were in, and many unnecessary scenes that did nothing to propel the plot of the movie forward. Many of the scenes were also too much for me to handle, and I teared up with laughter. (The whole dance routine, peter parker's trigger fingers, Harry's wink of betrayal {the funniest scene, by the way}, and a few other scenes that I might have forgotten. Really, I think this film could've been a lot better if the script had focused on the sandman and harry as the main villains, while introducing the symbiote during the final part of the film (maybe after the finale). This would've also given the eddie brok character more time to develop and as a consequence, more time for venom to do his "thing" in the fourth installment. I was very disappointed by how underused the sandman was. Somehow they had managed to develop an endearing villain and they wasted him. (Although, there's a chance he'll reappear.) The whole situation involving Gwen Stacy just seemed ridiculous. Spiderman is already engaged to a woman he "loves" and he decides it's ok to kiss a woman he hardly knows in front of New York (even if it's just a publicity stunt). Silly stuff, man. As for the unnecessary scenes: stuff like pete taking a shower for five seconds, or looking in a mirror and drawing his hair down in front of his face. 2/5 stars
  2. Berry Syedow

    A builders block, maybe?

    I often daydream to think of new ideas and then I sketch them down later. I find that when I try to force myself to think up something new with pencil and paper in hand, nothing usually ever comes of it. 'Course it might be more helpful to look at layouts of actual firehouses since it seems like it's easier to fantasize fantasy (unless you aren't going for something ultra realistic). If you don't or have already looked at other stuff for ideas and come up flat then try taking all of the basic elements of a firehouse and squeezing them into different building shapes, eh?
  3. Berry Syedow

    Putrid Creek Mill

    Wonderful creation, Brickster. I've always been fond of water mills, and this one's just dandy. What I like the most is the basic layout of everything. It just flows wonderfully. The other details are very nifty. I can't imagine why that skeleton is fishing or that he'll ever catch anything. :-P
  4. Berry Syedow

    A little Viking house

    Cute viking house, Timento. Any chance you'll make another version of this someday? I also agree that the folks at TLC should focus some of their attention on civilian life in castle-y themes.
  5. Berry Syedow

    Happy birthday snefroe1

    I hope I'm not too late. Happy birthday!
  6. Berry Syedow

    Brickshelf NOT dead

    Sure, he had every right to do what he did, but how inconvenient would have been to communicate with the community in the first place? I'm pretty sure that's what a lot of people (myself included) were miffed about more than anything else (unless they hadn't backed up their stuff :-P). All of this support just goes to show that if Kevin had had a good "talk" with the LEGO community he would've still received a whole lot o' support. I like this. An easy start up fee of five bucks would probably generate a lot of funding during the conception of " 2.0". I also agree with others that $5 per month is too much. Something like $20-30 a year would probably generate more revenue in the end as well as attract more users from switching to other sites like flickr if the special features are good enough.
  7. Berry Syedow


    Are we still going through with this since brickshelf will live once more? P.S. If so, how long should we keep the photos after we've uploaded 'em?
  8. Berry Syedow

    Brickshelf NOT dead

    Hurray! Thank you, Kevin, thank you, and bless you for finally communicating with the public LEGO community. ;-) It would also appear that the "rumor" posted on was in fact true. Like the person said, it was practically from the horse's mouth. As for the rate of $5 per month, I suppose it's not too unreasonable. To save money, you could always build up your MOC photos till the right month comes along. Overall I am very pleased with this news. Once again, thank you, Kevin!
  9. Berry Syedow

    Oh my gosh! SSA is available!

    This is good news, thanks for brining it to our attention!
  10. Berry Syedow

    The Next Brickshelf

    Thus we add our MOCs to every site until only one is left standing. ;-) Blueandwhite brings up a good point. However, being too cautious could be bad business for the other sites, and everyone has to start somewhere. My guess is that the determining factor will be which site has the best features. MOCpages' interface doesn't interest me, so I won't be signing up, but it's very generous of them to start hosting MOCs. (And after dabbling in flickr, I doubt I'll use it much.) The hunt is on...
  11. Berry Syedow

    Community Project: Retrieval of "Lost Images"

    Here's hoping you save everything before being permanently barred from brickshelf. *y*
  12. Berry Syedow


    I've finished saving the five rows I claimed. Before I upload them to photo-bucket, would it be alright if I resized the images that are too large and cropped the ones with excessive empty space?
  13. Berry Syedow


    Sign me up for the next five available rows.
  14. Berry Syedow

    The Next Brickshelf

    Some of you have already heard about this, but a site called is in the process of being built. If brickshelf doesn't stick around I hope this site will be a good alternative that the LEGO community can latch onto. The last thing I think any of us would want is for our community to become fractured. One thing I hope brickimage does is improve upon brickshelf's interface. Adding many of the features of flickr could draw a lot of people back in from other sites (as well as improving the overall website layout; and if you didn't want any comments they could just as easily add a "no-comments" box) If brickshelf disappears indefinitely I'll be sorry to see it go, however now could be a good opportunity to restrengthen the LEGO community, since so many people already seemed to be migrating to other sites.
  15. Berry Syedow

    Project Recovery

    Sheesh, somebody should remove that "quote" so nobody gets confused. It didn't take long for that public folder to be abused, heh. Edit: On second thought, maybe Starwars4j should only reveal the password through pm's for those of us who want to help with this project.