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    new dwarves for sale or trade

    I have a new style General Grievous for trade.
  2. "I'll get you next time!" yells Lothar as he head back to the Hill People to lick his wounds to fight another day. I think I'm pretty exhausted of dueling for a bit after that.. Whew... Good luck filip skywalker!
  3. I have sent my DS. Eagerly awaits with anticipation....
  4. csimian

    Castle Table-Top Game

    I use Dungeons & Dragons.... Or is it that I use Legos for Dungeons & Dragons?
  5. I sent filip skywalker a PM yesterday...
  6. csimian

    REVIEW: 5985 - Space Police Central

  7. Price drop on the chrome stormy magnets and I have sold the Land Speeder.
  8. Technically I did; I edited what quantities I had left.