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    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    If it is real, not so thrilled as well by what we saw. I have all modulars so far and I consider them as the pinacle of Lego sets and series. While obviously all having different place and time inspiration, when placed next to each other they make an extremely consistant display. This new possible set does not look it will fit as much in this. Will get it for sure, a it will probably look great by itself, but it is the first time I don’t feel enthusiastic at the release of a new modular. That being said, I will love to see an official announcement soon and get my mind changed. Wakwak
  2. wackyfm

    10249 Winter Toy Shop

    Whaou... So sad! I'm happy this set is made again available because it is a nice one but I can only hope this re-release is not taking the spot of a new WV set for 2015. WV and Modular Building are announcements I'm looking forward the most each years as both series are a delight to build and collect. I'm certainely not looking forward to a 2016 Winter Village Bakery. So sad... Wakwak
  3. wackyfm

    10246 Detective's Office

    Hmm, I kind of disagree here. I like how the skyline of the modular street has different height and style. A leveled skyline would look boring. I agree that the recent modulars lack of grandeur, but I think it is good that TLC proposes different size and syle of building. Wakwak
  4. wackyfm

    2014 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Yep, just saw the novelties on display and the two trains are definitively on my buying list. As well as the creator Bike Repair and coffee shop and some of the arctic sets, especially for the new dog. There was a very nice Friends shopping mall as well. Other than "town" related, the new Star Wars snow speeder and cantina sets are very nice and was disappointed by the lack of focus on LOTR and The Hobbit. Wakwak
  5. wackyfm

    News LEGO Architecture 2013 Discusion

    It does look more in line (than Pisa tower) with the other architecture sets of big building (ESB,...). It was showcased next to The Imperial Hotel at Nuremberg. Wakwak
  6. wackyfm

    News LEGO Architecture 2013 Discusion

    There is the United Nations HQ (New York)... (seen it at Nuremberg show room) Wakwak
  7. wackyfm

    2013 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Sorry if someone has already mentioned this but there is also two sets for City 2013 that are race team trucks. One include a red 4x4 and another one a Octan sponsored formula 1. Unfortunately I do not remember the set numbers. Wakwak EDIT: sorry, did not see that some pictures has already surfaced for 60025 and 60027
  8. Yes, great! Video is here: http://legocuusoo.posterous.com/
  9. wackyfm

    Wanted: GB Olympic Minifigs.

    Hello, I'm looking after the Horseback Rider (opened is ok) from the Team GB minifigures. I have some opened doubles (Swimmer, Runner, Boxer, Tennis Player,...) so I'd like to make a trade. Best would be someone in France (I'm located in Paris), but I can ship in Europe (UK). Please PM if interested. Thanks
  10. 9. alois - 3 pts 21. domino39 - 1 pts 27. Myko - 1 pts --- Wakwak
  11. 16. Sid Sidious - 3 pts 10. LegoJalex - 2 pts --- Wakwak
  12. wackyfm

    LEGO Team GB Minifigures Discussion

    Hey thanks. I did find them in the end, at the WHSmith at Waterloo station. But they came at the high price of £3,49 per pack. I have no time to take my chance in another store, so I took 20 packs: the store clerk's face was kind of funny then! I'm still missing the horse rider, so I some are open to exchange ;-) Cheers, Wakwak
  13. wackyfm

    LEGO Team GB Minifigures Discussion

    As Dino, I'll be in London Thursday. Could some kind London Eurobrickers point me a store where I can find and buy some Team GB minifigures? The area of Leicester Square / Covent Garden would be perfect. I don't plan to buy a box but around 30 packs. Many many many many thanks, Wakwak
  14. wackyfm

    10228 Haunted House

    Pretty excited by this new house, but this price increase issue is disturbing. I can't afford too many expensive sets. A first, I was ready to pre-order this on lego shop when possible, but now I will wait and eventually buy it if I find the set discounted on another online retailer... Sad... Wakwak
  15. wackyfm

    VOTING: Architecture Building Contest

    2) 2 votes 12) 3 votes 13) 1 vote 24) 1 vote Cheers Wakwak