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  1. Hi, just delete the folder and reinstall the program you have already downloaded from my website, or, if you prefer, download it again and reinstall it. It contains all required files to run properly, but some time a \Conn file is removed since the part it refers to is "moved" to some other part. If the connection file persists, it can cause the error... Sergio
  2. Hi try a "fresh" parts library installation, ensuring you delete the \Conns folder. This may solve the problem- Please feedback... Sergio
  3. Hi, I've fixed the problem with the UNDO feature and published version of the software I apologize for the inconvenience Sergio PS: thanks to legolijntje for the help in solving the problem
  4. Just to le you know, working with SR3DB you can: - the G key can turn the grid off/on - using the U key changes the way the UI manages parts movement making placing of beams comfortable enough, but you need to get used with it to apreciate its power. Sergio
  5. Hi, I'm back from holidays and have just published a new version of the application. Nothing of complex this time, just a few but necessary bug fixes and the Friends figure support. Download as usual from the official website: http://sr3dbuilder.altervista.org/ Here is a detailed list of changes: Fix - Toolbox behavior when using scaled fonts - Installation problems: when Part list is not found and it is not the first run of the application it crash - Connected Selection option was no longer working correctly since last version - Technic Axle 3L with stud now work better when the stud is inserted in a beam hole - Trying to hinge rotate a part with sliding mobility leads to unexpected behavior Added - Support for Friends figure (under Figure brick type) Changed - Better (faster) management of UNDO especially for BIIIG models.
  6. Hi I got the files and made some tests. There are no problems with first file while the second has some problems (known problems...). The workaround is quite easy: just ensure that the differential is oriented with the orbital gear not coaxial to the external driven gear (sorry for my pour English). It should work; please feedback... Sergio
  7. Hi, I found the bug right now and I fixed it. Be patient for a new version published, hopefully in a pair of weeks Sergio
  8. I know that the operation can be automated, but I really dislike automatic parts remove from a model without author acknowledged. Yes, I know : i can create a removed parts list to submit to the author when operation is completed... I will work on it when I have some time. Now I 'm on holiday...
  9. Hi everybody, I'm sorry for delay, but I'm on holidays... Now I've fixed the download link on my web pages and it should work. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1ZUAZ_rpDkhVDJjSFVmLXM0alU/edit?usp=sharing For the ones experiencing problems with parts, I recommend you to rebuild the partlist: due to a wrong setting this time the thing is not automated with the updated release. Please someone feedback Thanks for your patience. Sergio
  10. Hi everybody! It takes forever to create my application new version, but finally here it is and, IMPO, it worths the wait. Here is what is new: - Changes to previous version (sorry, still not the time to create a presentation video) Fix - A lot of parts connection problem/missed in Technic Panels, Turntable, and other parts - Piston Rods now should animate correctly no worry about animation starting point Added - The region select tool allows you to select a portion of your model enclosed into a box. You can change your selection tool size by pressing the "S" key and moving the mouse or rotating mouse wheel Using Shift+S you perform fine size changes You can move the selection tool like any other part in the model to select correct parts - The Minifig Editor is finally operative, even if it needs some work. You can create your minifigs with few clicks and save them into a MF library You can recall a saved MF A unique feature allows you to save MF poses into a poses library so you can easily mix your MF library with your saved poses (limited for unregistered users) - Added CTRL+LeftArrow/RighArrow to easy snap move parts along axis or axis inside holes (Works with Alternate UI only) - Added features to allow non Lego parts to be used and animated inside SR3DBuilder (still need some work!) Fill free to send your minifig creation and poses (really appreciated!). Will be added to the base library and distributed with next application release. Please notice that while sending your minifigures and poses creations you implicity authorize me to distribute them as part of my application. Sergio
  11. Hi again, a new version of my program has just been released. It has some much requested and very interesting new features all about copy parts. Following is a brief of what is new. Also I recommend you to have a look to the 4 videos to learn on how to use the new features. Enjoy building ! Sergio PS: If you installed new version and get an error starting the application, please download and install it again (missed a dll in the package) - Changes to previous version (2014.02.14) Fix - Starting Mirror building with a selection do not causes selection deletetion - Program installation now works correctly and let you choose program installation path Added A lot of enhancements in selection copy. Some limitation with unregistered version. it is recommended to look at the videos for new features instructions - the mirror copy selection feature - Selection can now be easily duplicate in a rectangular array region or just its perimeter - Creation of regular polygons based on your current selection and two connection points - Creation of star based shapes based on a selection and a center rotation point - Updated parts availability
  12. Hi thanks for reporting the Issue: never noticed it since when I try the installer I always install in the default folder. Will try to fix for next release. Sergio
  13. Hi, the changes I made were in the direction of managing huge/large models. The way the UI moves them is now more naturally and near to what you can expect from the mouse movement you do. Yes, you need to get a bit used with it... Sergio
  14. Hi, thanks for reporting the update. I got some problem with my connection just after publishing on website. Back online right now... Hi, as shown in the latest 2 updates, the UI has changed to follow the more common UI used in standard cad. So here are the detailed changes: - when you move the model using RMB+LMB the model moves on the x-z plane only. - to rise/lower model you have to press ALT-MouseWheel (latest addiction) - the zoom function will move the "view from" point toward the line joying it to the "look at" point (latest fix) I know you will need a bit of experience to get used with new UI principle, but you will fill comfortable with it in a few hours (at least this has been my experience otherwise I wont change it ) In addiction you can use the navigation pane (new in previous update) having the same but more user friendly user controls (good for newbies but slows down a bit production...) @everybody Let me know your opinion (after a bit of use) about the new UI directions. Also, since the many rumors about the so called visual instructions of LDD: SR3DBuilder natively supports 3D visual instructions by adding "steps" during build process and using the following settings in the preferences on the left side of the window before loading a model: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/64929037/Images/preferences.jpg During model loading, the program will pause each time a "step" command is found. You will have to press the 7th icon on the toolbar to advance loading to next step. You can add/move/remove step command using the "instruction miner" feature. Alternatively (and probably preferred), you can use the instruction miner "hide below parts" option to analyze your model building process brick by brick, rotating it, zooming and go forward or backward along building steps Sergio
  15. Hi again, just added a little video to show how to use new features of my application. Watch on youtube in HD for details... Enjoy! Sergio