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  1. I Watched BatMan Returns!!! I Love BatMan So What was the last movie you just watch? :happy:
  2. EbonHawk

    The New Lego Troops

    Check it Out! There The ones that arent batman :happy: http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?f=166843 if you would like to make a custom lego minifig and add it to the Roof Top Hippies Gang Ill Be Happy To accept! :-D BTW I MADE THEM :biggrin:
  3. EbonHawk

    exo-force game!

    I Like It...It Rox
  4. *screams And Then Goes And Blames Michael jackson*
  5. EbonHawk

    The New Lego Troops

    Srry I Didnt no I Typo! i didnt even no i was warned :( :( :(
  6. EbonHawk

    Brickshelf finds 2004-2006

    Hey No need to be mean :mad:
  7. EbonHawk

    Build your own Gotham community event

    Will This Event Travel And Maybe Getto MD??? And wats a BrickSouth? can you please tell me and wat are we doing?? building a gothem building? that would be cool :cool: is this soposed to be a mini? can you please post a pic? srry for all the Qs but umm wats a stud and a base plate?
  8. EbonHawk

    Brickshelf finds 2004-2006

    what do you mean. who else would have made it. its not a set True...
  9. Hi My Name Is Ebonhawk(KOTOR) So Umm hi! And Before I Joined I Was Looking Around The Forums And I Notice BatMan egos, I Know Batman Legos Are Coming Out And Im Really Exited But Can AnyBody Show Me How To get Those Crazy BatMan MiniFig Avatars They Got On The Post? Cuz I Want Two-Face! :cool: P.S. The Avatars Like These
  10. EbonHawk

    Happy Birthday Captain Green Hair!

    ....Why Do You got to say "God Bless" its kinda annoying :ninja:
  11. EbonHawk

    Year Zero

    *Jaw Drops* Wow! Thats Amazing Keep up the good work! *Runs To Make One*
  12. EbonHawk

    Happy Birthday Captain Green Hair!

    Ok You Can Lock This ive Bin Here For A While *wacko* ;)
  13. EbonHawk

    All PICS of the batman sets!!!

    Im gonna make a lego movie cald BatMan vs Michael Jackson! It Will Be Sweet! :biggrin:
  14. EbonHawk

    What are you listening to?

    (Even though im 11) Your Beautiful-James Blunt
  15. EbonHawk

    The New Lego Troops

    Any One Hear like It? Just A Yes Or no?
  16. EbonHawk

    Brickshelf finds 2004-2006

    Cool But You do no thats custom made right? lol :biggrin: :-D
  17. EbonHawk

    rest of the toy fair pics at fbtb

    PM Me if you find any :happy:
  18. EbonHawk

    rest of the toy fair pics at fbtb

    Thanks for posting this! you got any pics of two-face lego?
  19. EbonHawk

    Valentine's Day

    I Dount celbrate any holiday! think of one and i dount celebrate it :cool:
  20. EbonHawk

    Most Popular Line of 2006

    BatMan Gotto Be It It will be the #1 Thing On like everyones wishlist so I Think Batman is gonna be most popular for a while.... :cool:
  21. EbonHawk

    Quiz - What is the Iceskater thinking?

    Does She know that her Pants Are Ripped??? And Is That A Butt? WTH?????!!!!!
  22. EbonHawk

    Really Quik!!!

    Can Someone Post A BIG BIG PICTURE OF The batman Page(A dark night in gothem) From The lego magezine The One First Inturducing BatMan Please ;)
  23. EbonHawk

    What are you listening to?

    Over The Hills And Far Away-NightWish
  24. EbonHawk

    Ferrari Like MOC and Cool Truck

    Groovy :biggrin:
  25. EbonHawk

    All PICS of the batman sets!!!

    Great news by the time the BatMan Sets Come out(April-August) ill have Enough $$ for the sets i want wich are "Two-Face Escape" and"The Jokers Ariel Attack"