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  1. Mariano

    Gothic Cathedral

    Wow. Outstanding job!
  2. Mariano

    [MOC] Transport Terminal

    Fantanstic job. Very clever use of the brick separators. Bus/train station is a great idea.
  3. Mariano

    [MOC] Lego Bumper Cars / Dodgems (Motorized)

    It's fantastic. Goog work.
  4. Mariano

    Union Pacific 6900 DDA40X

    Awesome. Good job.
  5. You have my vote, James. It's a fantastic idea. Cheers
  6. Mariano

    MOC: Lego Train Station 60050 XXL!

    Nice. Much better than the original one. Good job
  7. Mariano

    [MOC] Jeep CJ5's

    Superb models with a lot of detais. Good work.
  8. Mariano

    4554 Metro Station - Stickers

    Welcome back to the wonderful world of Lego, orzo.
  9. Mariano

    Terrarium (Running Waterfall)

    Outstanding work!!!!
  10. Mariano

    Everyday Life

    Simply superb. It's amazing. Congrats Anne Mette
  11. Mariano

    MOC: Kiddie Carnival Train!

    It's fantastic. Very detailed the train and rest. the minifigs are very funny.
  12. 7628-1: Peril in Peru (Indiana Jones) Errors No stickers, no minifigs. The roof tile for the plane control panel is not the correct one. Should be 55068. http://www.brickshel...ril_in_peru.ldr
  13. Mariano

    Palace Limo 5-wide & 6-wide Mod

    Your version is much better than the original one. I love 6w version. Good job
  14. Mariano

    All possible 2CVs!

    I love it. Very well done design. Its fantastic.
  15. Mariano

    MOC: San Francisco Cable Car - 7w

    Superb job. It's fantastic.