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  1. Erik

    Check my Imperial Ship

    Thanks everyone! :happy:
  2. Erik

    Check my Imperial Ship

    I just thought it would be funny to add some other things except the big ship. The little story is just that two soldiers are going to row away from the ship, to row to an island, for example. :smile: Thanks! Yes, the name is from the Suske & Wiske line, I've got many books of these comics, and I like it, especially this one. I choosed for a Dutch name just because I'm Dutch, and because all the ships have an English name. It would be the same story as always.
  3. Erik

    Bandit's Secret Hideout Photo Review 2

    Why is TLC making such cannons who don't shoot? :huh: I can't imagine why someone prefer these cannons above the original.
  4. Erik

    Check my Imperial Ship

    The Dutch name is: De Kleppende Klipper (try to say that, you English guys). It means something like Clattering Clipper. The ship doesn't have a real story behind it, I just bought an Black Seas Barracuda, and I tried to make it bigger, and I have to say it: I'm pretty proud of my result! :closedeyes: Anyway, the ship doesn't exist anymore. I've break down the ship.
  5. Erik

    Check my Imperial Ship

    That are barrels with water and food. The other thing is an anchor catroll.
  6. Erik

    Bandit's Secret Hideout Photo Review 2

    I've always thought the set didn't include a weird cannon (with the crossed cannons on the weapon). Or am I wrong? :huh:
  7. Erik

    Check my Imperial Ship

    Hey, This is my MOC: What do you guys think of it? Sorry for the small pictures. I am trying to make them bigger, but I don't know how I've got to do that!
  8. Erik

    Bandit's Secret Hideout Photo Review 1

    I've always thought this was a good set, and I always wanted to buy it, but now I'm sure! My Western collection is almost complete, I miss just a few sets... 6755 and 6761. But I'm gonna complete this awesome theme!! :closedeyes:
  9. Erik

    Favorite Wild West Set

    My opinion: 1.: Fort LEGOREDO; 2.: Gold City Junction; 3.: Bandit's Secret Hideout. So I voted for the soldierfort.
  10. I can't believe that so many people vote for Star Wars! :ohmy: Pirates is much beter! (In my opinion of course!) :happy:
  11. Voted for pirates! :cool:
  12. Erik

    New Imperial Soldier

    Thanx folks! :-D
  13. Erik

    Which is better: Castle or Pirates?

    I voted for pirates of course! :happy: But I like also the most castle sets (the old one, not the new one).
  14. Erik

    New Imperial Soldier

    Yep, Country of the VOC. Land van de VOC. (Verenigde Oostindische Compangie). :cool: P.S.: Why aren't there any LEGO Smilies? :( Ich spreche besser Deutsch. :biggrin: