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  1. Very well done 'quy' I could definitely see TLG releasing a set like this. I think you nailed that aspect of the contest. The set info at the beginning of your entry certainly adds to the level of professionalism. The details are lovey, but not too intricate that they detract from the TLG feel of the set. Also, I know you said you took the name from TLG, but Ignacia? That doesn't sound Japanese at all. More like Spanish
  2. I could definitely see TLC releasing something like this for NinjaGo! It stays true to the theme and I like the use of NinjaGo! bricks. Maybe you should add a little skeleton vehicle or something since most NinjaGo! sets have one. Also the photography is really great, and the snow really adds to the professional look of the set.
  3. dabulls03

    D2C Contest: Curse of the Mummy

    This is an excellent MOC with a lot of great techniques! The colors are outstanding and the vehicles are very detailed. but as other people have said before me, it doesn't really look like something TLG would make, and that's kinda the point of the contest... Maybe you should remove the brick built base and the rock wall. Nonetheless, probably the best Pharaoh's Quest MOC I've seen.
  4. dabulls03

    MOC: Ninjago Training Hideout

    Whoa I don't remember seeing preliminary pictures of this set. Is it an exclusive that went under the radar? Oh wait it's a MOC!!! Very well done 'TheBrickster' I honestly thought this was an official TLG NinjaGo set when I saw the cover picture. I'd love to see some pictures of the interior if there is one. I love your piece usage and the combination of NinjaGo and classic Ninja elements. The printed slope pieces and the printing revolving door are charming while the colorful figures remind us it's NinjaGo.
  5. dabulls03

    Review: 8403 Family Home

    Excellent review 'Rufus.' A agree with Svelte about the dull color scheme. Anything but bley, white and red. Overall it is a nice set that stands out from the usual City line up. I can't say that I'll pick it up though, as I don't collect City sets. As for the genetic confusion, I believe it is possible for two parents with dark hair to have a child with red hair, as long as both the parents have a recessive red hair gene, and they both pass that gene on to their child. Also the QWERTY keyboard has been featured in numerous City sets in the early 2000's and late 1990's. I remember one of the first Police HQs featuring several of the printed tiles.
  6. dabulls03

    Missing Toy Story Characters

    That's a good start, but isn't babyface a lot bigger? I think you should try it in a larger scale, with a bunch of technic pieces for the arms/legs. I'm not really sure where to start with the head though...
  7. Signed! Although it is very unlikely this will happen, I'm all for it. Power Miners might be my favorite theme that TLG has produced in the last several years. It did, after all, bring me out of my dark age; however, after the disappointing 2010 January wave, it is very improbable that TLG will release one last big set. Instead, it seems much more probable that Power Miners will suffer the same sad fate as so many other themes before it; that is, it will fizzle out of existence without hardly anyone noticing. I know that someone (see EDIT) has already mentioned this, but I think it would be a great idea to have a Eurobricks contest to design "the last big Power Miners set." I think this would give PM fans the same satisfaction that they would receive from one last big PM set, and it is a much more practical idea. EDIT:credit to 'lightningtiger' for the contest idea.
  8. Wow, this is a great idea Svelte! A perfect opportunity to show off the awsome-ness that is Prince of Persia. I have a lot of ideas and I look forward to seeing what other people come up with!
  9. dabulls03

    LEGO Prince of Persia MOC - Alamut Gate

    This is simply inspirational. You have truly out done yourself this time Svelte. All the small details are what make this MOC great. Prince of Persia might be the best theme for MOCs TLG has every made. Look at all those pieces in such beautiful colors. I will definitely make time to create some Prince of Persia MOCs in the future.
  10. dabulls03

    7570 REVIEW: Ostrich Race

    Great review. Two reviews are definitly better than one. I might have to get this set just for Sheik Amar. I that back printing on the torso. Oh, and two ostriches wouldn't be a bad addition to my collection. The pictures are great, although you might want to use a flat white background next time. I rated above average, mainly because of the minifigs.
  11. Great review as always Svelte! Although I have to say I'm not very fond of this set. I don't find it very visually appealing at all. The only part of the set that I think is designed well is the gate with the lion heads. And I hate the big saw piece. It doesn't fit in well at all. I guess the light brick is a nice touch, but I think it looks out of place. Nearly everything this set has to offer is availible in other Prince of Persia sets. All the minifigs are in other sets except for the Hassassin leader, who is availible in a key chain. (I don't really like him anyway though. His torso isn't very detailed and his headwrap comes with other figs.) And there is plenty of dark nouget and dark tan in other Prince of Persia sets. I just don't see any reason to pick this one up. Edit: spelling
  12. Great review Svelte! Great picture quality and commentary as always. But do I detect a bit of urgency in your review, perhaps to insure that it is the first? Just kidding! Luckily you will be the first person to review Quest Against Time as I didn't bother picking that one up! I just don't really care for the design of it, but who knows maybe you will persuade me otherwise once you review it?
  13. dabulls03

    The Eurobricks Reviewers Academy

    I've already done a couple reviews, and I would now like to learn from the masters. I have plenty of sets to choose from, and I would like to do a review of the Battle of the Alamut. I don't have photoshop though. I use Gimp to edit my pictures. Is that okay? My time is a little limited, but I should have enough to enter the academy.
  14. dabulls03

    REVIEW: Prince of Persia 7569 Desert Attack

    Well thank you. I think I'll sign up.
  15. dabulls03

    REVIEW: The Fight for the Dagger

    Wow thanks! I really appreciate it, and I look forward to reading your review.