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    [Review] 7255: General Grievious Chase

    I'm new here and I'm doing reviews of all the sets i own, so there are a few more to come ;)
  2. 7255 General Grievious Chase Hello and welcome to my next review. This is my second one and this time i chose the 7255 General Grievious Chase. This set contains 2 "vehicles" and 2 minifigs. You get a Obi Wan with his Boga and General Grievious whith his litlle Spider-Droid-Car thingy. Note that you get 5 Lightsabers in this set this defenitly a plus. This set was released in 2005 in the ROTS line and I payed 25 Euros in my local toy store. I allways though I got way to less pieces and parts for my cash but after I bought The 2009 Tank droid I thing it is even smaler and only 1 vehicle. I really dont like the Boga with its big head, leg and torso pieces it lookes like a normal toy and not like something build from legobricks. But I quite dislike the set overall, I will tell you later why lets get to the pictures. First the Instruction Booklet Here is the frontpicture, it shows the scene from the movie where grievious tries to escape The minifig page - in case you dont know how to build grievious ;) A random page And the alternate models ... I like the first one the best And i made my own itemlist Thats it for the booklet again there is no item inventory now lets get to the minifigs, you thougt a lego grievious would be awesum~?? well think again, I will write my thoughts about them in the conclusion first Obi Wan - There is no patern an the back of his cape so no pic of that And the famous General Grievious And again from the back Now lets get to the actual Set, first the Boga Boga with Obi Wan Grievious Vehicle Grievious inside his Spider Cruiser thing A shot from the other side And from the front, this is the play feature if you fold the legs back his vehicle can roll on the ground and the big wheels will move while driving Both together recreating the movie scene lego style Conclusion and Score: Well how can I put it ... I thing the Boga isnt great doesnt look like lego at all, it looks like a real toy or a duplo dinosaur. I like the Grievious Spider Vehicle but overall I must say this set has to many Technic/Bionicle parts, the Droid mostly is build out of this parts. Butt well it still looks good. Now to the Minifigs I cant say a bad thing about Kenobi it is the fleshy non CW Style Kenobi nothing wrong with him but the Grievious just sucks. You know how he walks ducked (hope this makes sense) in the movies well the lego version can stand perfectly straight .... If you can make him stand mine used to fall on his nose due to the overwight of the 4 lightsabers I had to add a 2x2 plate to make him stand but sometimes I have this problem with normal battledroids too. And overall it dont think he looks anything like the real one. They should have uses something like the new alien from the new Space Police (the is a alien with 4 arms) to make a Grievious. But okay thats enough. Good points are the many lightsabers and Grievious's vehicle. Now to the score: Pieces: there arent many and much of them are technic pieces so I'll give it a 6/10 Minifigures: I like the Obi Wan, the hair looks not so good but the rest is great. I hate the grievious 5/10 Playability: Really good you can replay the movie scene and Grievious's vehicle can transform 8/10 Design: No stickers, good old days good Obi and vehicle but bad Boga and Grievious 7/10 Overall 6/10 Ps. Poll would be nice
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    [Review] 7255: General Grievious Chase

    KimT did you overlook my Review? C: poll and index would be nice EDIT: Oops you did it already sorry :D
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    [Review] 8015 Assassin Droids Battle Pack

    Same here, I work in a toy store and if we get a lego shipment the clone BP are allways sold out ASAP. Droid sets in general sell poor, other than the halfire droid we still have plenty Assansins and Hyena Bomber Sets :( and Lego shoud know this Kids love Clone Minifigs but hate Droid ones. It seems besides AFOL'S almost nowbody buys a Droid set.
  5. Hello everyone until now I've been a silent readeron this Forum and I really enjoyed reading the lots of SW Lego reviews on this site, so I decided to do a few myself :D First let me introduce myselfs properly: My name is Robert, I am 20years old and I live in Germany. I am a apprentice for Salesman at a toy store in a small town near Berlin (yay I have to sell my favorite toy Legos for a living :D). My other hobbies are Videogames (I would call myself a PS fanboy cause I have the Ps1,2 and 3), learning to play the guitar :/ it's really hard I think and well building Legos but I'm not a hardcore Lego fan like most of you. Well okay that should do it for the start now to the review. Oh and sorry for my possibly bad english. 7251 Vaders Transformation This set released like all sets from the ROTS line in summer 05 with the film, I bought this set with the droid tri fighter the clone scout walker and the general grievious chase set (which i sold *sigh* but i kept the figs) after I saw the movie as a child/tween. I spended like 60€ for all these sets but I cant remember what each did individual cost, I think this set was 10€ maybe even less something like 8€ and I think it's, well was a great set for this price. The instructionbook, it has 14 pages and strangely no itemlist at the end. The minifigpage a random page The Minifigs: a injured Anakin Vader without his helmet, why is his skin grey after the transformation? Vader with helmet and the Droid - well not a Minifig but still pretty cool now all the building bricks and finally the completed set - Anakin in front Vader in front EDIT A few other vievpoints from the side, you can see the anakin figure disappearing between the two pillars a view from the back - nothing special here and a view from the droid Conclusion and Score: I think this is a good set, I bought this a when ROTS came out because I was hyped from the movies and I was a "Kid" but I don't regret this decision now, I got 2 Minifigs, a small setpiece and a droid for like 10�‚�. Overall I would give this set a 7/10. Pieces: nothing special so 6/10 Minifigs: You cant ask for more, after all you get a Vader 9/10 Playability: well you can switch the stand and change Anakin to Vader but thats not much 7/10 Desing: I think this is a pretty cool set piece and a key scene from the movie so 10/10 Ps. damn I dont know how to add a poll sorry, if anyone could tell me I would do that in my future reviews.
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    Star Wars Minifigs

    I mostly buy a set for its vehicle, like for example the sepparatist shuttle - its an awesome ship and because of this I bought it, but is has a cool minifig too so its a win win. But I wouldn't buy a set because of a fig.
  7. Review is updated, addes 3 new pics and a bit of text.
  8. Well okay if it makes you happy *gets his camera* I'll add some other views, should be up in a few minutes. roger roger
  9. Nope I didnt added anything O: just corrected missspelled words. @oky wan Well its hard to write a wall of text if you only learned english in school and from watching horrorflicks. And on the other hand this is my first review so dont hate on me :) I know its not great but I think it's not that bad either.