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    As fast as time goes by, I'd like to spend as much time with my family and friends; and even though they think I'm crazy - I'm so glad they accept my passion for the brick.

    When it comes to music: I really love the Grateful Dead, but I pretty much listen to everything.
    Rhythm is the source of life.

    Reading is always a joy: crime, thrillers, drama, history - whatever, if I Iike the author's style I'll read it.

    Learning to be less stressed the more complicated life becomes. (As I say that, I hear some people laughing in the back row...)


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  1. gratefulnat

    MOC: Steampunk Kitty

    Elegant steampunk kitty, although the tan arch irritates me slightly. I think a slightly darker color might look better (or suit me better ) headlight brick with the 1x1 round on the ,top' stud
  2. gratefulnat

    Creator 2016

    Over on brickset saw something new (for me) due for release this year: creator expert 10252 Volkswagen Beetle Sounds enticing to me since I missed 10187 back in 2008.
  3. gratefulnat

    Your LEGO after you die.

    Thanks for making me laugh after a long day - wonderful statement coming from you For me the only relevant issue with my own death in regards to loved ones still alive and kicking is leaving behind as little work and financial involvement as possible. This obviously includes my large LEGO collection (which will probably be much larger when I go on the last unknown adventure that awaits us all...)! Although I haven't worked on the LEGO details yet... hmm, never to early to get a head start... need to get this in my will
  4. gratefulnat

    Show Your Army, Navy, and Collection Display

    Very impressed with the neatness of all your displays. Here's a picture of my SW display back in November 2010. Since then changed to a smaller room and expanded into different themes, so only have a few SW sets on display now. But have still kept up with the collection and have all sets (just missing a few polybags and promos like comic con etc). One day hope to have them all back on display, but that will take some space I don't have right now...
  5. gratefulnat

    LEGO Ideas WALL-E

    Received the supplement pack today. Contains the instructions 6162843 for the fix, a small instruction sheet on how to remove the head 6162845, and the parts needed for the 'fix'. Called customer service 7 days ago - so pretty fast delivery!
  6. gratefulnat

    What did you buy today?

    42043 Mercedes 41101 Heartlake Hotel Would have been 300 Swiss Francs, but all toys were 30% off, plus cashed in 130.00 in vouchers, so both sets for 80.00 Wohoo
  7. gratefulnat

    Dirt Crusher RC

  8. gratefulnat

    BrickQueen vs BrickSpy

    This whole thread is just ridiculous for all parties not directly involved. Social media at its best, whether positive or negative, just generating attention (well meant or not) for senseless crap. But, since I'm no better than the rest , I can't resist just a little tongue in cheek humour
  9. Hi clm, You have forgotten a 1x2 dark brown plate, on top of which the gold 1x1 is placed, and then the second 1x1 with two studs. This second 1x1 is then flush with the end of the slopes. Take a close look at sub step four. Awesome set, and a great build, hope you enjoy it cheers
  10. gratefulnat

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Looks splendid Possibly Unikitty's tail?
  11. gratefulnat

    What is inside COMCON015 Lego star wars advent calendar?

    Do you mean this set: Inside is the SW advent calendar 7958, the only difference being an additional print to match the number on the box above (158 of 1000 in this case)
  12. gratefulnat

    Should LEGO cut ties with Shell?

    The LEGO press release concerning their partnership with Shell and the Greenpeace campaign:
  13. gratefulnat

    LEGO Star Wars UCS 75060 Slave I

    Good points. Definitely a day 1 purchase now
  14. gratefulnat

    LEGO Star Wars UCS 75060 Slave I

    I will buy this probably day one, if not, day two After watching the video I am positively surprised at how structurally sound the model is (or seems to be), maybe this caused for comprises in other areas I like less. The cockpit cover's allingment with the main structure isn't completely flush, but I can live with that. As others have pointed out, the wing connection at the shoulder is wrong. Maybe the skeleton structure was getting in the way here? Have to wait until the set's in front of me to see how that can be modded. But I have to agree with Anio & LoRd AmUnRa, the skirt is really... wierd, jarring, thrown together, ugly From further away I'm sure it won't be that noticable, but when you examine the model up close... uugh. Maybe using something along the line of wedge plates and hinges (UCS Tumbler comes to mind) could be a solution, although it wouldn't be as sturdy. I think the critcism voiced here has been valid, and I for one am glad to have read them. I really hadn't been too aware of how (IMO) awful the skirt looks until now. And I am excited at the prospect of trying to change the elements I don't like to one's I do! Overall, I find the fluidity of the shape of the model exceptional - great work from the designer. And a great addition to UCS LEGO SW sets.
  15. gratefulnat

    What was your first LEGO set?

    Christmas 1974, Set 171 Still have the train, but got rid of all my blue tracks 1.5 years ago. The stickers are still in one piece, but it is missing one yellow headlight brick... I know I was playing with LEGO belonging to my older siblings at the time, but I am quite sure this was the first set I received for myself. My mom swore that she had to repair holes in my pants (at the knees) way more often after I got this, because I spent so much time crawling on the floor playing with the train .