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  1. no_skill

    Eurobricks LEGO Set Index

    Hello Community! My apologies, but can someone direct me to the eurobricks set index? I wax and wane with my Lego engagement, mostly due to time and financial constraints. It may have been a year or more since I last accessed the set index, and I cannot seem to find it now. Thank you in advance!
  2. no_skill

    Battle of The Bountys

    I prefer the BBB. The Capitan's cabin with orgin is really awesome. Both sets need easy mods though. On BBB I added a crow's nest and fixed the rigging (similar to IFS). Were I to buy BB the minimum fix would be cannons/hatches, and add a cabin door. Taking into account the easy mods for both, it boils down to a nicer bow on the BB vs. the awesome cabin on BBB. I really wish the ships had fewer design similarities overall.
  3. no_skill

    REVIEW: 10219 Maersk Train

    Bravo to the review and (after finally completing the build myself) BRAVO to TLG! I agree, the train is magnificent. The only thing keeping it from perfect is the lack of a factory-planned headlight addition (although the MOD in this thread is great; I'll eventually be doing something similar). The build took me significantly longer than expected. The locomotive is larger than I anticipated (even after seeing comparison pictures with the BNSF). The trailer is fantastic in its own right. Better still (and at long last) BRAVO to the PF system for trains! As a die hard 9V fan, my experience with PF implementation on the Emerald Night left me less than thrilled. 10219 is my first experience with the new 88002 motor. I must say that, when coupled to the 8878 rechargeable battery, it is an impressive and capable system! Keep in mind, I don't do train shows where stock will be running for hours on end. However, the Maersk Train is a heavy unit (even more so when hoisting a battery) and the new motor has no problems with the load WHATSOEVER. I still have not used the AAA battery box; I have that around mostly for longevity (as all rechargeables eventually die, and my LEGOs are heirlooms for future family). I still favor my 9V systems overall, but in my (newly changed) opinion PF works, and works well. Well done on the 10219, and well done on the new 88002 motor! I may have to take another look at 7938 & 7939….
  4. no_skill

    Maersk Train Arrives

    Just in case anyone was wondering, as of 3 pm today, Legoland California had none in stock.
  5. no_skill

    Maersk Train Arrives

    Has anyone been to Legoland CA since yesterday and seen them on the shelf? If so, I may take a little drive.....(been a little disappointed in the stock at The Big Shop lately, by the way)
  6. no_skill

    Those who stole the photos...

    So, where does one draw the line? For instance, several months ago someone posted a MOD of an expanded Brickbeards Bounty that was very similar in concept and in several specifics to a project I was working on. This was purely out of hapenstance--I don't even remember the other builder's post (I did spend some time looking for it--I think the pics were tagged onto another topic). If I post my MOD (months later) and the other builder (or someone else) recognizes the similiarities, does that brand me a dirt-bag? Even though the similarities are coincidence? (Great minds have been known to think alike on occasion! ) Likewise, there was a recent thread about how to build a LEGO toilet. Lots of people sent in pics of their own concepts. Many of them were nearly identical. I don't for a minute think these guys were plagerizing each other; after all, there are only so many ways to build a toilet! For guys like Mark who do super technical things, I'm sure it is easier to recognize when something is stolen. But for a weakling like me trying to build a tiolet or MOD a pirate ship and then share something I'm proud of with others, what rules do I follow? I'm not tring to be inflammatory or nefarious; it's a sincere question. I don't want to be branded as scum if I post something that happens to have similarities to member X, Y, or Z. I lack the talent and resources of most of the forum's contributors, and things like this make me even more reluctant to post a MOC or a MOD. Where is the line?
  7. no_skill

    D2C Designers requesting feedback for 2012 models

    1. No. I’ll only pick up something as a parts-pack if it is deeply discounted. 2. Individual—mostly. I have the entire modular building line, but they all appeal to me greatly. On the other hand, I have the entire new Pirate line largely because each set complements the others so well (although each set is pretty good in its own right). If a set is distasteful to me, I won’t buy it just to be “complete.” 3. St. Basil’s Cathedral. 4. Keep the modular Café Corner style buildings coming. They are ultimate, in my opinion. 5. I would like to see Legends come back, even if it is only one or two releases each year. If subtle changes need to be made to accommodate the current pallet, that would be fine with me!
  8. no_skill

    From Flesh to Yellow

    Use the standard "Fine Point Perminent Marker." I have no experience with the SUPER PERMINENT marker, but the way the orgional ink sticks to most things, I rue the thought of SUPER PERMINENT! It is for a while, with the use of 70% isporopyl alcohol (widely available as "rubbing alcohol" in the US). This is especially helpful if you make an error in application, at which time the isopropyl with take the ink right off, completely and easily. I've even had luck when I've repented the morning after a mod. The longer the ink stays on and the greater the contrast between the ink and the ABS, the harder it is to remove. My sons found this out the hard way after modding some Clone helmets (white ABS), then changing their minds a week later. In my experience, the isopropyl does not discolor nor soften the ABS, and has had no noticible effect on the native printing. I also found them on the French Sharpie site Sharpie Fr. I have used the "Ultra Fine Point Permanent Markers" on non LEGO applications. I think the ink is identical to the standard Sharpie. They are non-toxic, but I've never tried eating one! They color right over the printing on elements without affecting it.
  9. no_skill

    From Flesh to Yellow

    Yellow Sharpies on light flesh yields a result that is just barely darker than LEGO yellow. Sharpie Indy on the left. Comparison on right. Noticeable yes, but not to the level of distraction. Hands are difficult, as the sharpies are a little too blunt to color the inside.
  10. no_skill

    WWII US Paratrooper and Medic

    Very nice! I especially like the arm band on the medic. Well done!
  11. Me too. I've got a few like that in my closet. I'll also pick up a few clearance sets to have on hand in case one of my kids needs a last minute gift to take to a birthday party. Occasionally they will get overlooked or forgotten...right now I have a Batman set bought for that purpose that is selling on e-bay and Bricklink for 10x what I paid for it. It really amazed me to see that! If I build up enough unused inventory, I plan on opening a Bricklink store of my own, hopefully to help fund my LEGO hobby. Me too; or possibly even my grand kids. I have an X-Wing and Tie just sitting on the shelf, patiently waiting. I figure the sets are so iconic that they would make a cool (and possibly even expensive) gift to pass along in 20 years Me too. I have a MMV and a GE purchased at retail price, just waiting for the day I have time and space. I kick myself for not doing that with Winter Toy Shop.
  12. Cute! I especially like the ecconomics lesson. I'm looking forward to future episodes!
  13. no_skill

    "We were kinda cheated this year" - Discuss.

    Sorry for showing up late to the dance, but I really want to speak up about how much I like the 2009 Pirates line! As was posted early on, I think the modular dock-side concept of Soldier's Fort is a good one. I too had high hopes that we were at the beginning of a long line with successive modular add-ons to make a dock-side village. Likewise, my big disappointment was cancelation (at least hibernation) of the line before that concept could be developed further. Boo-hoo. I still like it in it's own right, and plan on making my own modular expansion (when I get around to it!). -Shipwreck Hideout: fantastic. -The Kraken raft: great use of SNOT. Have you built it, I wonder? -Loot Island was a little ho-hum out of the box, but it helped round out the series nicely and I was so happy with my little MOD that it's the only one I've shared with the community to date! -BB is a solid ship, though I agree, not a benchmark. The captain's cabin is better than BSB, and even the aesthetics of the stern section are top notch. I'll concede that the deck seems a little unfinished and the boom tubing is a little flimsy. However, as was pointed out earlier, the ship has roughly the same price as BSB did, even after 20 years of inflation! It's far better than some of the mini-ships that have been released along the way. -Minifigs: awesome. Oh, then there's a $6 package where you get two figs and a cannon?!?! You're kidding, right? My only gripe about Pirates 2009 (and it's a big one for me) is that there is no line expansion through 2010. We can talk about IFS as a footnote if necessary (it's quite possibly the best LEGO set EVER--prow issues aside).
  14. no_skill

    2010 Community Build-VOTING

    All the entries are fantastic...but to pick only one I guess it would have to be exotrator's #19. Cannon Foundry! The clean lines and use of color are superb. Nice roof technique too. I also really liked MetroiD's town square for it's kenetic sense (nice use of the monkey!) and his #33 inn for the interesting choice of roof tiles! Grimmy's #30 house with it's slanted, deteriorating roof is awesome too. All the entries are great!