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    Lures the Redcoat staff to ToR's boiling point!
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    Lego :-P , Castle, Pirates, Star Wars, Classic Space, Classic Town. Well to many.
    I also like playing computer games and reading books, especially Sci-Fi and Fantasy/Historic.


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    The Netherlands
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About Me

Hello, I'm the Inventor and welcome to my profile page.

I'm a Dutch LEGO fan living in Fryslân (The Netherlands).friese-vlag.gif

I really like LEGO since I was very young.

My favorite themes are castle and pirates, but also town, space and Star Wars :yoda::vader: .

I really like medieval buildings and castles, If I visit some I always take lots of pictures, and really look how they've build them and see if I can do that too in LEGO form. Sometimes I even see buildings and immediately think what bricks I would require to build it. :tongue:

I also really like pirates LEGO, especially the classic series although the new one was also nice. I own almost every bluecoat set. I really like Dutch ships, someday I would really like to build a ship myself.

Besides LEGO my other hobbies are reading books especially fantasy, sci-fi and historic books. I've read every Harry potter book and the Lord of the Rings trilogy other books I really like is Atlantis by David Gibbins and the first three Ringworld books from Larry Niven.

I'm also an gamer although I don't game that much anymore because of my study. Some games I like to play are: every Age of Empires game, Stronghold, the settlers, the Total War series, the Anno games and Dawn of War, Assassins Creed, but I also play shooters such as Battlefield 2, Halo, Half-Life2, Crysis and a really good recent game Mass Effect 1&2.

If I have some time I also really like to watch a little bit of TV. I watch anime such as Cowboy Bebop, Ghost in the Shell, Eureka Seven, FLCL, Code Geass, Xam'd Lost Memories, Gurren Lagann and I also like to watch NCIS and House.

Well then what type of music do I listen, well a lot of genres: from classic to pop, rock to heavy metal and symphonic metal. I'm a real radio listener, the radio is most of the time on stationed at 3FM. And otherwise my own computer play the music I want. :classic:

Thanks for reading, and do take a look at some of my MOCs.





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