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  1. 4 minutes ago, SirBlake said:

    I personally do not assume that. I’m on record for my opinion that little-to-nothing in that video is indicative of anything we’ll actually see in plastic.

    Not that I’m against that idea, especially with the featured figs (more peasant/civilian figs would be greatly appreciated), I just don’t trust “blink and you’ll miss it” appearances in an unrelated context. 

    Maybe, but they could have used the old/original figures with those sets in the video instead of those updated figures.

  2. The Sea Pincer is a new Aquasharks sub, based on the design of the Stingray Sea Creeper or Crab.

    With two manipulator arms it is designed to quickly grab the energy crystals or sabotage the Aquanauts subs and under water bases. 

    With extra stabilizer fins on the bottom of the craft and propellers that have an 180 degrees turn, it can also quickly back off and turn around for improved maneuverability.


    I finally obtained the Stingray set 6140/6109 today, which I have totally missed in my childhood apparently. And after assembling it for the first time, I wondered what it would look like in Aquasharks colors.

    So here is my quick ~1.5 hour build, I also added a small base and the Shark Scout mk2 that I had already made.



    Aquasharks - Sea Pincer by Ids de Jong, on Flickr


    Aquasharks - Shark Scout mk2

    The second version of the reliable Shark Scout used by the Aquasharks.


    Aquasharks - Shark Scout mk2 by Ids de Jong, on Flickr

  3. 14 minutes ago, SirBlake said:

    I hear you, but I have come to embrace the variety in color that is often introduced to this sort of thing. One example of this would be the CMF rogue, that’s mostly green with a dash of red and includes the Wolfpack emblem. 

    I guess what I’m saying is that the monochromatic approach to factions isn’t written in stone, and the variety can be nice to look at. 

    Maybe, but I think yellow would have worked better as a nod to the old shields.

    And blue would also be my preferred color.

    Hopefully they will introduce this Torso to the online BAM when the make that service available again.

  4. @Follows Closely I agree that it would be perfect then.

    Maybe that is possible but would require a more difficult construction, for example jumper plates do not exist in dark brown.

    The top beam would also have to be a plate higher to accompany the offset stud of the modified brick with stud on its side and the gap would have to be filled somehow, requiring some more brackets/tiles.

  5. Marko is just about to try and return to the river to catch some more fish, while Sascha is drying the previous catch.

    A small furry friend is looking with anticipation waiting for Sascha to leave.

    Will probably be part of a larger layout together with

    It started out as a tryout to use a post-and-beam technique and evolved to this house.

    The stone base of the house is 10x10, with some jumper magic, the bottom of the house is 9x9, before expanding to the front to 10x9 studs for the floors above and the roof.


    Marko and Sascha's home by Ids de Jong, on Flickr

  6. The district-7 Ramen corner is famous for it's delicious noodles, because there are only a few seats available, it's always busy especially during lunch hour.

    Renji and Alicia are just passing by looking for another place to eat.

    District-7 - Ramen corner by Ids, on Flickr

    Detailed shot:
    District-7 - Ramen corner (details)) by Ids, on Flickr

    The kitchen:
    District-7 - Ramen corner (kitchen) by Ids, on Flickr

    Doc. Yamaguchi is busy creating some illegal synthetic drugs in his apartment before heading to his underground shop where he sells his stuff.
    District-7 - Ramen corner (interior) by Ids, on Flickr

  7. Elwyn and Raelyn are on the road again, walking through the forest. All their belongings are carried by their horse.

    The forest creatures are observing them carefully especially the Woodlings, who follow them secretly inside the Whispering Woods.


    Elwyn the last Ash wood elf travels together with Raelyn. a half elf who had rescued him from the destruction of his land.

    Raelyn took care of his wounds and if she didn't stop Elwyn from immediately returning to the city, he would have surely died.

    The great elven city of Nyen Aerthoru was attacked by the Aelshide who summoned demons and corrupted the animals and beasts of the land.


    Elwyn is looking for the elves of the Whispering Woods, to find a way to restore his land and the corrupted city.


    A path to travel, a quest to complete... by Ids, on Flickr


    A part of my "the Whispering Woods" mocs: The Whispering Woods | Flickr

  8. Thanks @imvanya,  I agree that Batou could use some work. I am also not entirely sure about Pazu.

    For Batou that suggested head is nice but I would like to keep them yellow for now. I made them without resorting to buying extra parts so made them of the ones I had available. Although I could have used Zane's hair and maybe another torso. 

    I also really like Saito, that head fits perfectly and for Ishikawa that hair piece has an additional bonus. I can attach a visor for the computer screen he uses, when attaching the silver ice planet visor it looks like an attached screen.