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    [MOC] Ebba monastery kitchen

    Thanks @jtooker, it was really fun building it.
  2. the Inventor

    [MOC] Ebba monastery kitchen

    Commander Aht and Kay the ranger are visiting the Ebba monastery on their way to the Black Falcon outpost near the Whispering Woods. They request to stay the night here and ask if they can join for dinner. The monks are just preparing diner, although some have apparently already started eating while others are still working. Build for the Monastery category Summer Joust 2021. Thanks for looking. Ebba monastery - kitchen Ebba monastery - kitchen details Ebba monastery - visitors
  3. Thanks for the comments, @Khorne I get what you mean by the car, maybe it's a tad too modern, I based it on a Mitsubishi PX33 (1934 - 1937). @The Lego Theory It's actually dark brown, but this was the closest I could get to resemble a tripod with it's thin legs.
  4. the Inventor

    [MOC] Inari shrine under the cherry blossoms

    Thanks for the reply, that was the idea of an Asian/Japanese atmosphere, I tried a couple of roof techniques and the two came on top.
  5. the Inventor

    [MOC] Good VS Evil

    The feeling you get of two different worlds looks really nice, I like the good side the best, although those purple/pink? plant pieces do really add to the scene of the bad side, I didn't know they existed in that color.
  6. the Inventor


    Great interior shot, really captures the feeling well. I like the table with the frogs the best.
  7. the Inventor

    [MOC] It's a mine to behold

    Thanks for the comments. I tried to come up with something original and those jesters fit the bill, especially in a dwarven mine shaft.
  8. the Inventor

    [MOC] It's a mine to behold

    The King has enough of those grumpy dwarves, he has send his funniest jesters down the mine shaft to cheer them up. Although it remains to be seen how successful it is. I also used some 12V (train) lighting for the door and windows in the mine shaft. (Build for the 12x12 vignette category Summer Joust 2021 contest on flickr) It's a mine to behold by Ids, on Flickr Some more detailed pictures: And a shot with a little less light to see the 12V lights:
  9. the Inventor

    [MOC] The Robots

    Some minifig sized robots I build: Robots by Ids, on Flickr Robots #2 by Ids, on Flickr
  10. the Inventor

    [MOC] Banshee Fighter

    A fighter I build, using some new pieces, let me know what you think: Banshee Fighter by Ids, on Flickr
  11. the Inventor

    Witch's Windship remake

    Great remake, instantly recognizable. I especially like the brick build dragon.
  12. the Inventor

    [MOC] The Black Serpent

    Really nice build, makes me want to build a ship as well, my last medieval/castle boat was never finished. The proportions look also great, not too small or to big and the sail is also very nice, how did you make that sail?
  13. the Inventor

    [MOC] The Robots

    Thanks for the comments. @Corydoras I was not trying to build Robby the Robot exactly, but that one is certainly inspired by him.
  14. Hello, I recently made two Aquazone MOCs: Aquanauts - Sea Outrider A small one manned sub to explore and retrieve any crystals before bigger subs are send to investigate an area. Aquanauts - Sea Outrider by Ids, on Flickr Aquasharks - Shark Scout mk2 The second version of the reliable Shark Scout used by the Aquasharks. Aquasharks - Shark Scout mk2 by Ids, on Flickr
  15. @Flak Maniak yes, you are correct, I bought a bunch of those via bricks and pieces, the helmet is this one: 49663pb01 The combination gives a nice updated look for the Aquanauts, I think.
  16. Thanks for all the comments. Yes dressed as a Scotsman, I was looking for alternative headgear instead of the top hat, maybe I should build a Scottish castle for him where he keeps his treasure or an Scottish adventure . It was a bit of a pain to get that nice 5 wide design but I like the end result, and the motorcycle was empty without those bags. Thanks, the filmcamera uses this piece: BrickLink - Part 4736 : Lego Minifigure Jet Pack with Stud On Front [Minifigure, Body Wear] - BrickLink Reference Catalog with a paint roller and a couple of extra bricks, was really fun to design it.
  17. the Inventor

    Medieval Inn

    What a great looking building, I like the colors and indeed the roof looks very nice for such a large building.
  18. the Inventor

    [MOC] Battle of Drakenborg

    The siege of Drakenborg has just begun, while the main army has launched the attack, a brave warrior has begun to climb the tower, undisturbed and undetected to attack the guards from within the castle. Battle of Drakenborg by Ids, on Flickr Taking aim by Ids, on Flickr Thanks for watching.
  19. the Inventor

    [MOC] New castle builds

    Really nice MOCs and the effect of the base overflowing is nice. The gatehouse looks great although the crumbling wall at the side looks a bit strange. The house is also very nice and the watchtower tree is also very well done.
  20. the Inventor

    [MOC] Battle of Drakenborg

    Thanks for the positive comments, I really enjoyed building those siege weapons. I actually started with the battering ram before the castle, I had only a gate build, then I added the gatehouse and the tower, to give it something asymmetrical. When I build the scene it was a bit empty so I tried to come up with a fitting catapult design, a trebuchet would have required a bigger base.
  21. the Inventor

    [MOC] Leland's farmstead

    Thanks for the comments, yeah goats are a bit hard to find now, luckily I bought them when those sets were still available.
  22. the Inventor

    [MOC] Leland's farmstead

    Another build I made recently: Leland's farmstead At the edge of the small village lies the farmstead of Leland and his family. He's currently fixing the roof. Many passerby's can be observed on the main road of the village. Thanks for looking. Leland's farmstead by Ids, on Flickr
  23. the Inventor

    [MOC] Rindle Tower

    An outpost and watchtower near the Black forest, keeping a look out over the forest border. Many eagles live in the forest and keep the guards company, circling the tower, on the lookout for a prey. Rindle Tower by Ids, on Flickr Some additional pictures: The tower is modular:
  24. the Inventor

    [MOC] Rindle Tower

    Thanks for the positive comments. I didn't want to make a grey castle tower, looked around and found the apartment of the garage corner had a nice color, the tower is build entirely of those bricks. I have to buy some more if I want to build a bigger tower/castle with this color scheme. Yeah, they really fit my own assembled army with black and yellow colors, a shame they are not available mirrored. Hi, this one: BrickLink - Minifig col361 : Lego Tournament Knight - Minigure Only Entry [Collectible Minifigures:Series 20 Minifigures] - BrickLink Reference Catalog
  25. the Inventor

    [MOC] Visiting the Wizard hut

    Yeah the roof was what started the forming of the hut really, I started making those angles with the cheese slopes to get shape and the hut was formed beneath. I wanted to include many different trees because the idea was that it would be situated in the forest, I already had a birch tree made for the vignette, so I made a slightly bigger one for the hut and also includes some other trees.